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These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over three months and are either looking to finalise their product or close their first sales.

AI Agents

The AI Agents's "iSeer" platform app will serve users who want to purchase products or services that match closely their profile and value system. As successful companies try to build virtual ecosystems for their customers, our app will help sellers to target their audience without compromising its privacy.

Visit the AI Agents website


Antiverse is developing a revolutionary technology to predict antibody drug hits in a single day rather than in months through the traditional methods. A combination of cell-free technology and cutting-edge machine learning is used to develop a proprietary model that recognises and predicts features of antibody-antigen interaction. Ultimately, the customers, who are pharma companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs), provide us with the sequence of the antigen and Antiverse provides the customers with the sequence of antibodies which bind the antigen with a high affinity. A pharma company and several CROs have already expressed a strong interest in using the service and will also provide support to develop the model as rapidly as possible. Antiverse's technology will greatly speed up antibody hit discovery and thus enable the development of more, and better, antibody therapeutics against cancer, inflammation and rare diseases.  

Antiverse logo

Cambridge Data Lab

Genomic summary data is being increasingly used to de-risk pharmaceutical development and reduce clinical trial failure rates. We are democratising access to genomic data by creating an index of all public and private genomic summary datasets. Our suite of algorithms will clean genomic summary data and make this information easily indexable. We will enable collaboration by connecting holders of private genomic summary datasets to organisations who have the resources to implement the value of genomic summary datasets in drug development.

Cambridge Data Lab logo

Carryr Technologies

We're on a mission to deliver a rapid and unique experience to fashion e-commerce consumers, making it feel like magic.

We do this by partnering up with city-based fashion retailers so that they can offer their online customers a delivery option that can deliver their orders in as little as an hour and have unwanted items collected without any hassle."

Carryr Technologies logo


Computationally designed, personalised, three dimensional (3D) models for corrective, congenital cardiac surgery in neonates.


CropVax is a company focussed on improving global agricultural crop productivity while minimising environmental impact. Our technology facilitates the delivery of next generation plant vaccines based on RNAi enabling farmers to treat their crops against destructive pathogens such as viruses or fungi that remain challenging to control with conventional agricultural methods.

Visit the CropVax website

CropVax logo


D-Art is about smart healthcare for artworks.

Artworks have been built over centuries using materials that deteriorate due to natural ageing, exposure to light and human activities. The conservation process is expensive and time-consuming, limiting its presentation to visitors. The lack of skilled conservators and technologies for conservation has been well-known in the field. Current general solutions to these issues are centred around climate control, which is very expensive and not environmental friendly. It is therefore essential to equip heritage institutes with cheap but effective automatic health check system that can be easily tailored to individual objects.

We provide a system that is easy to deploy and affordable to heritage institutes. It brings together the capacity of image analysis, artificial intelligence and predictive models. Our algorithm can identify damages, track their evolution over time and provide dynamic assessments and recommendations for treatment needs (outputs of predictive models using machine learning techniques). This allows the institutes to put limited curator efforts into artworks that require immediate attention, and to better plan for prompt intervention time. This can greatly reduce operational cost and optimise collection management.

Our team consists of scientific experts in museum studies with over 10 years of combined experiences in imaging, data processing and structural health monitoring. We have a large international network of professional conservators in the largest institutes such as the English Heritage and Wallace Collection (UK), Rijksmuseum (Netherlands) and the Louvres (France).

D-Art logo


Deepskin are developing novel imaging tools to understand and diagnose skin disease.


Hearty strives to advance personal nutrition through a mobile app for developing and sustaining healthy eating habits.

To get it right, they’re beginning as a novel companion tool for nutrition professionals. Dietitians, nutritionists, and nutritional therapists using Hearty will be able to provide their clients with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive food diary to help individuals stay actively engaged with the foods they’re eating. In turn, professionals can follow their clients’ progress, create personalised plans, and easily communicate updates and offer motivation.

As they continue to simplify how people engage with their nutrition and learn the decision-making behind effective dietary guidance, Hearty can give nutritional support to a wider audience with AI-powered nutrition analytics.

Hearty logo

Kalium Diagnostics

Kalium Diagnostics is developing the world's first blood potassium test suitable for home use. The test will help chronic kidney patients and suffers of rare diseases to manage their health away from hospitals and clinics, improving health and lifestyles and significantly reducing the costs of healthcare provision. Our team combines world-class clinical, scientific and product development expertise.

