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These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over three months and are either looking to finalise their product or close their first sales.


32 is a trusted off-line entrepreneurs’ community in Cambridge, focusing on propping up zero to one (pre-startup and startup) through creating deep connections among diverse entrepreneurs and utilising the network to empower members to iterate ideas. As the community grows organically, 32 will create complementary online service to connect different entrepreneurial communities and create a global entrepreneurial ecosystem for idea iteration.

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AEMS is developing the next generation AI-driven enterprise software designed for optimising enterprise productivity.

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AI4MD stands for Artificial Intelligence for Material Discovery. LEDs, batteries, solar cells are forecasted to have a market size of nearly $450 billion by 2025. Current materials discovery for manufacturing next-generation energy devices relies on using trial-and-error experimentation, which is very slow and expensive. Plus, the discovered material can have limited performance, high cost and low safety, requiring years of iterative improvements to achieve satisfactory performance. AI4MD will accelerate the discovery of new promising materials using artificial intelligence, leading to materials with reduced costs, improved performance and increased safety levels. Our vision is a world that runs on clean energy.

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Ambify is an environmental health tech company developing wearable devices to reduce the impact of environmental pollutants on our health and wellbeing. Environmental pollution is considered the world’s biggest invisible killer, causing up to 14 per cent of premature deaths globally.

Ambify’s integrated hardware and software solutions allow for individual, real-time and continuous monitoring to known environmental health risk factors. Our mission is to empower individuals, employers, healthcare systems and policy makers with the ability to take actionable steps towards reducing the impact of pollutants on our health.

We are backed by Entrepreneur First, one of Europe’s largest deep-tech investors, and are looking for partners to co-develop our solutions.

Visit the Ambify website

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Ancient Artefacts Initiative

Ancient Artefacts Initiative (AAI) is committed to safeguarding cultural heritage by combining archaeological expertise with cutting-edge technology and machine-learning intelligence. By combining specialist knowledge with technology, AAI will create an image-recognition based program which will verify the legitimacy of objects for sale and exhibition by auction houses, dealers, individual collectors and museum institutions. Using the AAI program will provide a front-line provenance check to potential buyers and researchers, aiding in credible vetting of high-value antiquities. AAI will collaborate with existing programs and watchdog projects synergistically to provide a service that furthers the shared aim to create an international ethical standard for the antiquities market and to prevent the ongoing sale of ancient illicit objects.

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Antiverse is developing a revolutionary technology to predict antibody drug hits in a single day rather than in months through the traditional methods. A combination of cell-free technology and cutting-edge machine learning is used to develop a proprietary model that recognises and predicts features of antibody-antigen interaction. Ultimately, the customers, who are pharma companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs), provide us with the sequence of the antigen and Antiverse provides the customers with the sequence of antibodies which bind the antigen with a high affinity. A pharma company and several CROs have already expressed a strong interest in using the service and will also provide support to develop the model as rapidly as possible. Antiverse’s technology will greatly speed up antibody hit discovery and thus enable the development of more, and better, antibody therapeutics against cancer, inflammation and rare diseases.

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Bond 180

Bond 180 is a capital markets fintech spun out of the University of Cambridge aiming to improve our investment and savings industry. We match-make investment businesses who have demand for assets with debt arrangers and issuers who require capital, offering both bespoke solutions tailored to their needs. Core to our proposition is making the process faster, cheaper and better. We aim to reduce costs in the investment process by 80 per cent, by leveraging market data to match supply and demand and by increasing process efficiency and automation through the use of distributed ledger technology.

Visit the Bond 180 website

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Botprobe is a specialist data capture company, committed to fighting the challenges presented from big data to cyber threat detection – namely high volume, high velocity unstructured data.

Whilst lots of data is good, having the right data is more important when it comes to threat detection. This concept unpins Botprobe’s ethos of taking a minimalist approach to capturing cyber security data, be that network traffic that feeds into intrusion detect systems or data that is upload to a SIEM.

Botprobe’s novel capture technology can remove up to 90 per cent of the data your analytic engines are ingesting today, without loss of threat context. Our hardware and software data capture probes adapt in real-time to changes in network traffic to capture only the data needed for your threat detection engines, and nothing else.

Our vision is to make full-packet capture obsolete within cyber-security, replacing it with intelligent adaptive capture. If we can achieve this, our clients will have one less big data challenge to worry about.

