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Accelerate Star

These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over a year, and have already raised a seed round.


AlgoDynamix detects financial market anomalies that result in significant price disruptions. Our software identifies these anomalies and provides price changing analytics hours (or days) in advance of the disruption. The underlying risk analytics engine uses multi-source financial data feeds for detection and quantification. Customers include fund managers, wealth managers and other financial institutions with strong capital preservation mandates. The team have 30+ years of software development experience at top tier investment banks and consultancies including Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Watch AlgoDynamix in discussion with Luther Phillips

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Entomics aims to convert food waste into energy. Our method uses insects - specifically the Black Soldier Fly - as an efficient biological catalyst for converting previous un-usable food waste into fat-rich larval biomass, which can then be refined into biodiesel. This process represents a sustainable alternative to existing biofuel production methods, which use 'fuel crops' that often replace arable food-producing land. In addition, our process yields a range of additional natural outputs ranging from compost to high-protein animal feed, which highlights the efficiency of the system and our company's focus on sustainability.

Watch the Entomics team in discussion with Luther Phillips

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