Visit the Kalium Diagnostics website

Kalium diagnostics logo

Legal Sphere

Legal Sphere is an online legal platform which allows lawyers and their clients to connect and collaborate online. For the clients, the cloud-based offering is a complete end-to-end service which enables legal advice to be personalised, affordable and accessible. For lawyers, it offers a flexible working model which will fall in line with changes to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority guidance which permits freelance work.

Visit the Legal Sphere website

Legal Sphere logo

MAP Innovation

MAP Innovation is a startup company focused on product development primarily within the logistics industry. We are currently developing our own MAP-Ping™ system which is a synergetic product that could also be adapted for other applications.

The system aims to eradicate asset loss and provide customers with an interface that can be utilised to enhance current logistical systems or provide a platform to develop a new one. Our remit was to develop a low cost system that addresses problems associated with similar products, incorporate the latest technology and employ hardware that is reliable, efficient and ideally maintenance free.

MAP Innovation logo


As chemotherapy suppresses the immune system, even a mild illness can be fatal for chemotherapy patients. The suppression of a white blood cell known as the neutrophil, can lead to neutropenic sepsis, a life-threatening medical emergency. Therefore, chemotherapy patients with even mild signs of infection at home are brought into hospital for blood tests to check their neutrophil levels and, while awaiting results, given intravenous antibiotics as a precaution. Six in 10 patients turn out to have normal neutrophil counts, and therefore did not necessarily need to attend hospital, costing the NHS approximately £40 million each year.

NeutroCheck was launched to develop a transformative new medical device, NeutroCheck, presenting tangible efficiencies in patient care and healthcare resource, both financial and human. The device will be used in the patient’s home to give a near-instant measure of the patient’s neutrophil levels using blood from a small pin-prick. The NeutroCheck device is designed to be portable and easy-to-use in a home environment.

Our focus is to produce a fast, reliable and low-cost device which would improve safety and quality of life for cancer patients worldwide, whilst saving healthcare institutions such as the NHS millions of pounds each year from substantially reducing hospital visits.

NeutroCheck logo

Oh Lily! (formerly Water LilyPop)

We believe that eating is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!

Oh Lily! is a range of sweet and savoury snacks made from water lily seeds. Water lily seeds have been used for centuries in traditional medicines such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for its high nutritional values. Still unknown in the western world, the potential of this plant is underutilised, and we aim to share the benefits of these seeds with our consumers, convinced that it will bring a snacking revolution. Indeed, more and more people are deciding to change their way of eating and choosing different diets. Health has become a priority, but the consumer doesn't want to compromise on the taste, fun or texture. With its snacks, Oh Lily! is gathering all of those criteria to offer a healthy, tasty and crunchy experience. The seeds are naturally gluten-free and free from sugar and all our recipes are vegan, so Oh Lily! fits for all and is good for all.

In our project we aim to work closely with the local farmers and participate to the improvement of their livelihood, we would like to contribute to a more sustainable future for the food industry in term of product, packaging and supply chain.

Our mission is to take the consumer on a conscious culinary journey.

Oh Lily! logo

Orca Scan

Barcode technology first made its impact on business productivity in the late 1970s, yet due to the complexity and high costs associated with implementing enterprise barcode solutions, the majority of organisations still rely on pen, paper and spreadsheets to manage their assets and inventory.


Orca Scan was designed to dramatically simplify, and lower the cost of enterprise barcode solutions to make barcode tracking technology available to all, regardless of company size or budget. They do that by removing the need for expensive hardware and custom software development, by leveraging cloud computing and the smartphone we're all carrying in our pockets.


Visit the Orca Scanwebsite

Orca Scan logo


Outfield is providing farmers with access to new drone technologies. We are developing a range of innovative services using autonomous aircraft and computer vision systems. Outfield services range from land surveying to horticulture crop management, using systems that are faster, cheaper and more accurate than current field assessment techniques. Outfield is growing the future of precision farming.

Visit the Outfield website

Outfield logo

Pentail Enzymes

We are a biotechnology company harnessing the power of enzymes to improve human health. Pentail's primary goal is to engineer and produce enzymes that target harmful substances in the human body for rapid elimination. Our prototype enzymes are being developed to neutralise a range of misused drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, which when overdosed can often lead to death or permanent organ damage. As the incidence of drug intoxication reaches epidemic levels worldwide, with significant health and social costs, our technology will provide an accessible tool for emergency services, ultimately helping to save lives.