Visit the Botprobe website

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We are developing the Google Maps for air pollution. Our aim is to inspire everyday citizens to choose cleaner options everyday to living resulting in cleaner environment for all. We use our unique non-intrusive sensor technology developed in-house to integrate air quality monitoring systems in items of everyday use including key rings, backpacks, etc. We enable high-resolution personal exposure monitoring and provide access to real-time air quality data that can also influence your daily travel routes.

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Cambridge Creative Education Centre

Cambridge Creative Education Centre is aimed for providing diverse creative education courses for different countries. Creative Education is to use creative pedagogies and educational theories to support education in different ways. The company has a strong research team with senior researchers and lecturers from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. The first course is “Learning English through Drama for Years 3-12” based on the drama pedagogy research. The course includes a full package of curriculum, teacher training, textbooks and teaching tools. The teacher training system is also developed for all English teachers around the world. The company also organises study tours for teachers and students to experience creative education in Cambridge.

Cambridge Creative Education Centre logo.

Virtual Nick

Virtual Nick is a fitness technology company that uses emerging technologies to innovate on the fitness experience. Our goal is to create a cultural shift in how the world views and interacts with exercise.

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CavPoint develops software tools to reduce the costs of testing automated vehicle technologies. Automated/autonomous vehicles must operate in environments with extremely high levels of variability and it is in practice impossible to test all of these variations before launch. There is the risk that the deployed system will encounter an untested scenario in the field, and not behave appropriately or operate in an unsafe manner. Our machine learning based software actively searches for the combinations of variations where the system has undesirable behaviour so that the issue can be identified and addressed during the development phase. This reduces the overall time and cost of testing, improves the robustness of the deployed system, and accelerates the time to market.

Visit the CavPoint website

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Choral Hub

Choral Hub is empowering the world to sing through mobile tech. Our app teaches you to sing through quick and easy to digest educational games taught by our world renowned vocal coaches.

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ChORAl Hub.


Computationally designed, personalised, three dimensional (3D) models for corrective, congenital cardiac surgery in neonates.

Dx Analytics

Dx Analytics (formerly D-Art) provides a cost-effective image analysis platform that delivers reliable, data-driven and automated monitoring solutions to engineering structures such as bridges and highways. Our algorithm can identify and highlight early defects and its progression using existing or easily accessible images of large structures. This solution enhances predictive maintenance decision-making to avoid costly last-minute interventions.


EasyA connects students with super tutors on-demand.

Founded by two former tutors, EasyA is built on the idea that all students should get help when they need it, wherever they need it.

Students learn better when they get help sooner and are able to ask as many questions as they have. EasyA makes this possible.

Students simply snap a photo of their question and are automatically connected with a super tutor who can help, all in-app. All tutors have extensive teaching experience and are taught to explain each answer in detail, so our students actually learn.

EasyA is simple, fast and unlimited.

Visit the EasyA website

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With rising population levels and reduction in agricultural land, global food security is at risk. In developing economies, such as India, where agriculture takes up to 14 per cent of the GDP, inefficiencies mean crop production is at 30 per cent of maximum efficiency. So, we have to ask the question, how can we improve crop growth productivity?

There exists a field known as precision agriculture, where IoT-based sensors may be embedded into the soil and can provide data by wireless transmission back to farmers, so that they may make more informed decisions on how to better manage their soil health and therefore improve their crop yields. By taking into account metrics such as temperature, humidity, moisture and CO2 emissions, and cross-referencing with satellite data on crop and soil type from an API, we are able to provide recommendations on how to optimise soil health for farmers.

The next question is how do we power these sensors? Most use a battery or solar cell, which uses unsustainable materials or is intermittent, we use a biophotovoltaic cell, which is in essence, as plants/algae grow they can produce electricity by photosynthesis. This energy can be used to power low-powered sensing kits such as the one we are developing, making this a seamless system made to be embedded in agricultural fields.

Our mission is simple: to empower farmers through information technology.

Visit the eCo-Sense website

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goodtalk (formerly eGoodAccess) is a digital health platform which provides accessible, affordable and effective talking therapies, delivered person-to-person and online.

This digital health service solves some key problems: provides users convenient access to timely help; matches users with the right therapist and reduces the cost of private therapy.

