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These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over three months and are either looking to finalise their product or close their first sales.

The Adjustables

At The Adjustables, we design affordable, sustainable and comfortable clothes that can grow with kids. In practice, traditional children clothing brands offer in average five sizes between birth to 18-months-old and these clothes are by design disposable. We aim to provide a more environmentally responsible alternative to parents to keep up with all of their child’s growth milestones. We are offering them the option to buy one garment with easy to modify sizes, saving them time and money. The Adjustables aims to change to future of fashion, one stitch at a time.

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AEMS is developing the next generation AI-driven enterprise software designed for optimising enterprise productivity.

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Animal Alternative Technologies

Animal Alternative Technologies is a recently founded biotechnology B2B spin out of the University of Cambridge. We are engineering a scalable, end-to-end ecosystem for Cultured Meat production, including specialist processes, enabling technologies, software, hardware and raw materials to democratize access to sustainable food and tackle some of the world’s biggest sustainability and health challenges.

Visit the Animal Alternative website

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At Animo, we believe that monitoring Parkinson’s disease progression should be as easy as tracking your daily step count. Through our patient and clinician-facing applications, connected by our cloud platform, Animo empowers physicians with representative and accurate patient data. Through the implementation of more efficient, personalised, and cost-effective therapies, we hope to improve the lives of Parkinson’s disease patients worldwide.

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Biomasys is a diagnostic healthtech startup committed to providing rapid and affordable diagnostics to the most needy in the global south and underserved Western health markets. We’re developing a novel device which leverages machine learning in the identification and detection of biomarkers predictive of miscarriages and preterm births.

It is estimated that 10% of pregnancies in the developing world result in miscarriage or preterm birth. About 810 women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, 94% of which are in low and lower middle-income countries. We believe our solution can become a global standard for antenatal care and save millions of lives in the process.

Visit the Biomasys website


BioPhonics (formerly TunedIn Dx)

BioPhonics is developing consumer and medical devices to automatically detect abnormalities from bodily sounds. They have developed a prototype of an intelligent stethoscope capable of automatic detection of heart diseases. The company’s mission is to produce innovative technology to improve early detection of diseases.

Visit the BioPhonics website

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Botprobe’s fully managed cybersecurity-as-a-service protects the corporate home workforce, and satellite offices, against cyber intruders and data theft.

Our custom-built detection probes, little bigger than a pack of playing cards, plug directly into your home router. Our AI attack analysis algorithms and next-generation detection rules are optimised for the home environment, so that we complement existing security tools provided by your IT department.

Evidence shows that current security methods in modern smart homes is just not robust enough to protect the corporate network should a remote worker’s network be breached. With so many other devices sharing home networks, IT cannot secure what they don’t know is there.

Let your anti-virus protect your PC, let us protect everything else.

Visit the Botprobe website

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We develop large-scale 3d printers based on cable driven parallel robots. With our robot we will produce highly individual export boxings for manufacturers of large and awkward machines, components, and goods. The boxes will be printed out of recycled plastic and will help our clients to deliver their products safely around the globe. Through additive manufacturing we bring a high degree of automatisation and digitalisation to the production process of export boxing.

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Cambridge Creative Education Centre

Cambridge Creative Education Centre is aimed for providing diverse creative education courses for different countries. Creative Education is to use creative pedagogies and educational theories to support education in different ways. The company has a strong research team with senior researchers and lecturers from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. The first course is “Learning English through Drama for Years 3-12” based on the drama pedagogy research. The course includes a full package of curriculum, teacher training, textbooks and teaching tools. The teacher training system is also developed for all English teachers around the world. The company also organises study tours for teachers and students to experience creative education in Cambridge.

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Cambridge Nucleomics

Cambridge Nucleomics is a newly incorporated biotech company, we are pioneering the next generation biosensing technologies for cancers and other diseases, by combining DNA technology with solid-state nanopores. Our unique value proposition is that we can detect hundreds of RNAs and DNAs at the same time at ultra-low concentration and volume with less time and cost.

