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Cambridge networking.

The programme

Fellow students of your cohort will be a significant resource for learning, feedback and testing of your thoughts and ideas throughout the programme. We strive to assemble cohorts consisting of vastly diverse perspectives when it comes to background, expertise, geographic location and so on. However, the cohort is like-minded when it comes to their interest in entrepreneurship. After all, no one understands the joys and pains of entrepreneurship quite like another entrepreneur in the same situation. Peers can offer invaluable outside perspectives and tend to give more pragmatic critique than individuals not familiar with entrepreneurship.

To encourage intense interaction from the start, you will become a member of an action learning team during the first residential week of the programme. Students are carefully matched to an action learning team, and stay a member of that group throughout the programme, offering support to each other. As the cohort builds their theoretical entrepreneurship knowledge, academic learning (link to academic teaching) is enhanced by discussions amongst peers. These result from different prior experiences and viewpoints of each student, which leads to a rich learning experience for all.

The Entrepreneurship Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School benefits from its own Entrepreneurship Centre. It offers programmes, lectures and networking events and brings together local entrepreneurs who are associated with the University of Cambridge. Amongst the most successful programmes of the Entrepreneurship Centre is Accelerate Cambridge, a startup accelerator programme and Ignite, an intensive one-week training programme for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, as well as Enterprise Tuesday, a popular lecture, panel and networking event.


Every student of the MSt in Entrepreneurship will be assigned membership to one of the Colleges of the University of Cambridge. There are 31 Colleges in total and about ten offer membership to our masters students every year. Every College is different and has its own history, traditions, and identity. Whilst your College is unlikely to play a direct part in your entrepreneurship education, it will provide pastoral support, and may offer another opportunity to diversify your network within the Cambridge ecosystem.

The Cambridge ecosystem

Cambridge is considered one of the most entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. The Cambridge Cluster consists of over 1,500 knowledge-intensive companies, which have a combined turnover of £13 billion.

Amongst the most active business networks, we find Cambridge Network, Cambridge Wireless and One Nucleus. Co-working spaces, incubators and innovation centres such as makespaceideaspacethe Hauser ForumSt John’s Innovation Centre and the Bradfield Centre, to name a few, offer the almost limitless opportunities to share resources and to network.

Many engaged and highly motivated entrepreneurship students of Cambridge Judge Business School have taken advantage of the plentiful opportunities the Cambridge ecosystem has to offer. It is important to note, however, that it requires for students to take the initiative to connect with the broader Cambridge ecosystem in a meaningful way.