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Previous participants

These ventures have previously participated in the Accelerate Cambridge programme:

3D FlashLight

3D FlashLight is a venture developing a new three-dimensional (3D) scanning technology, inexpensive, fast and high resolution. From the technical point of view, our new technology is capable of retrieving sub-millimetre 3D geometrical features of surfaces. As highly accurate surface reconstruction can be useful for countless fields as surface inspection, quality control in manufacturing, biometric sensors, volumetric reconstruction, cultural heritage and medical analysis.

The acquisition process of data for retrieving the 3D geometry of the surface under inspection makes our technology overcome current limitation in the market of short-range 3D scanners. In fact, it consists of flashing LED light sources synchronised with a digital camera. This implies both inexpensiveness and high-speed acquisition (fraction of a second). The 3D reconstruction itself is also very fast as it is implemented on parallel computing platform. We built a proof of concept prototype that we are improving considering a second version with improved features.

Competitor 3D scanners are based on structured light and laser technologies and one way to assess their value is through accuracy, speed, cost and customisability ranges. Regarding accuracy, 3D FlashLight can obtain comparable results with laser scanners, but this has to be considered with the fact that to get this accuracy a laser scanner needs few tens of minutes whereas 3D FlashLight has comparable acquisition time with structured light technology. Given the inexpensive components, the hardware cost of 3D FlashLight is also very low compared with the competition. Finally, since 3D FlashLight is made of components highly adjustable, customisability is very high as a 3D scanner based on our technology can be shaped to fit onto existing framework of industrial pipeline or robotic arms.

3D FlashLight

4N Genehealth

Our vision is to develop precision medicine technologies for global healthcare challenges.

Worldwide, diabetes is affecting 425 million people. Globally, healthcare systems spend $727 billion per year to manage people with diabetes. It causes four million deaths per year. In summary, it’s an epidemic that needs to be tackled, and we want to play our part in it.

Diabetes patients have a high risk of developing long-term complications like cardiovascular diseases, retinopathy and some types of cancers. We apply emerging systems biology strategy to patients’ blood samples to probe and analyse complex molecular pathways for thousands of biomarkers across genomics, biochemistry, proteomics and metabolomics to determine the personalised risk of long-term complications.

Our system provides a prognostic tool for clinicians to make effective treatment interventions saving healthcare costs and improving patient quality of life.

4N Gene Health logo.

Acting Systems™

Acting Systems™ helps social media marketers create original scripts for content by using the demand expressed by audiences on social media. Our solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and content production processes. Each one of our scripts is composed of granular story elements, clearly backed by audience demand.

Visit the Acting Systems website

Acting Systems logo.


AI4MD stands for Artificial Intelligence for Material Discovery. LEDs, batteries, solar cells are forecasted to have a market size of nearly $450 billion by 2025. Current materials discovery for manufacturing next-generation energy devices relies on using trial-and-error experimentation, which is very slow and expensive. Plus, the discovered material can have limited performance, high cost and low safety, requiring years of iterative improvements to achieve satisfactory performance. AI4MD will accelerate the discovery of new promising materials using artificial intelligence, leading to materials with reduced costs, improved performance and increased safety levels. Our vision is a world that runs on clean energy.

Logo ai4md 254x127 1

AI Agents

The AI Agents’s “iSeer” platform app will serve users who want to purchase products or services that match closely their profile and value system. As successful companies try to build virtual ecosystems for their customers, our app will help sellers to target their audience without compromising its privacy.

AI Agents


AlphaBrick is a novel software platform for the easy design, exchange and creation of DNA circuitry. Our platform aims to solve key problems faced by the synthetic biology community: increased complexity of gene circuit design due to difficulty in team collaboration; difficulty in the exchange of gene circuit parts; the need for advanced programming experience in order to work with automated cloud labs to save time. These problems are solved by: enabling a quicker and trackable design process; facilitating the buying and selling of gene circuit parts to make collaboration easier; integrating with cloud laboratories in order to allow our users to save time. 



angioClast is a UK and Ireland-based biotech startup company led by a group of young professionals from the University of Cambridge. We are developing products targeting Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive and incurable brain cancer, from both diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives. 

angioClast’s business model is to license out a patent from the National Institute of Health through the NIH start-up exclusive licensing agreement, and harness the value of newly identified biomarkers of cancer-associated blood vessels. Antibodies against these markers form the basis for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that will deliver and release drugs against glioblastoma in a highly specific manner. Detection of glioblastoma will be made possible through further formulation of the antibodies into an ELISA-based diagnostic toolkit that is more accurate and less invasive than conventional clinical practices.