In particular, the technology has the potential to revolutionise direct multiplexed detection of short RNAs and DNAs. Our vision is to build an innovative platform technology company as well as a data company, thereby transforming precision and personalised medicine in future healthcare.

Visit the Cambridge Nucleomics website

Charco Neurotech

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting 10 million people around the world. Despite the best available medical and surgical interventions people with Parkinson’s are often frustrated as they remain significantly limited in their activities. Charco Neurotech (formerly The Moment) developed CUE1, a focused vibrotactile stimulation device for people with Parkinson’s.

CUE1 uses a unique combination of two research-validated vibration-based Parkinson’s therapies; focussed stimulation and cueing. They help with initiation and execution of movement and reduce slowness to smoothen movement. The device also features a medication alert system, which the user can set in their phone. The device discretely reminds the user with a silent vibration when they need to take their medication. The CUE1 application also includes a number of fun games designed to track symptom severity over time. This data can be used by Parkinson’s specialists to help evaluate users during their checkups. All of the participants showed improved movement in our pilot testing by an average of 16%. Participants claimed they felt movement was smoother and better co-ordinated.

Visit Charco Neurotech website

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Choral Hub

Choral Hub is empowering the world to sing through mobile tech. Our app teaches you to sing through quick and easy to digest educational games taught by our world renowned vocal coaches.

Visit the Choral Hub website

ChORAl Hub.


Citispotter offers disruptive AI-enabled content analysis technologies to help businesses fight misinformation, harmful content and fake news.

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CodiKoat has developed the world’s first anti-viral surface coating that blends electricity and chemistry to provide simple, immediate and long-lasting protection against microbes and viruses, including COVID-19.

Visit the CodiKoat website


Consone AI

Conesone AI a disruptive technology platform targeting how decisions are made in the drug development process. Accelerating new medicines to market, reducing cost, time and environmental footprints. The Consone AI platform will empower user decision making by successfully predicting effects and viability of new drugs.


Cool offers a CO2 removal service for a fixed price, similar to how garbage men take away your rubbish every week. From there, our CO2 refinery will transform it into a valuable raw material.

This saves emitters the costs of CO2 sequestration and/or emissions penalties and provides a use for CO2 that both scales and permanently removes it from the atmosphere.

Visit the Cool website

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The Copper Crew

Launched in July 2020, The Copper Crew is a Cambridge based canned wine business, founded by three friends all under 25: Theo Gough, Oli Purnell and Sam Lambson. Theo and Oli are Cambridge locals, while Sam is The Crew’s winemaker, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The name, The Copper Crew, comes from Theo and Oli’s ginger hair.

We focus on sourcing and blending South African wines, specifically to be canned. We use cans for their lower environmental impact, convenience and moderation of serving size.

Visit The Copper Crew website

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deepMirror accelerates biomedical research with powerful and easy to use AI software tools. Our cloud-based web applications simplify complex data analysis workflows to save researchers hours of their time. Our clients can gain access to our growing portfolio of existing software tools, or partner with us to create new software solutions to tackle their biomedical data analysis.

Visit the deepMirror website

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Ditto is a marketplace and directory for freelancers and creators to offer classes, courses and merchandising. Our goal is to reduce the hurdles of web development, SEO and marketing through standardised profiles. We aim for an end-user experience that focuses on searchability and as a catalyst for self-improvement.

Ditto. platform is a state-of-the-art platform that gamifies the experience of logging information on food habits, dietary preferences, food allergies and health goals and then combines it using machine learning to provide hyper personalised and curated food recommendations to its users. These food recommendations can be categorised into three main segments: grocery food, restaurants dishes and new recipes for self-cooking. Consumers are becoming more aware of “free from” and clean labels and are exploring ways to integrate such products into their lifestyle. This requires for them to try out new products that also suit their taste buds. UK consumers are hesitant to try out new products and need some validation either in the form of online reviews or recommendations by friends or family, which makes them miss out several products that they would have liked more than what they are currently consuming. Although the idea is extremely broad and useful for everyone, the beachhead market for this platform are people who suffer from some form of food allergy or have strict dietary preferences and find it extremely difficult to navigate their food choices. A service of this kind can really help them identify new foods that are more relevant to them and perfectly align with their needs.

