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These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over three months and are either looking to finalise their product or close their first sales.

4N Genehealth

Our vision is to develop precision medicine technologies for global healthcare challenges.

Worldwide, diabetes is affecting 425 million people. Globally, healthcare systems spend $727 billion per year to manage people with diabetes. It causes four million deaths per year. In summary, it’s an epidemic that needs to be tackled, and we want to play our part in it.

Diabetes patients have a high risk of developing long-term complications like cardiovascular diseases, retinopathy and some types of cancers. We apply emerging systems biology strategy to patients' blood samples to probe and analyse complex molecular pathways for thousands of biomarkers across genomics, biochemistry, proteomics and metabolomics to determine the personalised risk of long-term complications.

Our system provides a prognostic tool for clinicians to make effective treatment interventions saving healthcare costs and improving patient quality of life.

4N Gene Health logo

Acting Systems™

Acting Systems™ helps social media marketers create original scripts for content by using the demand expressed by audiences on social media. Our solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and content production processes. Each one of our scripts is composed of granular story elements, clearly backed by audience demand.

Visit the Acting Systems website

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Antiverse is developing a revolutionary technology to predict antibody drug hits in a single day rather than in months through the traditional methods. A combination of cell-free technology and cutting-edge machine learning is used to develop a proprietary model that recognises and predicts features of antibody-antigen interaction. Ultimately, the customers, who are pharma companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs), provide us with the sequence of the antigen and Antiverse provides the customers with the sequence of antibodies which bind the antigen with a high affinity. A pharma company and several CROs have already expressed a strong interest in using the service and will also provide support to develop the model as rapidly as possible. Antiverse's technology will greatly speed up antibody hit discovery and thus enable the development of more, and better, antibody therapeutics against cancer, inflammation and rare diseases.  

Antiverse logo

BioPhonics (formerly TunedIn Dx)

BioPhonics is developing consumer and medical devices to automatically detect abnormalities from bodily sounds. They have developed a prototype of an intelligent stethoscope capable of automatic detection of heart diseases. The company's mission is to produce innovative technology to improve early detection of diseases.

Visit the BioPhonics website

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Blutick is an online teaching platform that aims to be the future of education. We are starting with mathematics, and will provide automatic contextual feedback and structured support to students as they work through problems line by line, in a way that no other platform currently does.

We use machine learning to make the platform more and more intelligent, spotting common errors and giving enhanced feedback to students and teachers.

We want to teach computers how to teach, and augment the classroom experience to free up teachers from repetitive explanations and marking.

Visit the Blutick website

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Coeliac disease is one of the commonest autoimmune conditions affecting the developing world, with one per cent of the population believed to be affected.

Characterised by an intolerance to gluten, there are no medicinal treatments available for the condition and patients adhere to a strict gluten-free diet to ensure the avoidance of symptoms, which include nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhoea. In spite of this, accidental gluten consumption affects 90 per cent of coeliac patients every month, and correlates to gastrointestinal aberrations in many patients.

At CelerX, we have conceptualised a prophylactic microbiome-based solution that provides constitutive protection against the problem of accidental gluten contamination. Presently, we are leveraging our technology to address unmet medical need in the coeliac disease market, however our ultimate goal is to apply our concept to a multitude of gastrointestinal conditions.

CelerX logo


CropVax is a company focussed on improving global agricultural crop productivity while minimising environmental impact. Our technology facilitates the delivery of next-generation plant vaccines enabling farmers to treat their crops against destructive pathogens that remain challenging to control with conventional agricultural methods.

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Fether is the first real-time end-to-end group booking platform. It takes the hassle out of organising group holidays using an AI-driven travel planner. Fether uses machine learning to take the varied requests and restrictions of a group and returns a complete holiday that ticks everyone's boxes. The app, available cross-platform, is designed so groups can pay for everything in a single step in the app. Fether is where group holidays take flight.

Fether logo

Flower Street Labs

Flower Street Labs is a company dedicated to overcoming the obstacles that prevent individuals from making a real difference to their environmental impact through small changes to their everyday habits. First off, we're rethinking the delivered meal kit to re-engage customers with their food and the impact of eating sustainably. We provide educational meal kits that introduce customers to healthy, delicious and sustainable plant-based cooking at their convenience, all sourced from seasonal, local Cambridge produce. The kits are personalised to each customer and respond to their changing needs (based on prior consumption) each week, to help everyone eat a sustainable, balanced diet. 