Through innovative products for early detection and targeted therapy, angioClast’s vision is to make Glioblastoma Multiforme a more treatable disease.

angioClast logo.

Antibody Supply Service

Antibody Supply Service distributes protein research tools to life scientists, providing over 70,000 reagents, all supplied with detailed, honest data at affordable prices.

We carefully select each reagent manufacturer we partner with, to ensure that we only offer high quality tools that generate reliable and reproducible results.

We promise:

  • Full transparency about the original source of every product 
  • Exceptional customer service 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Honest, accurate supporting data 
  • Guaranteed product quality
Antibody Supply Service


AppLapp is a spin-off from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics with the mission to democratise and streamline the tests for the cognitive development of children. These tests are currently inaccessible to parents, cost speech therapists hundreds of pounds, and take around 30 minutes to happen. We will make these tests accessible to parents and speech therapists and reduce the time to five minutes.

AppLapp logo.


Data can be noisy, partial, non-uniform, big, and complex. It comes in all flavours! We believe that the relations within the data are the key to get the most out of it. We look at the structure of your data and model it as a graph. This gives us an edge when it comes to analysis and prediction. We understand the anatomy of the dataset and apply techniques designed to use this information. Arboricity is a Cambridge-based technology startup developing a platform to analyse massive datasets using techniques from graph theory, signal processing, and machine learning. We are currently developing a toolbox of algorithms and technologies to handle data analysis on big graphs. Our team members are active researchers with background and experience in graphs, algorithms, and big data.

[email protected]

Arboricity logo.


AutonomiCity powers the smart infrastructure of tomorrow. We provide resilient and sustainable solution to extend the life span of the buildings by combining biomimetic designs with 3D printing technology and the use of recycled plastic. Our hope is to create together a living future for our next generation.

Visit the AutonomiCity website

Logo autonomicity 254x127 1


Babihub has developed wearable technology to encourage toddlers to learn through active play. The early years is a pivotal part of growth in a child’s development and it’s crucial that children develop positive behaviour habits around being physically active, exploring their environment and socially engaging with other children. Despite this importance, young children are becoming more inactive with research showing that nine in 10 children aged between two and four years not meeting requirements set by the chief medical officer for physical activity per day. Added to this, further research indicates that one in five children are already overweight by pre-school. Unfortunately, current uses of technology are contributing to this, resulting in children spending large parts of their day in a sedentary position. Babihub believes that technology is encapsulating and can be used in a different more positive way to encourage young children to learn through active play. Babihub’s wearable and smart connected devices create playful digital interactions that encourage children to learn through being active and exploring. Babihub’s wearable and smart connected devices will initially be sold into nurseries as a tool that enables the nursery to efficiently monitor physical activity and location of play. Detailed insights into each child’s behaviour will enable the nurseries to quickly develop personalised learning plans for each child. Beyond monitoring, our products will also act as a digital tool for nurseries and parents to encourage the children to learn through exploring.


Baby Safe

The ‘Safe Sleep Seat’ from Baby Safe is a patented, award-winning reclining child car seat for infants from birth to four years.

Controlled simply and quickly at the touch of a wireless button from the driver’s position, it ensures full control of the vehicle at all times, avoiding an increased potential for accidents on today’s busy roads. It is the first car seat of its kind to address the problem of the ‘head flopped forward’ position, which can occur while driving as a child sleeps, avoiding airway restriction and preventing positional asphyxia. With an increased risk of airway restriction, and possible neck injuries to a child left in this position, it is quickly and simply resolved at the touch of a wireless button, without the problem of reclining manually, as with all current car seats on the market today. The manual rotation feature reduces awkward positioning for placing a child in the seat, preventing back problems for parents as the child grows.

Visit the Baby Safe website

Baby Safe logo.


Blutick is an online teaching platform that aims to be the future of education. We are starting with mathematics, and will provide automatic contextual feedback and structured support to students as they work through problems line by line, in a way that no other platform currently does.

We use machine learning to make the platform more and more intelligent, spotting common errors and giving enhanced feedback to students and teachers.

We want to teach computers how to teach, and augment the classroom experience to free up teachers from repetitive explanations and marking.

Visit the Blutick website

Blutick logo.

Bond 180

Bond 180 is a capital markets fintech spun out of the University of Cambridge aiming to improve our investment and savings industry. We match-make investment businesses who have demand for assets with debt arrangers and issuers who require capital, offering both bespoke solutions tailored to their needs. Core to our proposition is making the process faster, cheaper and better. We aim to reduce costs in the investment process by 80 per cent, by leveraging market data to match supply and demand and by increasing process efficiency and automation through the use of distributed ledger technology.