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FotoStax is developing a camera that lets you capture and print moving images or 3D images in instant print format. Currently it takes weeks to create and receive these prints. By introducing this technology into the instant camera and printing industries we seek to provide individuals and businesses the ability to create these types of images easily and accessibly themselves.

Fotostax logo.


Genchi is a platform for students to find and share opportunities. We believe in empowering people to create their own impact through equal access to opportunities. We want to enable people to develop their skillset and contribute towards causes that are meaningful to them.

Visit the Genchi website

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Giddy brings simplicity to the complex subject of financial management within the world of Mobile Money. Giddy significantly simplifies budgeting, spending, saving, and investing. Giddy analyses users’ personal financial records/data and generates custom interactive dashboards, infographics and videos on users’ expenditure profiles, which are delivered to users in an engaging, chat-driven and gamified experience.

Happyr Health

One in 10 children suffers from migraines. Migraines are severely impacting the development of the young patients physically, emotionally and socially. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has proven to work effectively for children with migraines. However, as there are not enough psychotherapists who are specialised in CBT for paediatric migraine patients the psychological treatment is neglected. Happyr Health makes CBT access possible for young migraine sufferers. Personalised and on a population scale. By combining scientific evidence with the latest applied gaming technology, Happyr Health creates an experience for suffering children that is not only helpful but also playful.

Visit the Happyr Health website

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In2Med aims to be a learning resource where you can learn medicine from the basics. Created by medical students, this venture is the first of its kind platform helping students right from the beginning of their medical careers in sixth form, through medical school and beyond.

Visit the In2Med website

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iWarranty is developing a cloud-based solution to eliminate the existing paper-based warranties and manual claim processes. The focus innovation will be in the application of existing and expanding technological development in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create process efficiencies for manufacturers.

iWarranty’s warranty intelligence platform facilitates significant cost reduction and efficiency in terms of warranty management, thereby driving better long-term margin. At the same time, it helps to build brand loyalty and repeat purchases and manage one-to-one customer experience by creating a personalised post-sale customer journey that delivers exceptional brand experience throughout the entire product lifecycle. iWarranty offers consumers convenience and peace of mind when it counts the most! iWarranty’s free mobile apps capture receipts, register products, summarises key warranty terms and allows consumers to make and manage a claim from anywhere anytime.

Visit the iWarranty website



Kestrl aims to be the world’s first 100% ethical banking and wealth management platform. Kestrl is for people who want to combine their financial needs with their personal values in order to truly change the world for the better.

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Kitchens Confidential

Kitchens Confidential combines turnkey cloud kitchen space with technology-enabled back-office support. The space is fully built-out with dedicated separate kitchens for each restaurant, and industry-standard equipment. The technology stack includes features such as predictive ordering, menu optimisation, delivery management, digital marketing, and payment API integration. By combining the physical and digital, we provide a platform for restaurants to survive and thrive in a take-away driven market.

Visit the Kitchens Confidential website

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Lamina POP

Lamina POP aims to make dignified housing more accessible for the 1.2 billion people around the world that currently live without adequate shelter. Our novel construction system uses widely available materials to produce buildings that are simpler, more durable, and much cheaper than what is possible with traditional low-cost housing models for the developing world. We have completed over 15 projects with the Lamina POP system in Guatemala, both independently and in partnership with organisations like Habitat for Humanity, and are now focused on scaling up our operations.

Visit the Lamina Pop website

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leep is building a job search and recruitment platform for the future workforce. Unlike traditional job search and recruitment platforms that only match businesses to job seekers based on CV and resume alone, leep matches businesses and job seekers based on three main sets of criteria that reflect the workplace preferences of gen z and millennial job seekers: social and environmental impact, diversity, equity and inclusion, and company culture. Our values matching framework makes it quick and easy for jobseekers to find work that matters to them, while also saving time and money for businesses.

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Limosaero is developing a low-altitude long-endurance solar powered UAV which has the capability to extend electric UAV flight time up to multiple days, with zero CO2 emissions. Extending the UAVs endurance means longer time aloft and further distances travelled. Limosaero’s product will have a competitive advantage over existing technologies as it sits in a market gap between current aircraft.