Flower Street Labs logo

Hélix Pro

Hélix Pro is a comprehensive mental health & wellness platform, multilingual and omni-channel, converging neuroscience with human factors and deep-tech (AI and VR) to solve widespread and growing mental health issues worldwide. Lack of choice, access, inadequate support, taboos, and just quick-fix of symptoms rather than cause are some of the critical gaps. The very evident yet often overlooked matter of how closely physical health is co-related to mental health further compounds this underserved space. Our focus centred on three forms of support: (i) a multi-criteria self or assisted search for specialist counsellors, therapists or coaches; (ii) situation specific objective-led programs, (iii) self-help tools and techniques.

Mental health is a pressing matter worldwide, underserved and compounding, with over £1.2 trillion cost of social & economic impact forecast by 2025. We are solving gaps in support sought by existing and vast emerging audience, as well as solving reasons for which support, to a large extent, is not being taken up in current state, or the significant shortfalls in present solutions. As such we're solving the need for a more timely, relevant, and proactive way to address this problem area. Complexity of this space requires highly specific content and construct of support, now being developed in Cambridge for this world-wide platform.

Hélix being pioneered with the aim to 'create a more intrinsically healthy world'.

Visit the Hélix Pro website

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Researchers want dynamic medical and genetic data and people want to participate more directly in research. We have built the heterogeneous platform to allow individuals with genetic data (e.g. from 23andMe) to create a profile and participate directly in ongoing research projects, controlling when and how their data is shared and used. At the same time, we are working directly with rare disease patients and researchers to generate, store, analyze, and share dynamic medical and genetic data used in research and healthcare. We believe that creating a secure, patient-centric marketplace for genetic data will make it easier to conduct genetics research and follow-up studies not only in healthcare, but for a wide variety of organisations.

Visit the Heterogeneous website

Heterogeneous logo

Hinton Bikes

Hinton Bikes is developing a new electric bike that is designed from the ground up to make it convenient for more people to cycle in our increasingly congested and polluted cities. It folds down small enough to take on a train, is light enough to carry upstairs, and is smart enough to tell you when to pump up your tyres. When you get home, simply drop it into its dock for charging. Our mission is to make riding a bike more convenient and reliable than driving a car so that we can get more people cycling in our cities.

Hinton Bikes logo

Obsequio Software

Obsequio Software is a consent management platform, helping organisations through the full consent lifecycle with customers. 

Using Obsequio you can transparently and comprehensively detail your data processing intentions with new customers/prospects, give them control over which data you can process, for what purpose, over what period and make decisions on any 3rd party sharing.

Once your relationship with your customer is active, the ongoing management of consent, and the rights customers have, is a fundamental principle of the GDPR. Your customers can change their preferences whenever they need, submit data subject access requests, withdraw consent and make data portability requests.

Effective compliance efforts are dependent on robust processes. Providing a single portal for both you and your customers to manage the consent lifecycle together will streamline processes and reduce risk of error/missed information.

Through Obsequio it is easy for compliance teams to monitor request dates and time since. Needing to make the withdrawal of consent as easy as giving consent is further supported in Obsequio, following the same process with the same number of clicks for either.

Obsequio is specifically designed to manage the full consent lifecycle between you and your customer. A dedicated platform to help you do consent well.

Obsequio Software logo intends to be the world leader in smart pest detection. Our core technology is an ultra-low-power, insect monitoring sensor that can detect infestations early. By allowing earlier, cheaper intervention we aim to put a significant dent in the global $70 billion annual cost of invasive insect pests.

Omma Tech logo

Orca Scan

Orca Scan is a configurable barcode scanning app and SaaS web application that enables non-technical users to define data capture requirements in a spreadsheet format, and deliver that customisation within the Orca Scan app. Thus leveraging the power of the smartphone and the simplicity of the spreadsheet, to make barcode scanning solutions more accessible.

By utilising object recognition, the app will eventually recognise anything put in front of it, with or without a barcode, from identifying and counting beers in a crate, to surfacing the mechanical components of a vehicle part using augmented reality (AR).

