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Accelerate alumni

These ventures successfully completed the Cambridge Pre-Acceleration programme and were accepted to the Accelerator. Accelerate Cambridge continues to support them for three to six months with mentoring sessions and networking. At the end of the Accelerator programme, selected companies will receive a seedfund.

Academy of Magic and Science

The Academy of Magic and Science is designing and delivering creative learning experiences through lecture shows, corporate workshops, conference public engagements, media formats and interactive exhibitions. We innovate science outreach by using magic as the springboard for scientific applications from chemistry and electronics to physiology and psychology. We are focused on engaging the audience in a tour of continuous education to discover the scientific principles behind illusions, perceptions and biases. This switch between the ‘WOW’ excitement that magic creates with the ‘AHA’ realisation of the science principles, encourages participants to question what they see and empowers them to unlock their creative potential and analytical thinking.

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AptaCam is a University of Cambridge spin-off company dedicated to being a leading supplier of high quality oligonucleotides. The core of our business is the world’s largest and most comprehensive oligonucleotides database, data-sharing and e-commerce platform.

Oligonucleotides are short, single-stranded DNA, RNA or XNA molecules that can be developed with high affinity and specificity to any desirable targets. They have been widely used in facilitating discoveries in basic research, ensuring food safety, monitoring the environment, and they also play promising roles as clinical diagnostics and therapeutic agents.

Team members at AptaCam are active scientists with passion for entrepreneurship in the biotechnology industry. Comprised of leading academics, our advisory board convenes distinguished professionals united by their passion for utilizing oligonucleotides as diagnostics and therapeutics.

AptaCam sets out to be a world leader in oligonucleotides production, design, and applications.

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Article Number 25

Article Number 25 want to start building commercial scale modern farms in underused spaces within the cities, like rooftops. We envision the potential to integrate farms in the design of more efficient cities by connecting them with the flow of energy and materials moving through the city to create a closed loop system, achieving a higher degree of self-sufficiency.

Using controlled environment agriculture (CEA) in combination with hydroponics, we expect to boost yield of a higher quality produce, using less resources than conventional agriculture.

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Assembly Networking

At Assembly Networking we build high-quality, customised mobile solutions for universities and their alumni networks. Our native apps combine geolocation technology with information, networking and communication services to produce powerful mobile tools for interaction and strengthening relationships.

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Cambridge Energy Partners

Cambridge Energy Partners sells renewable energy to large scale industrial operators in underdeveloped areas. As an independent power provider, our energy solutions enable our customers to reduce both operating costs and carbon emissions – immediately – without burdening them with financing and development obstacles. Our team’s breadth of experience enables us to identify and develop unique solutions that improve our customers’ competitive position.

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Cambridge ThinkLab

Cambridge ThinkLabTM offers an innovative alternative to traditional consultancy. Our activities centre on the ThinkLab method, developed at the University of Cambridge and designed to help companies think differently to improve business performance. Our unique method offers organisations an intense burst of resource to focus on a live, complex problem – from identifying new revenue streams to aligning company culture during organisational change. 

The Cambridge ThinkLabTM experience is concentrated, inspiring and rewarding. Our model builds on evidence that successful solutions arise when different skills and mindsets collide to focus on a single problem. By bringing together the brightest minds from your organisation together with a handpicked group of researchers from the University, Cambridge ThinkLab introduces a new way of problem solving. Combined with the latest insight about understanding the ‘human’ aspects of your business, the structured and facilitated process will change the way your business thinks and performs.

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Crossbridge Scientific

Crossbridge Scientific offers a simple, minimal effort fitness test delivered via a wearable device (KuduSmart) to measure human thermoregulation. Sweating is an essential physiological response to rises in core body temperature triggered by physical activity. KuduSmart is the world’s first wearable, real-time, sweat rate monitor. Combined with its cloud based analytics platform, powered by aggregated tests of a diverse community of users, KuduSmart will help professional sports scientists and coaches to understand the impact of their training programmes and provide personal capability assessment for event day. KuduSmart will further the scientific theory and physical training impact of the thermoregulation process to advance human achievements in a variety of sports.

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Edozo is an online community for commercial property professionals who wish to share high quality comparable evidence.

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e-Luminate Festivals

We created the first ever light festival in Cambridge to entertain the community and highlight the city’s unique architecture and history. Our USP is promoting sustainable lighting and energy efficient products by showcasing light as the basis for both creative artistic work and innovative technology.