This venture seeks to address a vast unmet need: mental health has the highest disease burden in the UK, more than cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It costs the UK £105 billion, including in lost productivity at work. In addition, three out of four people who need help are not getting it and nine out of ten people with mental health issues suffer stigma and discrimination.

Visit the goodtalk website

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Happyr Health

One in 10 children suffers from migraines. Migraines are severely impacting the development of the young patients physically, emotionally and socially. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has proven to work effectively for children with migraines. However, as there are not enough psychotherapists who are specialised in CBT for paediatric migraine patients the psychological treatment is neglected. Happyr Health makes CBT access possible for young migraine sufferers. Personalised and on a population scale. By combining scientific evidence with the latest applied gaming technology, Happyr Health creates an experience for suffering children that is not only helpful but also playful.

Visit the Happyr Health website

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Kalium Health

Kalium Health is developing the world’s first blood potassium test suitable for home use. The test will help chronic kidney patients and suffers of rare diseases to manage their health away from hospitals and clinics, improving health and lifestyles and significantly reducing the costs of healthcare provision. Our team combines world-class clinical, scientific and product development expertise.

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Kestrl aims to be the world’s first 100 per cent ethical banking and wealth management platform. Kestrl is for people who want to combine their financial needs with their personal values in order to truly change the world for the better.

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MathSpire is an intelligent suite of tools for learning, teaching, and assessing advanced maths. Our platform combines automated questions, interactive graphs, and complete learning resources developed by Cambridge academics. We aim to be a leading international provider of advanced maths education, and a platform for publishers to develop online content.

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Medwyse uses artificial intelligence to provide clinical decision support to doctors. Our mission is to organise the world’s medical knowledge and extend every doctor’s capabilities. is a clinical question answering platform powered by our state of the art AI model. Our AI model is trained using the latest natural language processing technologies and can understand the content and context of medical journal articles and guidelines.

Doctors can ask our AI any questions and receive concise, relevant, evidence-based and up-to-date answers in real-time. By providing clinical decision support to doctors, we enable and empower doctors to practice evidence-based medicine even in uncertain situations. This will ultimately improve patient care and positively impact patient outcomes.

We are very excited about the opportunity to bring AI technologies into the hands of doctors and fundamentally change how medicine is practiced. Get in touch if you want to know more.

Visit the Medwyse website

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mySymptoms (formerly SkyGazer Labs)

mySymptoms mission is to improve the health of sufferers of chronic gut conditions by nutrition, lifestyle, and outcome analysis. mySymptoms was one of the first digital health companies to launch a smartphone app – ‘mySymptoms’ – in the Apple App Store, followed later by an Android version.

After identifying an emerging market for digital health products, mySymptoms then began development of a data platform to facilitate clinical services, academic and medical research, along with more advanced analytics using machine learning. The company is shortly due to launch a pilot of its new clinical app, moving the company firmly into the clinical marketplace. mySymptoms is currently funded by revenues from its smartphone app, mySymptoms, and is privately held by its two founders, Darren Launders and Damian Helme.

Visit the mySymptoms website

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Neutreeno provides a one-click software solution to e-commerce brands looking take immediate steps to decarbonise their processes. A carbon Stripe, Neutreeno’s platform integrates seamlessly to online webshops at the point of sale, allowing consumers to make their purchases carbon negative. Our software API evaluates the carbon intensity of the checkout cart and directs the micro-donations into a mixture of verified ecological projects & clean tech innovation ventures to drive the economy to net neutrality.

Visit the Neutreeno website



As chemotherapy suppresses the immune system, even a mild illness can be fatal for chemotherapy patients. The suppression of a white blood cell known as the neutrophil, can lead to neutropenic sepsis, a life-threatening medical emergency. Therefore, chemotherapy patients with even mild signs of infection at home are brought into hospital for blood tests to check their neutrophil levels and, while awaiting results, given intravenous antibiotics as a precaution. Six in 10 patients turn out to have normal neutrophil counts, and therefore did not necessarily need to attend hospital, costing the NHS approximately £40 million each year.

NeutroCheck was launched to develop a transformative new medical device, NeutroCheck, presenting tangible efficiencies in patient care and healthcare resource, both financial and human. The device will be used in the patient’s home to give a near-instant measure of the patient’s neutrophil levels using blood from a small pin-prick. The NeutroCheck device is designed to be portable and easy-to-use in a home environment.

