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These ventures have been with Accelerate Cambridge for over three months and are either looking to finalise their product or close their first sales.


AClosure aims to develop a vascular closure device that can rapidly and reliably seal arteriotomy sites to reduce bleeding and complications in minimally-invasive surgeries. Composed of six Cambridge students coming from diverse disciplines, AClosure first started in the Cambridge MedTech Foundation (MTF) Innovation Programme where we were presented with a clinical problem to tackle. Among the more than 150,000 transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI) procedures performed annually worldwide, 6-8% suffer major complications that triple patient mortality. In the UK, complications cost the NHS an extra £1,500 per incident. We believe that our product, HydraDisc, can overcome limitations of existing devices which cause major complications, thus improving patient outcomes and reducing financial cost.

With our idea, we have won first place in the Cambridge MTF Innovation Programme, and were later invited to present it at the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) International Surgical Conference 2021, where we were crowned winners as well. We are now moving to develop a prototype and bring our product to market.

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Advanced Infrastructure

Our mission is to build powerful data platforms that help corporations emit less carbon. We collect, clean, and analyse cross-sector energy data with unrivalled granularity and resolution. This means we can link renewable energy generation to renewable consumption. Our services inform businesses and grid operators of their carbon emissions in real-time with hyper-local precision. Our target customers are corporate consumers, power exchanges, network operators, and energy suppliers through fast and better data visibility with a core focus on carbon signalling. The market for digitised carbon data services is £1.5billion growing at 20% year on year due to strong and irreversible market drivers from governmental and consumer pressure.


AEMS is developing the next generation AI-driven enterprise software designed for optimising enterprise productivity.

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At Animo, we believe that monitoring Parkinson’s disease progression should be as easy as tracking your daily step count. Through our patient and clinician-facing applications, connected by our cloud platform, Animo empowers physicians with representative and accurate patient data. Through the implementation of more efficient, personalised, and cost-effective therapies, we hope to improve the lives of Parkinson’s disease patients worldwide.

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Cancer is ranked at the top of global burden of disease, impelling the growth of the global oncology therapeutics market to a size of $250 billion by 2025. Upon pandemic, the liquid biopsy sub-sector has come to the spotlight with a compound annual growth rate of 38.5% for the next four years, paving the way for business development in early cancer diagnosis. While current cancer diagnostics relies on canonical cancer markers that are hardly expressed at early stages, we have leveraged the most advanced technology along with our proprietary pipelines to detect early cancers. Unlike our competitors who selectively capture a subset of cells from peripheral blood, we have developed new testing products to detect and profile all critical cell types in the blood with high sensitivity and specificity. Our products can provide new information on the molecular characteristics of cancer cells and infer tumour locations and metastasis sites. These unique features revolutionise the concept of early cancer diagnosis and are critical for both patients and doctors for personalised medicine. So far, we have a team of six people with diverse backgrounds and expertise and incorporate a new company named BioMavericks.

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BioPhonics (formerly TunedIn Dx)

BioPhonics is developing consumer and medical devices to automatically detect abnormalities from bodily sounds. They have developed a prototype of an intelligent stethoscope capable of automatic detection of heart diseases. The company’s mission is to produce innovative technology to improve early detection of diseases.

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Botprobe’s fully managed cybersecurity-as-a-service protects the corporate home workforce, and satellite offices, against cyber intruders and data theft.

Our custom-built detection probes, little bigger than a pack of playing cards, plug directly into your home router. Our AI attack analysis algorithms and next-generation detection rules are optimised for the home environment, so that we complement existing security tools provided by your IT department.

Evidence shows that current security methods in modern smart homes is just not robust enough to protect the corporate network should a remote worker’s network be breached. With so many other devices sharing home networks, IT cannot secure what they don’t know is there.

Let your anti-virus protect your PC, let us protect everything else.