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Elpis BioMed

Elpis BioMed aims to become a leading, global supplier of in vitro cell types for academic research and commercial drug discovery and development purposes. The cells could provide an alternative to the limited supply of primary cells and replace animal studies in other cases. Elpis Biomed’s proprietary technology allows it rapidly to generate highly mature, differentiated cell types at unmatched purity. The process is scalable with the potential to expand product offering with additional cell-types in the neuro-mesoderm focus area. Initial products will be cortical neurons, oligodendrocytes and skeletal muscle cells.

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ET-traps (formerly EndoTraps)

ET-traps is a biotech venture that aims to develop novel therapeutic intervention in a host of different diseases associated with increased endothelin-1 levels. Numerous research has shown that increased endothelin-1 levels are a critical factor in the pathophysiology of these diseases. Our technology could potentially provide a unique treatment option in several areas of unmet medical need.

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Flitter is a taxi booking app that lets users choose to share their journey for a lower fare. Flitter is made by Cambridge Transport Solutions, co-founded by Tim Lui and Robin Smid. We are a couple of enthusiastic engineering graduates from the University of Cambridge. We’ve received funding from Downing College to pursue the idea behind Flitter, working on using technology to improve the current methods of personal transport, especially in cities. Flitter is designed to make taxis better for passengers and drivers alike. By allowing passengers to easily book their taxis and arrange shared journeys we hope to make taxis more affordable and convenient, whilst raising revenues for drivers.

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giftgaming is a patent pending in-game advertising service. It allows advertisers to buy in-game power-ups and items for players as gifts as a form of advertising. The player gets an item they might need to progress in the game and the advertiser gets not only brand exposure, but a positive relationship forged with the consumer, because they have helped them achieve their objectives. giftgaming can make gamers LOVE brands and get more in-app purchases for developers.

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Go Enrol

Go Enrol is a platform making enrolment easy for students and institutions. We empower students to make an informed choice about where to study through providing them with data, reviews and tapping into their social network. For institutions, we provide a suite of tools which enable them to pro-actively approach students from around the world, receive applications and manage their student recruitment.

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H2GO Power

H2GO Power has developed a safe method of hydrogen production and storage for providing power on the move. Mass commercialisation of Fuel Cells (FCs) – efficient energy conversion devices – have been prevented due to difficulty in storing the fuel, hydrogen. Our unique solution allows for the deployment of FCs into new markets, such as portable consumer electronics. The potential outcomes include smartphones that last five  times longer than ones that have current battery technology and all-electric vehicles with the same range as combustion engine counterparts. We are looking commercialise our technology either through the manufacture and sale of standardised fuel cartridges or a technology licencing model.

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Healx is a social enterprise passionate about finding new therapeutic solutions to cure patients with rare diseases. We use advanced data analytics, such as machine learning and computational chemo-biology to identify novel drug applications in the area of rare diseases. Healx is fortunate to be supported by an extensive network of advisors from the Cambridge biomedical cluster, one of the leading biotech clusters in the world.

Our approach offers great promise both for patients suffering from rare diseases and for biopharmaceutical companies wishing to make the most of their therapeutic portfolio.

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Immaterial have developed a porous material that can be put inside a gas tank to enable it to store 16 times as much gas at the same pressure and in the same volume. Hundreds of billions of pounds are spent every year on storing and transporting industrial gases. Our technology creates value by making this substantially more efficient, without impacting on current operational methods. We are able to unlock design flexibility and cost-savings in industries ranging from healthcare to industrial gas transport.

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Intact Digital

Intact Digital, Ltd provides services that sustain the use of software applications and systems beyond their market life-time and ensure that digital content, document, and data can be used in the future. Intact Digital services are delivered through virtualization of legacy software and through transformation of data and document formats for use with contemporary software. They enable enterprises to futureproof their software and content and to support digital continuity in their business operations and innovation strategy. 

INTACT Software platform enables software vendors to host their current and past software in virtual machines and reassure their customers that the software will stay functional and usable beyond its market lifetime. 

INTACT Content assurance augments standard storage services by providing legacy software that is needed to access archived data and content. The legacy software is virtualized and provided 

INTACT Continuity services reduce the risk of disruption and loss during migration and decommission of legacy systems. They provide comprehensive and long term strategy for retaining value of digital assets. 

Intact Digital services can host virtualized legacy software that has been produced and used within the past three decades. The use of virtualized software is enabled remotely, as a cloud service, or locally, as an on-premise installation. Virtualized software applications enable the use of documents, data, and applications in their original form. With Intact Digital conversion services the customer can also extract data and transform document formats for use across different applications and services.

Organizations that need to ensure long term use of digital archives can select Intact Digital Assurance plans to acquire access to the collection of virtualized legacy software required for content access. 

Intact Digital services enable enterprises to extend the value of their IT investment, increase the reliability of compliance procedures, and expand opportunities for innovation through the use of data and tools that would, otherwise, be inaccessible and unusable due to the aging of digital technologies.