Visit the Bond 180 website

Logo bond180 254x127 1


Brainminded is the first ‘BrainTech’ company to offer a comprehensive digital platform bringing personalised cognitive neurorehabilitation and brain health support directly to mild TBI patients, from day one, 24/7, with full remote and self-monitoring, achieved through proprietary artificial intelligence. Brainminded enables patients to lead their own faster, more complete, long-term recovery.

Bright Stream

Bright Stream’s focus is a multi-platform e-reader application that supports struggling readers (initially primary school children). Our app bridges the gap between sounding out words, phoneme by phoneme, and reading fluently for meaning and pleasure. It does this by using technology to intuitively give readers the kind of support and confidence that reading with a parent or teacher would give them.

The child has control over the process and experience of independent reading which enables them to continue to make progress while allowing teachers or parents to keep an accurate record of their development.

Bright Stream’s mission is to end the shame of lifelong illiteracy.

Bright Stream logo.


Since 2015 CamBioScience has provided intensive training courses in breakthrough life science technologies for professionals in academia and industry. To date the company has trained an international customer base of professional scientists from over 50 leading academic and industrial institutions and more than 20 countries worldwide. As of 2017 CamBioScience began scaling-up its capacity to deliver breakthrough course content via the construction of a bespoke cloud-based e-learning platform aimed at disrupting high-tech knowledge acquisition and assessment in the wider life science sectors (biotechnology, bioengineering, biopharma and medtech). By making use of our in-house machine learning capabilities we are able to fully individualise the learning process for high-skilled professionals at the very top of their industries. The CamBioScience team is made up of three PhD trained co-founding directors who are aptly supported by a team of leading software developers and a videographer.


Cambridge Biolabs

Cambridge Biolabs are a biotech-meets-tech company developing personalised skincare solutions consisting of digital skin diagnosis followed by bespoke cosmetic formulation to meet the unique needs of unique people. The idea stems from the observation that millions of people all around the world use ineffective or unsuitable cosmetics every day because the off-the-shelf products currently available on the market do not correspond to the complex set of individual needs. This leads to inadvertent negligence and wrong choices due to lack of optimal solution.

To overcome this we propose Personal Cosmetic System capable of creating more possible personalised formulations than people on Earth. After individual skin diagnosis aided by advanced software and hardware the optimal formula is worked out and created uniquely for the person in question. Our formulations are designed to deliver. Each personalised formula boasts 20 to 40 targeted active ingredients thus providing unprecedented level of skin health benefits as compared to the 2 to 3 random active ingredients present in most cosmetics currently available on the market.

Thanks to its uniqueness Personal Cosmetic System makes sure that nobody neglects some of his or her skin needs because of lack of choice and knowledge. It also ensures that, based on individual tolerance, unwanted substances be avoided and optimal results achieved.

Cambridge Biolabs logo.

Cambridge Biologicals Co

Cambridge Biologicals Co is established by Dr Chiwen Chang in 2018 to commercialise a project developed in the University. It is a first-in-class immunotherapy for inflammatory and angiogenesis related diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and cancers etc. It’s in an early stage of fundraising for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Cambridge Data Lab

Genomic summary data is being increasingly used to de-risk pharmaceutical development and reduce clinical trial failure rates. We are democratising access to genomic data by creating an index of all public and private genomic summary datasets. Our suite of algorithms will clean genomic summary data and make this information easily indexable. We will enable collaboration by connecting holders of private genomic summary datasets to organisations who have the resources to implement the value of genomic summary datasets in drug development.

Cambridge Data Lab

Cambridge Development Initiative

Cambridge Development Initiative’s entrepreneurship project was established in 2014, and has gone from strength to strength since then. The project runs an annual eight week course in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The aim of this course is to help local students and recent graduates develop and utilise the skills required to start their own business. The course undertakes this by focussing on the concept of ‘Human-Centred Design’ (HCD). HCD is the methodology wherein one develops a business by first identifying a problem that needs to be solved. We then work to develop socially positive solutions to the problem at hand. The objective of the course is that by the end of the eight week period the (approximately) 40 participants will be involved in an enterprise. The programme is designed to provide the participants with a clear understanding of what the next steps will be if they would like to carry their business forward. This involves developing business plans as well as finding incubators and other programmes to help the entrepreneurs move forward. The outcomes of this project have been that so far nearly 100 students have benefited from the support network we have developed, with this year being the biggest so far in terms of capacity and resources available. We have established relationships with local and international NGOs as well as local Universities and government bodies to action this goal.