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We develop large-scale 3D printers based on cable driven parallel robots. With our robot we will produce highly individual export boxings for manufacturers of large and awkward machines, components, and goods. The boxes will be printed out of recycled plastic and will help our clients to deliver their products safely around the globe. Through additive manufacturing we bring a high degree of automatisation and digitalisation to the production process of export boxing.

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Cain Medical (formerly HealthBayes)

The recent pandemic has accelerated the Government’s ‘Hospital at Home’ (HAH) initiative which pushes patients out of hospitals into community care to help alleviate the immense pressure placed on hospitals. Consequently, there is an urgent need to provide appropriate access to hospital-level monitoring (ECG, pressures), diagnostics (infectious diseases, cardiology) and interventions using point of care (POC) medical devices placed into communities. Such POC devices are utilised in post-hospital but also pre-hospital care, preventing some patients from going into hospital in the first place.

Cain Medical has developed a hardware and software solution to enable secure, real-time data links into hospital networks. Our product enables paramedics, GPs, nursing homes and other satellite sites to be supported by experts in secondary care such as pathology labs and cardiologists. We facilitate time-critical interventions and data-based clinical decision making in line with HAH’s strategic vision to improve patient care and clinical outcomes with more efficient use of resources.

We specialise in medical device integration for hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and pathology. Our solution facilitates the automatic recording of patient data from medical equipment to cut out inefficient manual transcription of data by medical staff, which is labour intensive and prone to errors. This puts us in the strong position to utilize our expertise and extend data transmission beyond the boundaries of hospitals into the community.

More importantly, our product decodes medical information in a standardised format which allows data from different medical devices to be integrated with each other which opens the door for more sophisticated machine learning and AI algorithms to explore diagnostic predictors. Another key feature is our high standard of security. We do not store any clinical data but pass them with two-key, end to end encryption. Information flow is further secured with a bespoke monitoring system that only allows data to pass that match pre-specified features (eg size and volume) defined by the POC device.

The long-term vision of Cain Medical is to provide an infrastructure that facilitates community-based contextualise healthcare by combining multimodal medical data with other social and behavioural determinants which will improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

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Cambridge Nucleomics

Cambridge Nucleomics is a biotech spinoff from the university. We help big pharmas, biotech companies and clinical researchers with a unique value proposition for accurate, fast and direct quantification of native RNA. Our mission is to quantify all short and long RNAs in one simple measurement by 2025, with the vision to build an innovative platform technology company for the RNA era of personalised and precision medicine.

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Carbon Reset

Carbon Reset intends to help public and private organisations, NGOs, and individuals achieve their carbon offset targets through biological carbon sequestration – tree planting. We aim to plant millions of trees across Africa in the next few decades, reinvesting significant proportions of our revenue into local communities to improve infrastructure for sanitation, clean water, as well as providing educational resources, and technical advice on sustainable construction techniques and materials.

We are starting the project in Chad and will expand throughout Africa over the next few years. We are currently applying for funding at the Royal Academy of Engineering, and have received significant interest in Africa, and around the globe.

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Citispotter offers disruptive AI-enabled content analysis technologies to help businesses fight misinformation, harmful content and fake news.

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CodiKoat has developed the world’s first anti-viral surface coating that blends electricity and chemistry to provide simple, immediate and long-lasting protection against microbes and viruses, including COVID-19.

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Consone AI

Consone AI a disruptive technology platform targeting how decisions are made in the drug development process. Accelerating new medicines to market, reducing cost, time and environmental footprints. The Consone AI platform will empower user decision making by successfully predicting effects and viability of new drugs.

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Impact investment platform to help UK consumers invest in line with their values through their ISA and pension.

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Digitalisation increases business productivity and competitiveness through improved system optimisation and decision making by using the latest IoT technologies. Currently, digitalisation requires the installation of new, invasive, and extensive systems and as a result, mature industries, such as Oil and Gas, Maritime, Mining and Brewing which widely use analogue (manual) gauges to display critical information, have been slow to adopt. The lack of digitalisation in the Oil and Gas industry alone increases costs by $73 billion per year. EyeSea is a small, wireless, cost-effective, and green powered device which reads analogue (manual) gauges in real-time using a camera and image-processing to replace the manual logging of data. By using existing analogue gauges there is zero process disruption, no change to current methods and ease of verification, which removes major barriers to adoption of digitalisation into industries that until now have remained detached from the latest digitalisation methods.