Limosaero logo.

Lionheart Lifting

Lionheart Lifting is bringing a new brand of fitness equipment to the market designed around the needs of military members and those who work or live in uniquely challenging conditions. With U.S. military experience on the founding team, we are developing a value proposition that addresses space requirements, anti-microbial needs, durability, and many other features that fall short in serving this demanding space. Utilising military agencies as a beachhead for market penetration, Lionheart will also serve the private sector as the go-to brand for military level fitness and physical discipline.

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At Mattalabs we are developing AI and technology to enable 3D printers to kickstart the next industrial revolution. We are creating the first self-learning global 3D printer network using advanced computer vision and machine learning to reduce waste, save time and improve efficiency.

Visit the Mattalabs website


Mecommi is an online local market on a mission to encourage local consumption and introduce a zero-emission circular economy to online shopping. The impact of COVID-19 was felt far and wide but local businesses are really bearing the brunt. Given the changing dynamics of the post-coronavirus reality, our mission is to enhance local consumption and minimise the environmental footprint. The all-female founding team comprises of Shachar Hatan, an expert in sustainable business management and the circular economy, and Alannah Wood, a sustainability enthusiast and experienced startup growth specialist. With our platform, shoppers can browse through their local market stalls and order online. They can select products from their favourite stalls and have it delivered in one, convenient reusable package.

Visit the Mecommi website



Medwyse uses artificial intelligence to provide clinical decision support to doctors. Our mission is to organise the world’s medical knowledge and extend every doctor’s capabilities. is a clinical question answering platform powered by our state of the art AI model. Our AI model is trained using the latest natural language processing technologies and can understand the content and context of medical journal articles and guidelines.

Doctors can ask our AI any questions and receive concise, relevant, evidence-based and up-to-date answers in real-time. By providing clinical decision support to doctors, we enable and empower doctors to practice evidence-based medicine even in uncertain situations. This will ultimately improve patient care and positively impact patient outcomes.

We are very excited about the opportunity to bring AI technologies into the hands of doctors and fundamentally change how medicine is practiced. Get in touch if you want to know more.

Visit the Medwyse website

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mySymptoms (formerly SkyGazer Labs)

mySymptoms mission is to improve the health of sufferers of chronic gut conditions by nutrition, lifestyle, and outcome analysis. mySymptoms was one of the first digital health companies to launch a smartphone app – ‘mySymptoms’ – in the Apple App Store, followed later by an Android version.

After identifying an emerging market for digital health products, mySymptoms then began development of a data platform to facilitate clinical services, academic and medical research, along with more advanced analytics using machine learning. The company is shortly due to launch a pilot of its new clinical app, moving the company firmly into the clinical marketplace. mySymptoms is currently funded by revenues from its smartphone app, mySymptoms, and is privately held by its two founders, Darren Launders and Damian Helme.

Visit the mySymptoms website

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Neutreeno provides a one-click software solution to e-commerce brands looking take immediate steps to decarbonise their processes. A carbon Stripe, Neutreeno’s platform integrates seamlessly to online webshops at the point of sale, allowing consumers to make their purchases carbon negative. Our software API evaluates the carbon intensity of the checkout cart and directs the micro-donations into a mixture of verified ecological projects & clean tech innovation ventures to drive the economy to net neutrality.

Visit the Neutreeno website


PACE Dental

PACE Dental enables improved, personalised, dental care, that is specifically designed to be patient centred (PACE: PAtient CEntred). Our new technology simplifies data collection, and intelligent analysis, allowing better oral health management specific to that individual. Every user will benefit from earlier diagnosis of problems affecting their teeth and gums, so that preventative action can be taken. Dentists will be empowered to provide a better service, tailored to each patient, and to spend more of their time on treatment.

Our goal is to be sought by both patients and dentists, due to our intelligent service that is easy to use, and adds value for individuals and dental health providers alike. By revolutionising the patient-provider interaction we can improve global dental care.

PACE Dental logo.