Cambridge Development Initiative

Cambridge Podcasts

Podcasting is an increasingly viable market which is expanding rapidly. Six million people a week listen to podcasts in the UK. We have broad experience as a BBC producer and a voiceover artist, and we have developed a bespoke podcast service which was successfully launched in November 2018. Services include articulating key messages and packaging them in a way tailored to suit the mobile audience. Central to our offer is the lasting impact of the podcast, which can both be embedded in the client’s website and uploaded to hosting platforms. An ongoing series can provide a narrative for the client and builds loyalty among the audience

Cambridge Predictive Analytics

Type 2 diabetes is an acquired disease, and has become one of the leading causes of death. Diabetes is about to become the biggest health care problem around the world and in the United Kingdom in particular. Cambridge Predictive Analytics is developing the technology for monitoring healthy people, that are in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and to provide them a personally tailored nutrition plan to reduce that risk. Further, our goal is to also help people that are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, to maintain safe glucose levels for a normal life, while reducing the dependency on pharmaceutical and clinical intervention and its side effects.

Cambridge Predicitive Analytics logo.


CamDiab is aiming to improve the management of type 1 diabetes and related metabolic disorders. Its product, CamAPS, is an app which connects to a continuous glucose monitor, processes its data and instruct insulin pump to deliver the right amount of insulin reducing the risk of low and high blood glucose levels and reducing the burden of diabetes.


CamNeuro aims to develop an electronic device for babies under a year old, which will increase their brain capacities for learning multiple languages.

CamNeuro logo.

Canard Influencers

Canard Influencers is a self-service platform connecting creative micro-influencers to brands. Our objective is to turn every micro-influencers into superstars and allow brands to activate thousands of handpicked influencers, reaching millions around the world, at minimal cost. We recognise the unique phenomenon of promotion through targeted social media creators and micro-influencers. Influencers directly engage followers and audiences through their creativity which builds a unique relationship based on trust and admiration. Seeing the gap on the influencer marketing scene for a platform connecting highly creative individuals to brands that privilege quality over quantity, Canard Influencers is born. Micro-influencers (audience with more than 150k followers) have more targeted audience and enable brands to benefit from higher engagement and impact as those content creators tend to be closer to their audience than traditional influencers.

Canard influencers logo.

Cantab Care

Cantab Care is a healthcare, artificial intelligence, big data company focusing on the Greater China market. We leverage our natural language processing technology to help hospitals create structured electronic medical records, and help pharmaceutical, medical device and life insurance companies identify target patient groups. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients in the underdeveloped regions with access to high-quality healthcare services.

Cantab Care logo.

Capito Systems

Capito Systems (est. 2012), also trading as, specialises in the contextual understanding of natural language (NLU). We have built a high performance NLU cloud platform that delivers application-specific semantic understanding of free-form voice and text inputs at speed and scale. Applications include intelligent voice control, conversational interfaces like chat bots, and semantic search. Our technology is platform-independent and easy to integrate via our APIs. We are able to ‘bootstrap’ NLU models quickly using the latest machine learning techniques coupled with our streamlined development workflows in support of rapid prototyping & testing. Unlike other NLP/NLU solutions, including the “open developer platforms” offered by major players like Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, ours is a premium NLU product customised for each use case by our in-house experts, as we seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Visit the Capito Systems website

Capito Systems


Carryr is on a mission to supercharge the end-to-end delivery experience for fashion e-commerce.

They do this by partnering up with some of the most exciting retailers and with a simple e-commerce integration, allowing them to offer their online customers a completely flexible delivery experience that no longer disappoints (delivered in as little as 60 minutes or at a time that better suits) – improving the retailer’s reputation and, ultimately, their sales.

Visit the Carryr website

Carryr logo.


Coeliac disease is one of the commonest autoimmune conditions affecting the developing world, with one per cent of the population believed to be affected.

Characterised by an intolerance to gluten, there are no medicinal treatments available for the condition and patients adhere to a strict gluten-free diet to ensure the avoidance of symptoms, which include nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhoea. In spite of this, accidental gluten consumption affects 90 per cent of coeliac patients every month, and correlates to gastrointestinal aberrations in many patients.

At CelerX, we have conceptualised a prophylactic microbiome-based solution that provides constitutive protection against the problem of accidental gluten contamination. Presently, we are leveraging our technology to address unmet medical need in the coeliac disease market, however our ultimate goal is to apply our concept to a multitude of gastrointestinal conditions.

CelerX logo.