FinCrime Dynamics

FinCrime Dynamics has a company vision to make the global financial system safer. We aim to do this by accelerating the adoption of new technologies in the fight against financial crime. Our software solution Synthetizor® uses synthetic data generation and financial crime simulations to allow financial institutions to improve their financial crime controls and prevent crime before it happens.

The problem of financial crime remains huge for society and is estimated to total around $1.45 trillion per year in lost output. Financial institutions are still struggling to fight financial crime despite spending of over $200 billion a year on compliance. Regulators are beginning to lose their patience over the inadequate control systems of banks. Over $14 billion of anti-money laundering fines were issued last year and the FCA recently issued a “Dear CEO” letter to retail banks warning them over their weak financial crime controls. The ability to fine tune compliance systems is hindered by the lack of collaboration within the industry. This makes it extremely difficult to prepare for criminal activity before it happens in real life despite other banks having knowledge. While many financial institutions are now exploring the use of machine learning to help fight financial crime, access to large amounts of high quality and very sensitive data to train models remains obstructive.

Our synthetic data generation and financial crime simulation engine provides a new opportunity to improve financial crime control systems. According to Gartner “by 2030 synthetic data will completely overshadow real data in AI models”. Synthetic data allows realistic synthetic data twins of real sensitive data to be generated quickly at large scales but free from the data privacy concerns.

Our product allows synthetic data to be enriched with simulations of labelled financial crime techniques. This enriched data allows banking control systems to be tested, measured through our benchmarking and then iteratively improved. Financial institutions can increase their protection with our growing library of known financial crime typologies as well as create their own bespoke simulations. Labelled typologies allow for better machine learning to now become a possibility. Further to this, we aim to build a collaborative peer benchmark of financial crime control performance which will also benefit wider stakeholders such as regulators, consultants and insurers.

FinCrime Dynamics was founded as Ealax Ltd by Dr Edgar Lopez-Rojas (CTO), an academic and financial crime expert. He holds a PhD in computer science and his research focused on fighting financial crime which gives us a large advantage over our competition. In addition, Dr Lopez-Rojas has consulting experience with the FCA and a number of financial crime systems companies. Following two grants from Innovate UK our product has been developed to an MVP stage and we are now prepared to begin Proof of Concepts with targeted financial institutions.

The team has expanded to include Stephen Quick (CEO) and Kellyann Ripnar (COO). Both have completed MBAs at Cambridge Judge Business School and lead the commercial elements of the business. Their addition adds valuable financial services experience, particularly in the area of digital transformation and strategy. The product team is driven by Daniel Turner-Szymkiewiczk (CPO) and currently consists of three contracted developers.

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FinCrime Dynamics logo. platform is a state-of-the-art platform that gamifies the experience of logging information on food habits, dietary preferences, food allergies and health goals and then combines it using machine learning to provide hyper personalised and curated food recommendations to its users. These food recommendations can be categorised into three main segments: grocery food, restaurants dishes and new recipes for self-cooking. Consumers are becoming more aware of “free from” and clean labels and are exploring ways to integrate such products into their lifestyle. This requires for them to try out new products that also suit their taste buds. UK consumers are hesitant to try out new products and need some validation either in the form of online reviews or recommendations by friends or family, which makes them miss out several products that they would have liked more than what they are currently consuming. Although the idea is extremely broad and useful for everyone, the beachhead market for this platform are people who suffer from some form of food allergy or have strict dietary preferences and find it extremely difficult to navigate their food choices. A service of this kind can really help them identify new foods that are more relevant to them and perfectly align with their needs.