Our focus is to produce a fast, reliable and low-cost device which would improve safety and quality of life for cancer patients worldwide, whilst saving healthcare institutions such as the NHS millions of pounds each year from substantially reducing hospital visits.

NeutroCheck logo.

Oh Lily! (formerly Water LilyPop)

We believe that eating is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!

Oh Lily! is a range of sweet and savoury snacks made from water lily seeds. Water lily seeds have been used for centuries in traditional medicines such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for its high nutritional values. Still unknown in the western world, the potential of this plant is underutilised, and we aim to share the benefits of these seeds with our consumers, convinced that it will bring a snacking revolution. Indeed, more and more people are deciding to change their way of eating and choosing different diets. Health has become a priority, but the consumer doesn’t want to compromise on the taste, fun or texture. With its snacks, Oh Lily! is gathering all of those criteria to offer a healthy, tasty and crunchy experience. The seeds are naturally gluten-free and free from sugar and all our recipes are vegan, so Oh Lily! fits for all and is good for all.

In our project we aim to work closely with the local farmers and participate to the improvement of their livelihood, we would like to contribute to a more sustainable future for the food industry in term of product, packaging and supply chain.

Our mission is to take the consumer on a conscious culinary journey.

Visit the Oh Lily! website

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Oliver Zolman MD

Oliver Zolman MD is an organisation whose mission is to run high quality clinical trials for combination therapies that reverse the aging process to decades younger levels in all organs across the body. In the past five years science has progressed to a point where this is no longer the goal of science fiction. In 2019 for example, the FDA approved the first clinical trial for slowing the fundamental aging process in humans. We specialise in combining evidence-based therapies that slow and reverse aging in different organs, to help slow and reverse aging across the whole body. From sleep, diet, exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol intake, to zombie-cell killing drugs (senolytics), stem cell therapy, gene therapy, regenerative pharmaceuticals and optimal medical condition management, we help develop and combine evidence-based therapies that are important for slowing and reversing aging.

Visit the Oliver Zolman MD website

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Orca Scan

Barcode technology first made its impact on business productivity in the late 1970s, yet due to the complexity and high costs associated with implementing enterprise barcode solutions, the majority of organisations still rely on pen, paper and spreadsheets to manage their assets and inventory.


Orca Scan was designed to dramatically simplify, and lower the cost of enterprise barcode solutions to make barcode tracking technology available to all, regardless of company size or budget. They do that by removing the need for expensive hardware and custom software development, by leveraging cloud computing and the smartphone we’re all carrying in our pockets.


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Outfield is providing farmers with access to new drone technologies. We are developing a range of innovative services using autonomous aircraft and computer vision systems. Outfield services range from land surveying to horticulture crop management, using systems that are faster, cheaper and more accurate than current field assessment techniques. Outfield is growing the future of precision farming.

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Powdies is a powder drink made directly from farmers’ surplus fruits and vegetables. Using a low temperature dehydration technology, we turn these over-produced and wonky-looking crops into a tasty and nutritional powder drink. Powdies is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, fibre and contains all five of your five-a-day. We hope to make eating vegetables and fruits enjoyable, convenient and hassle-free for everyone. On top of that, we are making a positive environmental impact by reducing food wastage.

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At Prosoma we believe that every patient living with and beyond cancer deserves reliable mental healthcare.

Time and time again we hear about emotional issues associated with cancer – whether it is depression, anxiety, PTSD or stress. This not only affects patient’s quality of life and wellbeing, but also has a high correlation with higher mortality, and patients dropping out from chemo or radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, despite a wide research base showing the negative effects of stress and positive outcomes of psychotherapies, access to mental health support is scarce.

To help with this process we’re developing a comprehensive digital therapeutics programme, designed exclusively for cancer patients, including CBT, RBT, mindfulness, relaxation and breathing therapies. Accessible via web, mobile and even VR devices.

As we are reaching the end of a two-year product development cycle, we’re looking for partners, researchers, and advisors who will help us deliver our vision to market, and most importantly – patients.

Visit the Prosoma website

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S4 is an Earth imaging company developing self-aligning unfolding space telescopes. The use of Earth imagery in everyday life is rapidly growing such as for navigation. Other important examples include monitoring the environment, gaining insights for making investment decisions, as well as maintaining global security. These applications require an Earth imaging platform that captures images with greater detail and that captures imagery of the same location more often.