Citrecycle has adapted new technology that unlocks the full potential of the lead-acid batteries (LAB) recycling industry in developing countries whilst simultaneously maintaining focus on development objectives. Citrecycle uses hydro metallurgy to recycle LAB in a safe, clean and sustainable way. We will utilise local independent co-operatives to collect the supply for recycling. Our ability to extract more value from each battery enables us to buy batteries at greater value than that that can be obtained from informal recycling. We can double the amount paid per battery, and still remain profitable, to ensure Citrecycle can absorb the informal recycling sector. Our process then recycles the batteries cleanly, using a Carbon neutral process. Hydro metallurgy inherently restricts poisonous emissions, slashes direct and indirect CO2 and operates profitably at smaller scales, 1000 tons per year rather than 50,000 – the size at which adequate pollution controls are considered to be cost effective. The scalable nature means that small, community directed plants will not replace the informal recyclers industry, but empower local communities by providing a cleaner and safer way to make money through localised employment. The replacement of informal LAB recycling practices with a safe provision that does not involve dangerous emissions, eradicates exposure of local communities and the environment to lead contamination, eliminating the risk of lead poisoning. The need for strong infrastructure for mass collection is overcome, sound legislation is unnecessary to regulate safety and exposure of local communities and the environment to lead contamination is prevented. Pollution, lead poisoning and fatality are replaced by job opportunities, prosperity, cleanliness and health.

[email protected]

Watch the CitreCycle team in discussion with Luther Phillips


CLab (Internal Innovation Hub within Cambridge University Hospitals)

The Cambridge Clinical Innovation Lab (CLab) vision is to help solve the many pressures facing the NHS, including an ageing population, increasing morbidity from long-term conditions, rising costs and constrained budgets by:

  • Capitalising on wealth of local knowledge and expertise from internationally renowned healthcare research organisations based on Cambridge Biomedical Campus
  • Turning unmet needs/problems into innovative cost-effective solutions and new ways of delivering care which are essential to improving patient outcomes, the health and wealth of the nation
  • Connecting early stage ideas in the NHS and academia with commercial expertise and funding and developing them into viable products and services

There are a number of organisations that function locally in the health innovation arena, but a potential niche requirement may exist and CLab will explore this potential, investigate the “market” to see if this is a true assumption, develop a business case, and a project implementation plan.


Computationally designed, personalised, three dimensional (3D) models for corrective, congenital cardiac surgery in neonates.


CropVax is a company focussed on improving global agricultural crop productivity while minimising environmental impact. Our technology facilitates the delivery of next generation plant vaccines based on RNAi enabling farmers to treat their crops against destructive pathogens such as viruses or fungi that remain challenging to control with conventional agricultural methods.

CropVax logo.


crybb are changing the way twenty-somethings in London find flatmates. With a powerful matching algorithm and a beautiful, simple, intuitive app, we are turning the mammoth task of finding the right flatmate into fun and easy experience and putting the power back into the users’ hands.



cThings Limited is an IoT solution provider specifically developing products for social housing, elderly care and the private rental markets. Our products enable landlords and carers to have complete visibility of their properties and their associated assets to ensure the best quality of service for their residents.

cThings has developed a truly revolutionary suite of modular hardware which enables our clients to monitor, control and engage with their properties in real time. The flexibility of our hardware enables cThings to adapt its product set to meet specific customers requirements with minimal time and expense.

Combining our innovative hardware with event-based alerts and data analytics from the cThings cloud provides customers with valuable insights, allowing them to reduce costs, provide an improved resident experience and safe guard vulnerable residents.

cThings enables our customers to provide better and safer homes through technology.

cThings logo.


Deepskin are developing novel imaging tools to understand and diagnose skin disease.

Dx Analytics (formerly D-Art)

Dx Analytics provides a cost-effective image analysis platform that delivers reliable, data-driven and automated monitoring solutions to engineering structures such as bridges and highways. Our algorithm can identify and highlight early defects and its progression using existing or easily accessible images of large structures. This solution enhances predictive maintenance decision-making to avoid costly last-minute interventions.

Logo dx analytics 254x127 1


EasyA connects students with super tutors on-demand.

Founded by two former tutors, EasyA is built on the idea that all students should get help when they need it, wherever they need it.

Students learn better when they get help sooner and are able to ask as many questions as they have. EasyA makes this possible.

Students simply snap a photo of their question and are automatically connected with a super tutor who can help, all in-app. All tutors have extensive teaching experience and are taught to explain each answer in detail, so our students actually learn.

EasyA is simple, fast and unlimited.