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Our product helps people run a food business from their home kitchen and enable branding themselves in their local communities. Vendors get an app and a website that makes running their service and finding customers easy. The consumers get convenient access to locally sourced, niche, and authentic dishes with excellent value for money. We are calling this product Foodiano. It is a product of our company Pioseer Ltd.

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Hungry Bench

The Hungry Bench aims to become the world’s first producer of carbon negative street furniture. By building street furniture out of sequestered carbon and landfill waste, the Hungry Bench provides a sustainable alternative to concrete, wooden and metal benches. We’ve developed a bench that can store up to one tonne of CO2 emissions. There are 100,000 street benches sold on average in the UK each year. If every one of these benches were a Hungry Bench, that would be equivalent to 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions stored, forever. The Hungry Bench represents a practical, measurable and scalable solution for public and private institutions to address climate change on a local scale.

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Lamina POP

Lamina POP aims to make dignified housing more accessible for the 1.2 billion people around the world that currently live without adequate shelter. Our novel construction system uses widely available materials to produce buildings that are simpler, more durable, and much cheaper than what is possible with traditional low-cost housing models for the developing world. We have completed over 15 projects with the Lamina POP system in Guatemala, both independently and in partnership with organisations like Habitat for Humanity, and are now focused on scaling up our operations.

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leep is building a job search and recruitment platform for the future workforce. Unlike traditional job search and recruitment platforms that only match businesses to job seekers based on CV and resume alone, leep matches businesses and job seekers based on three main sets of criteria that reflect the workplace preferences of gen z and millennial job seekers: social and environmental impact, diversity, equity and inclusion, and company culture. Our values matching framework makes it quick and easy for jobseekers to find work that matters to them, while also saving time and money for businesses.

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Limosaero is developing a low-altitude long-endurance solar powered UAV which has the capability to extend electric UAV flight time up to multiple days, with zero CO2 emissions. Extending the UAVs endurance means longer time aloft and further distances travelled. Limosaero’s product will have a competitive advantage over existing technologies as it sits in a market gap between current aircraft.

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Lumino is on a mission to bring better mental health to everyone. Right now, one in five people are experiencing a mental health problem. However, most will have not have access to effective treatment. Our goal is to reinvent how mental health treatment is delivered, through developing truly scalable, world-leading digital therapeutic programmes. We combine a strong focus on clinical outcomes with great design. Lumino is supported by Innovate UK and the Eastern Academic Health Science Network.

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MedAi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered comprehensive digital healthcare platform that will enable millions of healthcare deprived people across the globe to remotely access a range of healthcare services in their language.

Billions across the globe struggle to access basic healthcare services. Unattended health issues often turn into health emergencies and every year worldwide an estimated 180 million people are pushed to poverty due to out-of-pocket emergency health expenditures.

MedAi aims to democratise healthcare by allowing patients to access vital healthcare support anytime from anywhere and prevent this healthcare cost-driven poverty. Actionable clinical insights from its intelligent electronic health record (EHR) module will enable healthcare providers to offer faster diagnosis and recommend patients with tailored guidance for better disease management. Its analytics platform will guide health policymakers and investors to make more data-driven decisions. Its analytical strength will also allow it to deliver health education and promote healthcare products & services in a targeted fashion to bring optimal benefit for both patient and the provider.

We are running a small pilot that involves a research collaboration with a medical college and four private clinics in rural Bangladesh. We aim to launch the platform among 50 million Bengali speaking smartphone owners in Bangladesh and the Middle East by the second quarter of 2023 and expand to Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic speakers by the end of 2023.

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Mind Health AI

Mind Health AI is a health tech startup using evidence based psychological interventions to improve health outcomes for people with chronic physical health conditions. Like many chronic illnesses, people with diabetes often become overwhelmed by the psychological burden of their disease. As a result, almost half of diabetics will struggle to cope with the relentless challenge of controlling their blood sugar. The cost of poor mental health in diabetes is estimated to cost the NHS £2.4 billion per year.