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Jake’s Boost

Jake’s Boost is a socially aware health and fitness food company that looks to promote healthy living and healthy lifestyles while also helping underprivileged children in the UK. 

We create gluten-free, low sugar, nutrient-rich spreads and snacks made from the nothing but the best that nature has to offer: nuts, seeds, dried fruit and a little bit of honey, packaged in traditional jars as well as convenient sachets and snack pouches. Our products aim to be 100 per cent natural as well as organic and come in fully recyclable packaging. With every jar or multipack we sell, we’ll provide a breakfast to a child in need in the UK and as we grow, worldwide. 

Do good, feel good – changing children’s lives for the better, one breakfast at a time.

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JustMilk consists of a US non-profit and a UK for-profit organisation developing the Nipple Shield Delivery System (NSDS), a novel medical device with the potential to improve the safety, efficacy, and access to life-saving medications, vitamins, and nutrients to breastfeeding infants globally. 

When worn by a mother during breastfeeding, the NSDS releases active pharmaceutical agents into milk which is then consumed by the infant. A wide range of medications and nutrients could be delivered to infants for treatment or prevention of conditions which may include diarrhoeal disease, HIV, malaria, or malnutrition.

With the NSDS, JustMilk aims to bridge a global drug delivery technology gap for breastfeeding infants, particularly in developing countries where it could overcome conventional administration challenges associated with limited availability of potable water, refrigeration, and medical care. JustMilk is currently seeking pharmaceutical partners.

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The first truly automated futures and options exchange for digital media, MediaGamma is transforming the way digital media is valued, traded, and measured. Established in 2014 at the intersection of London’s tech, advertising, and finance hubs, MediaGamma’s partners include University College London, Accelerate Cambridge, and some of the UK’s leading brands, agencies, and publishers. 

MediaGamma provides its partners with greater transparency and control when they buy and sell digital media by offering an accurate, ROI-based view of the immediate and long-term value of inventory. Brands, agencies, and publishers can also engage in programmatic direct or upfront inventory purchases and sales on the MediaGamma platform, mitigating price volatility and ensuring brand safety.

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Montec Systems

Montec Systems was founded by Ben Harker in 2010 to develop and provide turnkey solutions for niche applications in the field of remote monitoring. Every aspect of these systems has been designed to save the customer time and money over competitive solutions though simple set-up and installation procedures. The business model is to charge for the hardware plus a subscription for each sensor while it is active. Customers log into the Montec web server where data from their sensors can be easily viewed or downloaded.

Key points regarding cost saving and convenience for the customer are: 

  • A system can be set up and installed by a non-technical person in a short period of time
  • A single base station can handle data from up to eight sensors of different types

Montec’s first sensor is for monitoring crack movement in buildings and structures and is fully developed and ready to go to market. A sensor for vibration event detection has also been developed and is undergoing final testing. 

Visit the Montec Systems website

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myShape is looking to revolutionise 3D body scanning by allowing smartphone users the ability to scan themselves using a downloadable app in under five minutes. Once scanned, users will have their own unique 3D avatar and body size details on their phone.

3D body scanning has widespread applications, be it in online retail clothing, fitness or healthcare. However, application growth is limited as there is no 3D body scanning solution that is scalable, affordable and comfortable for consumers to use.

myShape is applying technology developed at the University of Cambridge to create the first mobile phone 3D body scanner that operates at the speed and accuracy required for clothing, fitness and health applications.

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Niume is an interest-based social network that allows individuals to share their ideas in circles of like-minded people and find new things to love. We launched our open platform in July 2014 and so far have reached a monthly active user base of close to 100,000.

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Nowomics is a website to help biology researchers keep track of new data and papers relevant to their research. There’s a new biomedical journal article published every 30 seconds, and hundreds of online sources of data. Scientists need to know about the latest information in their field but this is a huge challenge.

Nowomics aims to solve this problem by allowing scientists to ‘follow’ genes, diseases, pathways, etc. to see a news feed of new papers and data. We also help users discover related information based on biological relationships and will learn what an individual finds useful to customise their news feed.

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Nuclera Nucleics

Nuclera Nucleics offers a path forward through our next generation DNA synthesis platform, which changes the paradigm on the creation of long DNA. Our technology enables efficient synthesis of longer DNA in a shorter amount of time compared to conventional synthesis. Our platform will make long DNA synthesis a readily available tool to meet the needs of any area of innovation, present or future.