Visit the EasyA website

Logo easya 254x127 1

Easy M

DeEasy M is a system that harnesses smartphone data to measure, monitor, and improve health behaviours. Our apps allow patients to report and track their symptoms while collecting sensor data from their device about their daily behaviours: our data is supporting research, informing carers, and training machine learning algorithms to provide automated and personalised behavioural interventions.

EasyM logo.


With rising population levels and reduction in agricultural land, global food security is at risk. In developing economies, such as India, where agriculture takes up to 14 per cent of the GDP, inefficiencies mean crop production is at 30 per cent of maximum efficiency. So, we have to ask the question, how can we improve crop growth productivity?

There exists a field known as precision agriculture, where IoT-based sensors may be embedded into the soil and can provide data by wireless transmission back to farmers, so that they may make more informed decisions on how to better manage their soil health and therefore improve their crop yields. By taking into account metrics such as temperature, humidity, moisture and CO2 emissions, and cross-referencing with satellite data on crop and soil type from an API, we are able to provide recommendations on how to optimise soil health for farmers.

The next question is how do we power these sensors? Most use a battery or solar cell, which uses unsustainable materials or is intermittent, we use a biophotovoltaic cell, which is in essence, as plants/algae grow they can produce electricity by photosynthesis. This energy can be used to power low-powered sensing kits such as the one we are developing, making this a seamless system made to be embedded in agricultural fields.

Our mission is simple: to empower farmers through information technology.

Visit the eCo-Sense website

Logo ecosence 254x127 1


EduRebels uses data analytics to predict and prevent school dropouts in underprivileged areas. Currently, education law in the UK states children may leave formal schooling at the age of 16, but must remain in “full-time training” until the age of 18. This form of education is provided by further education colleges (FECs) which are funded based on the number of students they retain throughout the year. Currently, over 75,000 students leave these institutions every year – costing FECs £214 million in lost government funds. EduRebel uses behavioural and historical data analytics to create an early-warning system and a semi-structured intervention ensuring more students complete their education.

EduRebels logo.


EmpathiX emotional intelligence technologies apply machine learning to capture emotions in speech, and help businesses to predict customers’ behaviours.

EmpathiX technologies analyse nonverbal expressions in speech, such as volume, pitch, intensity, tone, speed, and other trends; conduct sentiment analytics to validate the emotions and understand the context; and provide real-time feedback about customer emotions and report customer KPIs.

EmpathiX technologies enhance customer experience and transform call centres to profit centres by enabling the following unique value proposition: 

  • Real-time insight: predict customer satisfaction KPI (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and enable call centres to respond to customer in real-time
  • Enhanced profitability: enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and identify opportunities to up/cross-sell existing customers throughout the call
  • Optimised operations: provide simpler feedback mechanism, learn more about the root cause of customers’ issue, improve quality reviews, and provide efficient training
  • Gamified customer service: make customer service more interesting and fun, provide empathic route calling that addresses call agents’ and customers’ social styles
Empathix logo.

Empire Healthcare and Technology Group

Our business provides medical healthcare services using online platform technologies. We provide tiered services depending on patient choice and budget. Users can access local and international healthcare from family doctors to international experts. Patients will be able to access our online services from remote locations shortening the time and costs involved to be seen by a doctor.

Empire health care and technology logo.

Equilibrium AI

Equilibrium AI are developing an algorithm to predict when individuals with bipolar disorder will have a mood episode. The algorithm uses passively collected sleep and activity data to predict when mood episodes will occur and notifies individuals so that they can make changes to prevent episodes or reduce the severity of the episode.

Visit the Equilibrium AI website

Equilibrium AI logo.


Exantas uses modern software engineering techniques to provide equity investment solutions and investing packages. A combination of fundamental and technical investment strategies are analysed with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, enabling a fully automated investment process. Using quant-driven algorithms removes human predisposition to heuristics, allowing for efficient and unbiased portfolio construction. AI algorithmic investing removes investor irrationality, a widely reported phenomenon in behavioural finance, and allows for ‘Big Data’ to be used to guide the investment decision.

Exantas logo.

Farming Data

Farming Data aims to bridge the gaps in information flow for smallholding farmers. We are developing a mobile platform that provides real-time market information to smallholder farmers  for buying and selling crops. We will also analyse the collated big data for evidence-based policy action. Our goal is not only to increase the efficiency of surplus crop sales and the economic situation for smallholder farmers, but also to enable positive changes in these regional communities by amplifying their oft-ignored individual voices into a powerful collective voice. Taking advantage of the rapid rise in app technology and proliferation of mobile phones, our platform will allow smallholder farmers to form a digital cooperative, to collaborate with others, and to sell to previously inaccessible markets. Our analysis of high resolution spatiotemporal data will also accurately define emerging food security issues in order to inform agricultural ministries. 