Traditional models of delivering therapy have been proven to be effective at improving physical health outcomes in diabetes, but they are neither scalable or affordable. Through our proprietary AI, we are able to deliver personalised treatment plans using a combination of motivational interviewing techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Mind Health AI aims to give users access to the most effective support whenever they need it, wherever they are. We envision a world where emotional intelligent technology allows anyone with a chronic physical health condition to think, feel and live well.

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mySymptoms (formerly SkyGazer Labs)

mySymptoms mission is to improve the health of sufferers of chronic gut conditions by nutrition, lifestyle, and outcome analysis. mySymptoms was one of the first digital health companies to launch a smartphone app – ‘mySymptoms’ – in the Apple App Store, followed later by an Android version.

After identifying an emerging market for digital health products, mySymptoms then began development of a data platform to facilitate clinical services, academic and medical research, along with more advanced analytics using machine learning. The company is shortly due to launch a pilot of its new clinical app, moving the company firmly into the clinical marketplace. mySymptoms is currently funded by revenues from its smartphone app, mySymptoms, and is privately held by its two founders, Darren Launders and Damian Helme.

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Neutreeno provides a one-click software solution to e-commerce brands looking take immediate steps to decarbonise their processes. A carbon Stripe, Neutreeno’s platform integrates seamlessly to online webshops at the point of sale, allowing consumers to make their purchases carbon negative. Our software API evaluates the carbon intensity of the checkout cart and directs the micro-donations into a mixture of verified ecological projects & clean tech innovation ventures to drive the economy to net neutrality.

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We enable brands to sell unique digital assets without writing a single line of code.

Through our white-label shop platform, brands can easily build fully customisable stores to issue and sell unique digital assets (NFTs). This allows them not only to diversify their revenue streams but also interact with their community in completely new ways.

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Old Neale Analytics

Old Neale Analytics (ONA) provides AI-driven research products to help financiers more effectively invest in the life sciences. By pairing biotech and financial expertise with software engineering and AI analytics, our firm better equips the financial community with the tools, knowledge, and analysis needed to succeed as investors in the biotech industry. You can think of us as a Bloomberg for Biotech!

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PACE Dental

PACE Dental enables improved, personalised, dental care, that is specifically designed to be patient centred (PACE: PAtient CEntred). Our new technology simplifies data collection, and intelligent analysis, allowing better oral health management specific to that individual. Every user will benefit from earlier diagnosis of problems affecting their teeth and gums, so that preventative action can be taken. Dentists will be empowered to provide a better service, tailored to each patient, and to spend more of their time on treatment.

Our goal is to be sought by both patients and dentists, due to our intelligent service that is easy to use, and adds value for individuals and dental health providers alike. By revolutionising the patient-provider interaction we can improve global dental care.

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Panoramic is an international magazine that seeks to disrupt the existing practices of journalism. Our aim is to focus each issue around one ‘concept’, selecting young writers from around the world who draw on their surroundings to comment on the topic at hand. In addition to these writers, we have interviewed numerous prominent figures such as science writer Tom Chivers, artist Mengwen Cao, film-maker Ruth Novazeck as well as partnered with the World Youth For Climate Justice for our issue on ‘Climate’. For every issue, we curate a diverse set of unfiltered views on one topic. We also work with a team of translators from Cambridge’s Modern Language department to allow writers to write in any first language. We have created a ‘collective’ on Facebook with over 400 keen young writers.

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Peace & Pure

Peace & Pure is a premium natural skincare brand that focuses on emotional well-being and self-love. At Peace & Pure, we understand the mind-skin connection. We want to create a brand that its products are not only potent and effective to bring visible improvement for the skin, but also a brand that creates contents, rituals and experiences that will enhance women’s emotional wellbeing. Our products are not merely serving a functional skincare need, they go much beyond that, they create an experience and ritual to connect with one’s inner being, a calming and uplifting experience that serves an essential part of a tranquil daily healing ritual of self-love by nourishing the skin, mind, and spirit. Meanwhile, through all our Marketing channels, we consistently communicate contents that are educational, inspiring for enhancing our customer/audience’s emotional wellbeing, so to fulfil our brand’s promise and mission.

