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Accelerate Star

These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over a year, and have already raised a seed round.


AlgoDynamix detects financial market anomalies that result in significant price disruptions. Our software identifies these anomalies and provides price changing analytics hours (or days) in advance of the disruption. The underlying risk analytics engine uses multi-source financial data feeds for detection and quantification. Customers include fund managers, wealth managers and other financial institutions with strong capital preservation mandates. The team have 30+ years of software development experience at top tier investment banks and consultancies including Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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GeneAdviser is an online genetic testing marketplace that puts rare disease patients in touch with clinical labs that can perform the sequencing and diagnostics. The tests can be ordered online as part of private genetic testing.

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Healx is a social enterprise passionate about finding new therapeutic solutions to cure patients with rare diseases. We use advanced data analytics, such as machine learning and computational chemo-biology to identify novel drug applications in the area of rare diseases. Healx is fortunate to be supported by an extensive network of advisors from the Cambridge biomedical cluster, one of the leading biotech clusters in the world.

Our approach offers great promise both for patients suffering from rare diseases and for biopharmaceutical companies wishing to make the most of their therapeutic portfolio.

Watch Healx in discussion with Luther Phillips

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The first truly automated futures and options exchange for digital media, MediaGamma is transforming the way digital media is valued, traded, and measured. Established in 2014 at the intersection of London's tech, advertising, and finance hubs, MediaGamma's partners include University College London, Accelerate Cambridge, and some of the UK's leading brands, agencies, and publishers. 

MediaGamma provides its partners with greater transparency and control when they buy and sell digital media by offering an accurate, ROI-based view of the immediate and long-term value of inventory. Brands, agencies, and publishers can also engage in programmatic direct or upfront inventory purchases and sales on the MediaGamma platform, mitigating price volatility and ensuring brand safety.