Watch Paul Bergen from Farming Data in discussion with Luther Phillips

Farming Data logo.


Fether is the first real-time end-to-end group booking platform; takes the hassle out of organising group holidays. Sign up, and our AI-driven travel planner will do the rest. Fether uses machine learning to take the varied requests and restrictions of your group and return a complete holiday that ticks everyone’s boxes. The app, available cross-platform, you pay for everything in a single step in the app. Fether, where group holidays take flight.

Fether logo.


Futuresay is an internet hub where you can find the best way to learn English with a real person – and not just a machine, be it an online game or a tape recorder.

Futuresay was launched (originally under the name Learn2) by two Englishmen in Moscow and London. Having learned Russian at British universities, we knew what a difference a language teacher can make. The concept was conceived during a conversation on a hill in China, where we came to understand that learning a language as an adult has particular challenges.

Learners want to concentrate on learning; teachers want to concentrate on teaching.

They shouldn’t have to search around for tutors, haggle down prices, negotiate payment terms or worry about scheduling. That’s the role of our platform. We have a searchable database of the best tutors, three pricing categories and a simple cancellation policy that we can enforce.

Alex Teddy is a dedicated linguist, who has lived in Russia for several years, speaks French, and has even been known to converse in Bislama, a pidgin dialect found only in the South Pacific.

Will Bland once tried to learn French using a dictionary. His first Russian lesson included the translation for “watertight bulkhead” and he’s making slow progress in Chinese.

Follow @futuresay_net on Twitter

Find Futuresay on Facebook

Access Futuresay’s LinkedIn company profile


Geek Gaps

Share the risk, share the revenue, and ‘mind the gaps’. Investors are itching to purchase shares of your next product’s revenue! With your proven product development history, GeekGaps makes it simple to get your next product funded, without incurring delays, debt, or dilution.

Geek Gaps logo. is a patient focused platform that matches cancer patients to clinical trials based on their genomics. Through partnerships with the seven NHS Genomics Laboratory Hubs across England, we will seamlessly integrate with the NHS’s oncology services. When a cancer patient and their oncologist receive genomic sequencing results, we will enable them to automatically search and be matched with relevant clinical trials based on the patient’s biomarkers. We provide this service for free, to the NHS, oncologists and most importantly to patients and ultimately will provide data insights from this matching service to pharmaceutical companies and biotech SMEs. logo.


GiveBit is an online giving tool seamlessly integrated with existing social media platforms. GiveBit enables donors to give £1 to causes through social media, helping fundraisers reach more people, with higher engagement, at low cost. The action of a retweet on Twitter or like on Instagram will trigger a £1 donation. The simplicity and low value point enables fundraisers to convert social media attention into donations. We aim to turn spontaneous acts of kindness into repeat giving.

GiveBit logo.


Healark is developing a personalised healthcare companion that enhances cancer treatment through science-based lifestyle guidance. Our goal is not only to help increase successful cancer therapy outcomes but also augment patients’ quality of life during and following therapy, which will enhance cancer therapy as a whole. Our product will be delivered via a highly intelligent digital system that will recommend behavioural interventions in areas such as exercise, diet and nutrition, sleep and mental health. Combining scientifically proven interventions with cutting-edge wearable and app technology to seamlessly monitor behaviour and deliver the most appropriate lifestyle recommendations enables the optimisation of our service for each user’s individual circumstances – a truly personalised companion to help cancer patients fight back.

Healark logo.


Hearty strives to advance personal nutrition through a mobile app for developing and sustaining healthy eating habits.

To get it right, they’re beginning as a novel companion tool for nutrition professionals. Dietitians, nutritionists, and nutritional therapists using Hearty will be able to provide their clients with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive food diary to help individuals stay actively engaged with the foods they’re eating. In turn, professionals can follow their clients’ progress, create personalised plans, and easily communicate updates and offer motivation.

As they continue to simplify how people engage with their nutrition and learn the decision-making behind effective dietary guidance, Hearty can give nutritional support to a wider audience with AI-powered nutrition analytics.

Hearty logo.


HeatArmour’s vision is to make passive buildings cheaper to build than those with heating systems. As heating systems are phased out, the associated fuel costs, pollution and fuel poverty will be phased out too. Heating buildings currently accounts for 6% of global CO2 emissions and costs $1T a year giving a huge potential for efficiency and decarbonisation.