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Pebble (formerly Stream)

A mattress topper which uses machine learning and novel sensors to detect the onset of pressure ulcers before they develop on the skin surface to enable early interventions. It monitors patient movement and automates the documentation to provide a holistic solution for the prevention of pressure ulcers.


PeerGrid is a functional video platform that connects students on university campuses to the largest companies around the world. On our platform, channels upload inspiring and stimulating content. This content will be centred around providing in-depth information on business areas and roles within companies to provide real career insights to students. The key feature of PeerGrid occurs after live events where algorithms that we have developed will match users who are of significant value to each other for networking after the event. These users are then placed in a video chat for the networking to begin. We have had significant traction so far in building both our pre-launch user base by signing up university societies and partnering with some of the world’s biggest companies in hosting their graduate recruitment events. PeerGrid has the potential to be a global business as we help to connect companies to talent across the globe. We also believe that many of the reasons that have resulted in PeerGrid gaining so much traction in the UK are even stronger in countries like the United States and India. In terms of building a business out of the platform, there are multiple revenue streams that we will pursue. The first will be selling solutions to companies that struggle with their hiring process, either finding the best quality candidates or accessing a diverse talent pool from which they can hire. Services that PeerGrid will offer include premium events where students of certain profiles are invited to exclusive networking with the staff of that firm and advanced data analytics to improve the firm’s hiring process. Secondly, PeerGrid will offer premium memberships to our users. Premium membership will give increased control over whom the user will match with in the networking process and gives the user even more opportunities to network. As our audience increases both horizontally, in terms of numbers of users, and also vertically as we go beyond university students into young professionals and beyond this will become increasingly valuable.


Ever gone to streaming sites like Netflix and you just couldn’t decide what to watch? And every day new streaming sites are coming up. There is a lot of content, and the user spends more time searching than watching. QuirkyByte+ is an app which aims to solve this problem, by recommending content, using a proprietary algorithm. It collects data from all streaming sites, and then recommends content to the user using our own machine learning model. It is loaded with features, which any user will require for entertainment discovery purpose. While most apps, are trying to increase usage time on their apps, we are trying to reduce it, and that is our business model. Just Netflix spends hundreds of millions of dollars for their recommendation algorithm, and yet users are still not finding content easily. With the libraries expanding daily, it is time content discovery becomes easier, and that too for a fraction of the cost for the user with multitude of benefits. All this while saving the most important resource any human has – time.

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REUSE2GO (formerly RE.USE)

REUSE2GO – the green way, for takeaway. We are a “return and reuse” logistics system for takeaway food containers. Our mission is to eliminate the use of disposable food boxes in the food delivery and takeaway markets. Our containers are highly durable, heat and leak resistant, traceable by our digital system, can be reused over 1,000 times and ultimately recycled into brand new containers.

Our reusable takeaway system allows savings in waste stream hauling fees, frequent purchasing and transportation of disposable containers, and prevents millions of single-use containers ending up in the natural environment and the need for virgin materials, thereby reducing environmental impacts.

REUSE2GO represents an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, safe alternative to using single-use containers for takeaway meals.

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ROOTSPACE provides a seamless integrated ecosystem providing efficiency in the tenancy journey with effective communication and controls. Some the benefits of our platform include: Integrated Tenancy Creation and Management, Comprehensive Compliance Management for All parties, Maintenance Management, Deposit and Rental Management including Pay-in, Pay-Out and reconciliation for Tenants, landlords and Estate Agents.

Rootspace AI logo.

