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Highlighted Accelerate alumni


AlgoDynamix detects financial market anomalies that result in significant price disruptions. Our software identifies these anomalies and provides price changing analytics hours (or days) in advance of the disruption. The underlying risk analytics engine uses multi-source financial data feeds for detection and quantification. Customers include fund managers, wealth managers and other financial institutions with strong capital preservation mandates. The team have 30+ years of software development experience at top tier investment banks and consultancies including Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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Cambridge Coding Academy

The Cambridge Coding Academy is a venture whose mission is to empower the young generation to turn their creative ideas into reality through coding.

Our ethos is simple: learning to code should be fun, experiential and a flexible learning experience tailored to the needs of each learner.

We are developing a blend of face-to-face classes taught by top local university students and a cutting edge online adaptive learning system to do just that.

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Cambridge Coding Academy


Cytora uses web-based data to provide real time political risk assessments to organisations that operate in volatile, emerging or complex markets. Our customers are global companies who require up-to-date, highly localised risk information to make critical and data-driven decisions.

Cytora’s platform uses an event extraction system (based on natural language processing) to extract political risk events from web based data. It categorises events according to industry standard terminology, and delivers this data visually to customers in real time. We scrape 50,000 content sources a day, going through over one million articles a day, collecting over 30,000 risk events.

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Diamentech is a research-based healthcare company dedicated to the early detection of dementia. Ideally, people at the risk of dementia should receive medication before the onset of any cognitive symptoms. Yet the tools that can reveal the first expression of the disease were absent. At Diamentech we have developed a computerised task that allows for monitoring the activity of millions of networked neurons in related areas of the brain, and so to detect the disease in its early stages. With the current work we envisage being able to detect the disease even before the onset of memory-loss symptoms.


Better Origin (formerly Entomics)

Better Origin aims to convert food waste into energy. Our method uses insects – specifically the Black Soldier Fly – as an efficient biological catalyst for converting previous un-usable food waste into fat-rich larval biomass, which can then be refined into biodiesel. This process represents a sustainable alternative to existing biofuel production methods, which use ‘fuel crops’ that often replace arable food-producing land. In addition, our process yields a range of additional natural outputs ranging from compost to high-protein animal feed, which highlights the efficiency of the system and our company’s focus on sustainability.

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FLIT (formerly Hinton Bikes) is developing a new electric bike that is designed from the ground up to make it convenient for more people to cycle in our increasingly congested and polluted cities. It folds down small enough to take on a train, is light enough to carry upstairs, and is smart enough to tell you when to pump up your tyres. When you get home, simply drop it into its dock for charging. Our mission is to make riding a bike more convenient and reliable than driving a car so that we can get more people cycling in our cities.

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FLIT logo.


We believe that the digital revolution has untapped potential to make learning English faster, more effective and more fun.

That’s why we’re building a portfolio of English language teaching EdTech products designed to solve some of the biggest problems faced by educational publishers and language schools as they make the painful transition from print to digital.

We create innovative products that combine the user-centred approach of the best of EdTech with sound methodology and quality content. We get these to market quickly, validate them, and license them to publishers and language-teaching institutions looking to better serve their customers.

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GeneAdviser is an online genetic testing marketplace that puts rare disease patients in touch with clinical labs that can perform the sequencing and diagnostics. The tests can be ordered online as part of private genetic testing.

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KisanHub is a technology and data science start-up operating in the agriculture sector based in Cambridge, UK.

A cloud-based, integrated software platform, KisanHub brings together public and private data to help farmers take informed decisions about their day-to-day operations and markets. This data-driven decision-making platform will reduce input costs, boost returns, improve farm business efficiency and make farming more sustainable. KisanHub is the first decision support system to take an integrated approach towards data and curate disparate data sources to enable decision-making process.

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LIFNanoRx is a nano-bio-med company focused on treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disabling incurable auto-immune inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS) commonly affecting young adults. LIF – short for Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor – is a critical stem cell factor that has unique biological properties: these not only promote tissue repair but also suppress disease-linked inflammation. These therapeutic properties are harnessed in LIFNanoRx’s targeted medicinal nanoparticle – “LIFNano” – providing a safe, cell-free, drug-free and potentially curative approach to MS. The technology is patented and LIFNanoRx holds worldwide exclusive licence in exploitation of LIF using their NanoMed platform technology.

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VocalIQ was a startup building technology for the next generation of spoken personal assistants. After several years of research at the University of Cambridge, the team spun out and joined the Accelerate programme in 2014. Following rapid growth to to 20 people, the company was sold to to Apple.