Capturing greater detail (or ‘resolution’) requires a bigger telescope. Capturing imagery (or ‘revisiting’) of the same location more often requires many of these telescopes. Satellite cost increases greatly with satellite size, so such a constellation of satellites simply isn’t affordable.

At S4 we’re developing the ultimate solution for this problem. Telescopes typically don’t unfold because their optics must be very accurately positioned – to better than one hundredth of the width of a human hair. Our fundamental innovation is our patent pending self-alignment technology which positions our optics with this extreme accuracy. At S4 we can fit a large telescope in a small box (or nanosatellite), making low cost, high resolution, high revisit Earth imaging possible.

Visit the S4 website

S4 logo.


ScreenMe is a team of PhD scientists, medical and nutritional professionals. We believe that everyone should be given access to tailored, scientifically accurate, health related advice and information to live longer, healthier lives at the peak of their potential.

To achieve this, we provide access to health marker and microbiome tests using the latest scientific and technological advances. We then combine our different expertise with individuals’ personal needs to provide bespoke, trustworthy information and advice on nutrition and lifestyle. Our platform goes on to provide tailored grocery shopping to make applying the advice you get as easy as possible. Instead of guessing what your body needs at ScreenMe we tell you.

Screen Me logo.


Skinlync is a digital health platform that allows users with a skin condition to instantly connect with other users who have a similar condition and profile, enabling the exchange of valuable insights and emotional support. Users also have the option to learn medically approved ways to manage their condition and log their self-management activities, all on one platform. Ultimately, Skinlync aims to become the go-to self-management tool in dermatology. Skinlync will be officially launched in July 2020.

Visit the Skinlync website

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The Soko app provides a platform that directly links smallholder farmers in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa to wholesale buyers in towns and cities with logistics enabled by a specialised third-party platform. Small holder farmers produce 80 per cent of the food consumed in the region but have long been undercut by middlemen that exploit the farmers’ lack of market information and access. Middlemen buy their produce at low prices in rural areas and sell it on to commercial and institutional buyers in towns and cities at large mark-ups. Soko facilitates a direct link between farmer and buyer, ensuring higher revenues for farmers on one hand, and lower prices combined with supply chain transparency for buyers on the other.

Soko logo.

Spliceor Therapeutics

Spliceor Therapeutics is an early stage research and development biotechnology company based on translational medical research in Professor Andrew Lever’s laboratory in the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge.

Co-founded by Dr Carin Ingemarsdotter and Professor Lever, the proposed business aims at developing novel curative treatments for certain types of aggressive cancers that do not respond well to current treatment. Our therapeutics are based on a gene-therapy platform technology and we have identified a common mechanism for therapeutic development against liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, successful treatment of which are major unmet medical needs. Our technology is applicable to many other malignancies. Our mission is to provide curative and easily tolerated gene therapies to cancer patients.

Sliceor Therapeutics logo

Super Beans

Super Beans is a health food manufacturer supporting sustainable diets. As one of the best plant-based protein resources, high-quality organic beans are used as our basic ingredient. Our products are packed with dietary fibres as well as many essential vitamins and minerals while also being free of (refined) sugar and artificial sweeteners. Our wide range of products aim to provide specific and balanced nutrients to meet a variety of needs.

Super Beans logo.


Unlimitech is a Cambridge-based data startup developing a platform technology to help people optimise fitness and nutrition.

Unlimitech is precision fitness tracking, unleashed.

Visit the Unlimitech website

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At Verchable, we make videos readable and searchable using artificial intelligence and computer vision. Our proprietary technology runs 150 times faster than real-time and can detect people, places and actions within videos in a scalable way. The speed and resulting lower computational power allows us to generate metadata tags for archive as well as live streaming videos for use cases in content recommendation, visibility, search, licensing and contextual advertising. Currently, we are working with news and media companies to help them contextually understand their videos, faster and cheaper.

Visit the Verchable website

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Wizion AI (formerly Imageheal) develops business software that uses deep learning and computer vision. Wizion is a new image and video search tool which puts privacy first. It allows you to quickly find images and video from your desktop and server. Imagine having personal search engine to quickly find your own digital assets. Wizion takes a reference image and finds all similar images and video. You can then save the found images in a new folder and use them in your work. Unlike competitors, Wizion does not require you to upload anything to the cloud.

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