Rota Wrangler

Rota Wrangler is a tool that allows business owners or managers to forecast, schedule and share rotas in a secure and GDPR friendly way. We automatically calculate the staffing cost against the predicted sales while providing a better view of staff members availability without the need of having to leave the interface. Using the emerging technologies, we can provide business owners with an overview of their running costs and suggest changes based on historical data. Our goal is to make the rostering process smarter and more efficient while saving time for business owners so that they can focus on the important thing – running their venture.

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Silver Street

Silver Street is reimagining the starter home for Generation Rent. With a novel financial product and full-service digital homebuying platform, Silver Street aims to help London millennials get onto the property ladder and start building wealth.

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Silver Street.

Sotera Heritage (formerly AAI)

Sotera Heritage is using AI to combat the global trade in stolen and looted antiquities. The illegal trade damages world heritage, funds terrorism and fuels the black market. Our goal is to make it easier for border guards, law enforcement, legitimate dealers, insurance companies and collectors to spot stolen or looted objects as they move around the world. The product will incorporate live datasets, such as databases of known stolen objects, and specific object types prone to being traded illegally.

Sotera Heritage was founded through the University of Cambridge Accelerate Program at Judge Business School. The team has extensive backgrounds and networks in archaeology and heritage, security and law enforcement, technology and AI.

Sotera Heritage logo.

Super Beans

Super Beans is a health food manufacturer supporting sustainable diets. As one of the best plant-based protein resources, high-quality organic beans are used as our basic ingredient. Our products are packed with dietary fibres as well as many essential vitamins and minerals while also being free of (refined) sugar and artificial sweeteners. Our wide range of products aim to provide specific and balanced nutrients to meet a variety of needs.

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Swing is a fittech start-up that provides pay-as-you-go free-weights and online classes in green spaces. Our goal is to provide easy and affordable access to outdoor fitness equipment across the UK; thereby reducing health inequality and promoting green space exercise. Each micro-gym will have an adjustable back-rest (and lid) that can be used as a bench or step. Within the micro-gym there will be a set of adjustable kettlebells, dumbbells, and one or two other pieces of fitness equipment. Users can access the contents by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Lime scooters meets Peloton!

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Tumchi is a nutritional science company on a mission to restore health, balance, and resilience – for people and for the planet. We provide unique analysis of human gut microbiome to create a personalised nutrition solution. One in eight people suffer from poor gut health and a third of food bought is thrown away. We have developed a different and sustainable approach to improve both human and planetary health. Tumchi uniquely combines medical, behavioural and microbiome profiles of individuals. It then uses artificial intelligence methods to inform its customers on healthy and sustainable individual food choices to improve their blood and microbiome test results, helping to improve and maintain good health.

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Reinventing manufacturing inspection for mass customisation.

Turation offers an AI-enabled quality analytics solution that adapts quickly to any changes in manufacturing processes. A single solution can be used in mass customisation, contract manufacturing and across several production stages.

It reduces the cost of poor quality, waste of resources, rework and recall rate, and increases yields prediction accuracy, production line speed and output. Making quality management in manufacturing more flexible and efficient and reducing waste, rework, and recalls

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You Okay, Doc?

You Okay, Doc?’s focus is to support the mental health and wellbeing of doctors across the globe. We are a service provider platform that provides support for doctors and have recently extended these services to nurses through You Okay, Nurse? In 2018, 80% of UK doctors were high risk of burnout and were two-four times more likely to die by suicide when compared to the general population. These statistics have been compounded by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and are also echoed throughout the world, with USA and Australia reporting similar figures. Sick days in the NHS due to mental health during the pandemic are estimated to have cost £1.5 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated a positive movement towards tackling the mental health issues of healthcare workers.

We take a multifaceted approach addressing this pressing issue and combine evidence-based solutions with practical services that are readily adopted by our end-users and across hospitals nationally.

We provide four flagship programmes underpinned by current research into peer support and trauma support, curated by leading experts and psychotherapists. We have partnered with organisations in the UK and US (including an initiative of Harvard University), a large corporate and are currently piloting our programmes in three NHS trusts and continue to build our network and community worldwide.

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