Visit the Orca Scanwebsite

Orca Scan logo


Outfield is providing farmers with access to new drone technologies. We are developing a range of innovative services using autonomous aircraft and computer vision systems. Outfield services range from land surveying to horticulture crop management, using systems that are faster, cheaper and more accurate than current field assessment techniques. Outfield is growing the future of precision farming.

Visit the Outfield website

Outfield logo

Pentail Enzymes

We are a biotechnology company harnessing the power of enzymes to improve human health. Pentail's primary goal is to engineer and produce enzymes that target harmful substances in the human body for rapid elimination. Our prototype enzymes are being developed to neutralise a range of misused drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, which when overdosed can often lead to death or permanent organ damage. As the incidence of drug intoxication reaches epidemic levels worldwide, with significant health and social costs, our technology will provide an accessible tool for emergency services, ultimately helping to save lives.

Pentail Enzymes logo

POCKiT diagnostics

POCKiT diagnostics is a UK- and Ireland-based startup company aimed at improving diagnosis of brain stroke. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the Western world and the first cause of physical disability and dementia in adults. Every year 15 million people in the world suffer a stroke; of these, five million die and another five million suffer permanent disability as a consequence of the stroke. Events of brain stroke can occur upon blockage or rupture of blood vessels, giving rise to ischemic stroke (AIS) or intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH), respectively. Patients suffering from AIS or ICH are treated with thrombolytic or pro-coagulant therapy, respectively. Early and reliable diagnosis of the type of stroke is fundamental, as a very narrow time window (four and a half hours) is available for the treatment to be delivered before brain damage becomes permanent. Accurate diagnosis of stroke is paramount, as erroneous administration of thrombolytic or pro-coagulant agents can lead to permanent disability or death. Currently, diagnosis of stroke is performed with computed tomography (CT), which has a high sensitivity for the diagnosis of ICH, but not of AIS. Moreover, CT takes valuable time and is not always readily available in emergency situations, thus delaying treatment of stroke patients and increasing the risk of stroke morbidity and mortality. 

So how is POCKiT going to improve this? After an ischemic or haemorrhagic stroke, specific molecules (biomarkers) are released into our blood. POCKiT is developing a diagnostic device for the rapid diagnosis of AIS and ICH patients. Our innovation is the application of rapid immune-based detection of stroke-specific biomarkers to provide diagnosis of stroke in less than 20 minutes. This diagnostic application can be operated by anyone without the use of laboratory equipment, or individuals trained in chemical analysis. Moreover, our device will be very cheap and highly portable, being able to fit in your pocket. In contrast with other diagnostic tools for stroke that deploy individual or small sets of biomarkers for stroke diagnosis, our device can detect up to 10 different biomarkers, thus significantly improving specificity and sensitivity of diagnosis. We have developed a panel of positive and negative biomarkers for AIS and ICH, potentially allowing to distinguish these conditions univocally. The combination of a rapid diagnostic device, together with our unique panel of stroke subtype-specific biomarkers will allow accurate, fast and cheap diagnosis of stroke patients, potentially leading to faster treatment and reducing disability and death of stroke patients.

Pockit diagnostics logo


Qureight is a clinical data curation and analytics company which works in partnership with healthcare bodies and software developers in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Through advanced infrastructure, coupled with technical and clinical expertise, the company performs annotation and analysis of anonymised data. Qureight exploits the value of data in their entirety and allows testing of machine learning algorithms, by collaborating with drug or technology companies, healthcare and academic institutions.

Qureight's mission is to combine technology and life sciences to generate new knowledge and transform the way we use clinical data.

Qureight logo


Seizen are developing a medical device which remotely monitors your health and delivers insights straight to you through a mobile app. Using a unique combination of chemical and physical sensors allows analysis to be done in the comfort of your own home. Through data collection and analysis using our machine learning and deep learning algorithms we can provide early diagnosis and suggest tailored lifestyle changes which can increase the probability of disease prevention.

Seizen logo

Water LilyPop

From Roots to Plate is developing a brand new gourmet and healthy snack “LILYPOP” based on popped prickly water lily seeds. It is an ancient aquatic plant whose popped seeds are highly nutritious and naturally gluten free. The potential of this plant is underutilised and unknown outside the Indian sub-continent. Our mission is to create innovative guilt free snacking products using popped water lily seeds and in the process open up new market opportunity for the farmers and producers.

Water LilyPop logo