Powdies is a powder drink made directly from farmers’ surplus fruits and vegetables. Using a low temperature dehydration technology, we turn these over-produced and wonky-looking crops into a tasty and nutritional powder drink. Powdies is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, fibre and contains all five of your five-a-day. We hope to make eating vegetables and fruits enjoyable, convenient and hassle-free for everyone. On top of that, we are making a positive environmental impact by reducing food wastage.

Visit the Powdies website

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At Prosoma we believe that every patient living with and beyond cancer deserves reliable mental healthcare.

Time and time again we hear about emotional issues associated with cancer – whether it is depression, anxiety, PTSD or stress. This not only affects patient’s quality of life and wellbeing, but also has a high correlation with higher mortality, and patients dropping out from chemo or radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, despite a wide research base showing the negative effects of stress and positive outcomes of psychotherapies, access to mental health support is scarce.

To help with this process we’re developing a comprehensive digital therapeutics programme, designed exclusively for cancer patients, including CBT, RBT, mindfulness, relaxation and breathing therapies. Accessible via web, mobile and even VR devices.

As we are reaching the end of a two-year product development cycle, we’re looking for partners, researchers, and advisors who will help us deliver our vision to market, and most importantly – patients.

Visit the Prosoma website

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RE.USE – the green way, for takeaway. We are a “return and reuse” logistics system for takeaway food containers. Our mission is to eliminate the use of disposable food boxes in the food delivery and takeaway markets. Our containers are highly durable, heat and leak resistant, traceable by our digital system, can be reused over 1,000 times and ultimately recycled into brand new containers.

Our reusable takeaway system allows savings in waste stream hauling fees, frequent purchasing and transportation of disposable containers, and prevents millions of single-use containers ending up in the natural environment and the need for virgin materials, thereby reducing environmental impacts.

RE.USE represents an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, safe alternative to using single-use containers for takeaway meals.

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Remediome integrates machine learning and high-throughput screening to discover new enzymes for biorecycling and waste management. The proliferation of waste products is one of the key barriers to achieving a circular economy. Enzymatic waste remediation is cheap and eco-friendly, but many wastes cannot be efficiently degraded by known enzymes. Our scalable pipeline will sort through millions of naturally occurring protein sequences to find new enzymes which can process difficult waste more sustainably.

Remediome logo.


ROOTSPACE provides a seamless integrated ecosystem providing efficiency in the tenancy journey with effective communication and controls. Some the benefits of our platform include: Integrated Tenancy Creation and Management, Comprehensive Compliance Management for All parties, Maintenance Management, Deposit and Rental Management including Pay-in, Pay-Out and reconciliation for Tenants, landlords and Estate Agents.

Rootspace AI logo.


S4 is an Earth imaging company developing self-aligning unfolding space telescopes. The use of Earth imagery in everyday life is rapidly growing such as for navigation. Other important examples include monitoring the environment, gaining insights for making investment decisions, as well as maintaining global security. These applications require an Earth imaging platform that captures images with greater detail and that captures imagery of the same location more often.

Capturing greater detail (or ‘resolution’) requires a bigger telescope. Capturing imagery (or ‘revisiting’) of the same location more often requires many of these telescopes. Satellite cost increases greatly with satellite size, so such a constellation of satellites simply isn’t affordable.

At S4 we’re developing the ultimate solution for this problem. Telescopes typically don’t unfold because their optics must be very accurately positioned – to better than one hundredth of the width of a human hair. Our fundamental innovation is our patent pending self-alignment technology which positions our optics with this extreme accuracy. At S4 we can fit a large telescope in a small box (or nanosatellite), making low cost, high resolution, high revisit Earth imaging possible.

Visit the S4 website

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Silver Street

Silver Street is reimagining the starter home for Generation Rent. With a novel financial product and full-service digital homebuying platform, Silver Street aims to help London millennials get onto the property ladder and start building wealth.

Visit the Silver Street website

Silver Street.


Skinlync is a digital health platform that allows users with a skin condition to instantly connect with other users who have a similar condition and profile, enabling the exchange of valuable insights and emotional support. Users also have the option to learn medically approved ways to manage their condition and log their self-management activities, all on one platform. Ultimately, Skinlync aims to become the go-to self-management tool in dermatology. Skinlync will be officially launched in July 2020.