Visit the Pentail Enzymes website

Pentail Enzymes logo

Pexxi (formerly Sura)

Pexxi is a personal medicine platform that tailors and monitors oral contraceptive use based on every woman's unique biological profile; medical history, mental health, genetics and hormone levels.

Visit the Pexxi website

Pexxi logo

Pinpoint Oncology

Pinpoint Oncology provides a pharmacogenomic test for cancer treatment


QBio is building a pioneering platform to deliver targeted, personalised antibiotics, faster.

Visit the QBio website

QBio logo


Qureight is a clinical data curation and analytics company which works in partnership with healthcare bodies and software developers in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Through advanced infrastructure, coupled with technical and clinical expertise, the company performs annotation and analysis of anonymised data. Qureight exploits the value of data in their entirety and allows testing of machine learning algorithms, by collaborating with drug or technology companies, healthcare and academic institutions.

Qureight's mission is to combine technology and life sciences to generate new knowledge and transform the way we use clinical data.

Qureight logo

Repeat XP

The Repeat Experience (XP) is a Cambridge-based startup fighting food insecurity.

The team is developing a platform that guarantees the user to gain and maintain a healthy diet while experiencing constraints to achieve it, such as lack of time, knowledge and money. Repeat XP applies machine learning to maximise the user grocery expenditure, buying in the most efficient and intelligent way. It also provides the user with the knowledge to have a healthy and diverse diet and saves them some time on planning and preparation.

In other words, Repeat XP is a personal diet and grocery shopping assistant! Repeat XP aims to create a social impact, and will be free of charge, enabling everyone to enjoy the benefits of The Repeat Experience.

The Repeat Experience logo


Scope is the only news site which has the technology to group all of the content about the same headline together which means no more having to go to Twitter to see what people saying, no more having to find a video on YouTube to see the action, it's all there delivered from across the globe in the you way you choose.

Scope is taking on the very important issue of filter bubbles, exposing a diversity of opinion on important news headlines to help break people out of the digital filter bubbles from which they’ve be placed, giving them back control of the news they see.

Visit the Scope website

Scope logo


ScreenMe offers a platform that uses information obtained from the microbiome to tailor everyday grocery shopping to the personal needs of expecting mothers, nursing mothers and their children. We use the latest technological advances in the fields of personalised medicine and microbiome research so parents can be confident that our advice will help them do their best to promote the healthy, long-term development of their children.

Screenme logo

Spliceor Therapeutics

Spliceor Therapeutics is an early stage research and development biotechnology company based on translational medical research in Professor Andrew Lever's laboratory in the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge.

Co-founded by Dr Carin Ingemarsdotter and Professor Lever, the proposed business aims at developing novel curative treatments for certain types of aggressive cancers that do not respond well to current treatment. Our therapeutics are based on a gene-therapy platform technology and we have identified a common mechanism for therapeutic development against liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, successful treatment of which are major unmet medical needs. Our technology is applicable to many other malignancies. Our mission is to provide curative and easily tolerated gene therapies to cancer patients.

Sliceor Therapeutics logo


Unlimitech is building the Smartmask™, a wearable fitness tracker that directly measures breath flow and composition to deliver precise key aerobic and metabolic efficiency metrics. With the Smartmask™, sportspeople can effectively optimise their performance and achieve their sports goals better, and faster.

Unlimitech is precision fitness tracking, unleashed.

Visit the Unlimitech website

Unlimitech logo


With fraudulent certificates and degrees being increasingly accessible for purchase online, educational institutions, learners, and employers alike are finding it expensive and time-consuming to verify the authenticity of certificates. Paper-based certificates are also vulnerable to loss or damage. The current systems and record keeping processes are fragmented. Holders of certificates have to deal with multiple institutions, often with different processes, digital systems and agencies to manage and verify them.

Uverify is an instant verification tool that is powered by blockchain technology that addresses these issues. We enable learners to manage and take ownership of their lifetime record of certificates and other professional qualifications. Certificates issued by institutions are digital, instantly verifiable, immutable, and secure. Our digital passport creates a single profile view of the learner’s fragmented credentials. Uverify helps institutions combat fraud and saves them time and money by automating the verification process.

Uverify logo