These ventures have just started at Accelerate Cambridge. They are at various stages of development, with some having already raised their first seed round.

Cognitive Sports Therapy

CST bridges the gap between physical and mental health services and addresses wellbeing in a new way. We encourage individuals and groups to think about how to strengthen their mind, body and breath daily and provide them with the knowledge and tools to do so. We are medically backed and evidence based in everything we offer. From self help strategies for our mindset to quick access to talking therapy with experienced therapists, from at-home workouts to personal training and coaching, from guided meditations to one-to-one breathwork courses. We support those for whom therapy feels better when moving and those who can’t move because of physical ill health or poor motivation.

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CupCorn TM

Our company is engaged in the production of disposable eco-tableware from corn starch. We use eco-friendly material, which is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. Our eco-friendly tableware is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including plates, cups, lids and food containers.

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FIAGNOSIS is developing a revolutionary continuous monitoring platform for cardiac biomarkers in taking the state of technology beyond point-of-care. Powered by the advances in nano-biosensing and artificial intelligence, the team aims to integrate the technology as a wearable patch for proactive diagnosis of life-threatening cardiac conditions. It multiplexes a number of metrics to wirelessly send life condition signals along to a cloud platform that processes in real-time using machine learning algorithms for accurate and fast detection of heart condition. The platform decentralises the infrastructure needed for healthcare providers to monitor and diagnose high risk patients quickly and accurately at the bedside or in the field. With its small form factor, high sensitivity and real-time location tracking, the wearable patch and the platform have the potential to revolutionise the way heart attacks are diagnosed for fast and autonomous decision-making assistance to the healthcare professionals and enable the right choice of treatment in emergency situations, saving countless lives in the process. FIAGNOSIS has a vision to democratise Future in Diagnosis by empowering accessibility in monitoring life-threatening conditions to individuals with complex lifestyles.

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Cardiovascular disease risk factor management platform bringing together tracking of parameters including glucose and BP, with AI prediction tools and modifiable behaviour management.

IntraOptix Technologies

IntraOptix Technologies, an innovative company that is set to revolutionise the prototyping and manufacturing of intraocular lenses using advanced stereolithography 3D printing technology. Our mission is to provide high-quality, customisable, and cost-effective IOLs to medical professionals, researchers, and patients worldwide.

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Mindsense Bioelectronics

We are developing novel cutaneous sensors suitable for long-term electrophysiology focusing on electroencephalography (EEG).

Miniaturized Condensation Particle Counter

A miniaturised condensation particle counter sensor, the Mini-CPC, is being developed that counts ultrafine particlessuch as soot, viruses and pollutants. These ultrafine particles cannot be measured using inexpensive optical systems, and thus high cost particle counters are required for ultrafine particle detection. The Mini-CPC will be at least one order of magnitude cheaper and up to 75% smaller and lighter compared to the currently available particle counters.

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PremedGo is the first online market place for preventative healthcare mainly focusing on health checks to begin with. PremedGo helps people to solve COST and ACCESS problems with preventative care mainly by offering proper health check solutions.

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Press AI

Press AI is an early-stage venture in the generative AI space. The core idea is to help SaaS platforms integrate AI content generator tools into their applications and solutions with one easy-to-use API. We are building an API-based solution on top of popular generative AI models by training them further and finetuning them with data from different industries and specific niches. This allows us to offer personalised text-generating solutions specific to SaaS platforms.

With the massive popularity of ChatGPT in recent months, there’s a growing trend of many platforms incorporating AI text generation capabilities. While it’s seemingly easy for big SaaS companies to have a dedicated team and resources to implement such solutions, more and more SaaS platforms of all sizes are looking for easy and quick solutions to implement these solutions to enhance their user experience and stay ahead of the competition.

That’s where Press AI can meet the need by offering personalised solutions trained for specific use cases of different SaaS platforms.

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The Puddle

The Puddle device will enable any doctor to detect and drain pleural effusion, fluids around the lungs, or abdominal ascites, fluids in the abdomen, without the need to wait for hours or sometimes days for a radiologist to preform the procedure under ultrasound guidance. The device will do that by calculating the distance between the skin surface and viable organs and will also calculate the amount of fluids and present this information in simple numbers on its screen. The use of this device can be also for monitoring the amount of fluids by healthcare staff at hospitals or hospices and by the patients if they are at home, helping to know when is the best time to go to the hospital and drain the fluids.

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[R E S E T]

The Reset line – where design is inspired by the unique experiences that people with disabilities have. The collection reinvents conservative adaptive clothing by providing a sense of freedom and a new vision. Guided by momentum to solve problems, our innovative human-centred design with a combination of wearable technology and fashion are the ways through which [R E S E T] will provide solutions. The evolution has however seemed to be lost in the ageing population where body shape and trends are not paid particular attention. The modern ageing population and population with difficult movement issues are inducing the ideas and willing to accept the changes on how they look.


SkiteLight is defining the next-generation displays using Perovskite MicroLED! Our highly scalable solutions address three pain points in current advanced displays: brightness, energy efficiency and lifetime, aiming at both the 160-billion Global Display Market and the uprising Microdisplay demands fuelled by wider enterprise and commercial AR/VR adoptions. These powerful nanocrystals can emit up to 1 million nits in brightness while using 1/10 of power by LCD and 1/2 of OLED! Our patented display technology, featured in The Economist, combines perovskites with hybrid glasses to make these semiconductors extremely stable for up to 10,000 hours under real-life conditions. They can be further miniaturised into sub- micrometre size, making them perfect candidates for advanced displays used in AR/VR as well as mobile phone, smartwatch, high-end TV and Outdoor Advertising Display.

Supersense Technologies

Supersense Technologies is a startup based in Cambridge that aims to revolutionise how we care for our ageing population. We empower families and caregivers with insights, alerts, and support to maximise the quality of life for their loved ones. Our service monitors individuals through a single hub in the home and delivers data-driven insights to a connected app for caregivers to reduce hospitalisation, promote independence and right-size the level of care.

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xswarm’s mission is to ultimately develop and commercialise a technology that will enable autonomous vehicles of any kind to operate in swarms. It will extend capabilities of already existing autonomous technologies and will allow for execution of complex tasks on land, air, sea, and ultimately space. Future deployment of this technology spans across multiple industries including applications in agriculture, mapping and surveying, search and rescue, surveillance and defence, cinematography and videography, networking, and transportation. We anticipate that after a successful program of in the field applications, the technology could be implemented as an integrated circuit (chip) that will allow for high-volume deployment by companies developing various autonomous vehicles (cars, UAVs, and drone manufacturers).