Visit the Skinlync website

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Smartbell offers a simple precision agriculture solution for livestock rearing and management. The Smartbell system implements a fully-automated solution for livestock management, including distress alerts, herd analysis and customised farm management reports. Using advanced analytics on data gathered from animal wearables, Smartbell also cross references regional data to better understand resource utilisation and promote proven best practices.

Watch the SmartBell team in discussion with Luther Phillips

Visit the SmartBell website

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Sotera Heritage (formerly AAI)

Sotera Heritage is using AI to combat the global trade in stolen and looted antiquities. The illegal trade damages world heritage, funds terrorism and fuels the black market. Our goal is to make it easier for border guards, law enforcement, legitimate dealers, insurance companies and collectors to spot stolen or looted objects as they move around the world. The product will incorporate live datasets, such as databases of known stolen objects, and specific object types prone to being traded illegally.

Sotera Heritage was founded through the University of Cambridge Accelerate Program at Judge Business School. The team has extensive backgrounds and networks in archaeology and heritage, security and law enforcement, technology and AI.

Sotera Heritage logo.

Super Beans

Super Beans is a health food manufacturer supporting sustainable diets. As one of the best plant-based protein resources, high-quality organic beans are used as our basic ingredient. Our products are packed with dietary fibres as well as many essential vitamins and minerals while also being free of (refined) sugar and artificial sweeteners. Our wide range of products aim to provide specific and balanced nutrients to meet a variety of needs.

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Swing is a FitTech start-up that provides pay-as-you-go free-weights and online classes in green spaces. Our goal is to provide easy and affordable access to outdoor fitness equipment across the UK; thereby reducing health inequality and promoting green space exercise. Each micro-gym will have an adjustable back-rest (and lid) that can be used as a bench or step. Within the micro-gym there will be a set of adjustable kettlebells, dumbbells, and one or two other pieces of fitness equipment. Users can access the contents by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Lime scooters meets Peloton!

Swing logo.

Synthetic Data Service

Through our Synthetic Data Service at Health Data Insight, we unlock the power of patient data by enabling researchers and healthcare practitioners to perform research without any risk to patient privacy. Patient data is essential for advancements and innovation in healthcare, however, it cannot be broadly shared due to privacy and confidentiality constraints. The Synthetic Data Service provides an effective solution. It creates a synthetic version of patient data that has useful characteristics of the real data but no patient-identifiable information. This data can be shared without privacy risks and used to gain insights and breakthroughs in healthcare that otherwise would not have been possible.

Synthetic Data Services logo.


Tumchi is a nutritional science company on a mission to restore health, balance, and resilience – for people and for the planet. We provide unique analysis of human gut microbiome to create a personalised nutrition solution. One in eight people suffer from poor gut health and a third of food bought is thrown away. We have developed a different and sustainable approach to improve both human and planetary health. Tumchi uniquely combines medical, behavioural and microbiome profiles of individuals. It then uses artificial intelligence methods to inform its customers on healthy and sustainable individual food choices to improve their blood and microbiome test results, helping to improve and maintain good health.

Visit the Tumchi website

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Turation is an early-stage deep-tech startup from Cambridge developing Industrial AGI for Smart Factory and building an adaptable AIoT system to synergize automated inspection, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance and process optimisation. Cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to transform manufacturing.

Visit the Turation website

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Virtual Nick (formerly Cambridge Exercise Technology)

Virtual Nick is a fitness technology company that uses emerging technologies to innovate on the fitness experience. Our goal is to create a cultural shift in how the world views and interacts with exercise.

Visit the Virtual Nick website

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Wishliner uses spare luggage space in a traveller’s journey to get shoppers what they want from anywhere in the world. This gives shoppers everywhere a cost effective and efficient alternative to logistics providers like express mail while minimising their carbon footprint. Wishliner operates within communities where trust already exists to ensure the security of members, effectively formalising the existing friends and family network.

WishLiner logo.