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Our multidisciplinary team has been hard at work for the past two years perfecting nūfood: a kitchen robot which enables foodies and creative chefs to 3D print ‘flavour bursts’; intense taste sensations to accompany any meal or cocktail on demand. Used in conjunction with pre-mixed sauces the product offers endless possibilities for shape, flavour and texture. Sweet and savoury ‘flavour bursts’ are designed with our easy to use mobile app and printed in a few short minutes. Currently the star of unique pop-up dining events across Europe, we look forward to introducing the possibilities of nūfood to a wider audience.

Visit the nūfood website

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PalleTech connects cargo, warehouse and fleet information through smart pallets and an industrial Internet of Things platform.

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Rize, one thought at a time.

A gamified app that integrates therapeutic concepts into simple exercises to help users to track and improve their mental well-being.

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 Satavia is an analytics and visualisation company that develops bespoke environmental awareness solutions for all segments of the aviation market. We aim to provide ‘personalised environmental health management’ for aircraft and unmanned aerial systems to reinforce the safety and reliability of flight operations, while minimising unanticipated maintenance costs. Satavia delivers live aircraft-centric metrics for a range of environmental threats and combines expertise in aeronautical meteorology, big data and analytics, and 3-D visualisation technology.

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SeeSpeak is a simple videophone for the elderly. Social isolation amongst the elderly is an increasing problem. Over 10 million people in the UK are over 65 and this is expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 25 years; one third live alone. Some elderly people enjoy using video applications, such as Skype, to keep in touch with friends and family. However, such technology is often too difficult to use for a large proportion of this demographic.

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SensorHut was founded in late 2013 by Tanya Hutter and Marc Stettler after they met through Cambridge iTeams. We’re based in Cambridge, UK and have strong links to the University. Our innovative chemical sensing technology is more sensitive and selective to volatile organic compounds than our competitors.

SensorHut aims to provide an innovative solution in a number of areas where more accurate measurement of volatile organic compounds is required. These applications range from monitoring of industrial processes to medical diagnostics. We are focussed on research and development and will exploit our innovations through partnerships and licensing. 

Visit the SensorHut website

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Simprints is a social enterprise committed to improving the lives of the poor. Accurately linking people to their digital records is a critical bottleneck in the delivery of mobile services in healthcare, microfinance, and aid distribution. We’re building a mobile biometric scanner and open-source software to empower the mobile tools used by researchers, NGOs and governments around the world.

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SmartGov builds data-driven technologies to improve government. Its award-winning GeoStat product unifies, organises and visualises government public data onto one visual search engine to understand the socio-economics of any location. As the winner of Startup Weekend Cambridge 2012, Silicon Valley comes to the UK (SVC2UK) London 2012, NACUE Varsity Pitch 2013, Startup Weekend Transmedia San Francisco 2013, and LH FORUM Paris 2013 and other competitions, SmartGov is on the fast track to change the way citizens, governments as well as businesses interact with public data.

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Spark is a software system which will enables the electric taxi/courier market to grow from niche to mainstream with drivers saving between £5,000-£8,000 a year from lower running costs and improved environmental benefits. Our software monitors battery life and sends this information wirelessly to a dispatch system, which then allocates a driver based on proximity to customer, remaining battery life, and length and nature of the requested journey using combined datasets. Once the concept and software has been proven, Spark intends to license the software to dispatch system providers and taxi companies, as well as individual drivers, so integrating with ridesharing firms like Uber and Lyft. We believe that the regulatory and media pressure to reduce transport-related emissions in towns and cities creates a substantial commercial opportunity to prove the software locally through Spark Taxi and then license the software globally.

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Speechmatics provides cloud-based speech recognition services that convert speech-to-text. Thousands of hours of audio are created every minute (TV/radio/phone/meetings), information that is difficult to manage, as it is not easily searchable. This challenge is critical for companies that need to know what is happening in the world in real-time. To address this challenge, Speechmatics has built the most efficient and accurate speech recognition system that converts speech-to-text thus making audio searchable and interpretable. This enables companies to find information contained within audio files quickly. The technology can also be used in archiving, transcription, dictation and many other applications.

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Think Shaadi

Think Shaadi is a visual search engine and online scrapbook for wedding inspiration, vendor listings and planning tools for South Asian weddings. We will inspire users with images and videos that are easy to search, share, and save on a cloud scrapbook. Our mission is to connect high quality vendors, both small and large to the South Asian market, and provide couples with inspiring content, useful reviews and tools to simplify the planning process.

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Tribalingual is an online language learning platform that teaches only rare and endangered languages. We do this in order to save languages and culture from extinction. We connect people who want to learn endangered languages with those who want to teach them. Our 10-week courses incorporate a blended learning method: through a mixture of online audio and visual course content and personal Skype sessions with the language instructor, you are able to immerse yourself in the language and, just as importantly, the culture.

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