The aim of this project is to reduce the cost of passive buildings by reducing the amount of floor space that the insulation takes up. We have invented a novel vacuum insulation material that can be cut-to-fit. HeatArmour is much thinner than conventional insulation and unlike vacuum insulation panels, it’s well suited for use in walls and retrofitting, it uses less space, adds value and so makes passive buildings much cheaper.

Heat Armour.

Hélix Pro

Hélix Pro is a comprehensive mental health & wellness platform, multilingual and omni-channel, converging neuroscience with human factors and deep-tech (AI and VR) to solve widespread and growing mental health issues worldwide. Lack of choice, access, inadequate support, taboos, and just quick-fix of symptoms rather than cause are some of the critical gaps. The very evident yet often overlooked matter of how closely physical health is co-related to mental health further compounds this underserved space. Our focus centred on three forms of support: (i) a multi-criteria self or assisted search for specialist counsellors, therapists or coaches; (ii) situation specific objective-led programs, (iii) self-help tools and techniques.

Mental health is a pressing matter worldwide, underserved and compounding, with over £1.2 trillion cost of social & economic impact forecast by 2025. We are solving gaps in support sought by existing and vast emerging audience, as well as solving reasons for which support, to a large extent, is not being taken up in current state, or the significant shortfalls in present solutions. As such we’re solving the need for a more timely, relevant, and proactive way to address this problem area. Complexity of this space requires highly specific content and construct of support, now being developed in Cambridge for this world-wide platform.

Hélix being pioneered with the aim to ‘create a more intrinsically healthy world’.

Hélix Pro logo.


HEPAprint uses genomics to tackle the huge problem of adverse drug reactions. Our vision is to improve patients’ lives and guide the way to safer personalised medicine. Adverse drug reactions (ADR’s) are a major problem causing harm to individuals and are a massive financial burden for healthcare systems worldwide. Annually, it is estimated these ADR’s cause 100,000 preventable deaths and cost an estimated $130 billion in the US alone.

Our solution is a clinical decision-making tool that helps to predict an individual patient’s response to drugs. Each one of us has a unique array of enzymes in our liver that defines how we react to medicines. By cross-corelating genomic data with other big data, we can help predict and prevent a range of adverse drug reactions − ultimately saving money, and more importantly lives!

HEPAprint logo.


Researchers want dynamic medical and genetic data and people want to participate more directly in research. We have built the heterogeneous platform to allow individuals with genetic data (e.g. from 23andMe) to create a profile and participate directly in ongoing research projects, controlling when and how their data is shared and used. At the same time, we are working directly with rare disease patients and researchers to generate, store, analyze, and share dynamic medical and genetic data used in research and healthcare. We believe that creating a secure, patient-centric marketplace for genetic data will make it easier to conduct genetics research and follow-up studies not only in healthcare, but for a wide variety of organisations.

Heterogeneous logo.


HubCiti is a social enterprise that builds trustable crowd-funded businesses in developing countries, which create sustainable and impactful employment opportunities for the locals. Crowd-funders become part of an online community of stakeholders who can collaborate towards the success of their businesses, by discussing ideas and voting on business decisions. We champion transparency by publishing all business details online, in a way that is easy for supporters to understand and track exactly how their money is being put to good use, and seeing the measurable impact they are having on a regular basis.

Hyphn Clinical

Clinical trials have been growing increasingly complex for years and despite spiralling costs remain an under-utilised option of health care systems, with only one per cent of the patient population participating in clinical trials and 75 per cent unaware that trials could be an option for treatment. Incorporation of novel technologies to improve the health care system has been incentivised by the government but the uplift hasn’t materialised yet and currently, 50 per cent of clinical trials fail to achieve target recruitment and 80 per cent fail to finish on time.

Hyphn Clinical is a digital health platform enabling execution of clinical trials in a smarter, and more efficient way than the traditional “brick-and-mortar” trial conduct model by leveraging three pillars: telemedicine, passive collection of data, and decentralisation of clinical trials. Our product aims to improve execution of clinical trials for investigators while remaining patient-centric by providing a remote access of procedures to patients. Hyphn Clinical is open-source to allow interoperability with other digital products and can be easily installed on any device. Ultimately, Hyphn Clinical is a digital technology enabler. This investigator-focus approach positions Hyphn Clinical with a unique market segment not exploited by the competition with an immediate emphasis on experimental medicine and academic studies.

Hyphn Clinical logo.

Iconic Matter

Iconic Matter is a new platform that encourages students to access textbooks on a mobile device anytime, anywhere. Instead of paying up to a horrifying £300 for a hard copy, students can access the required e-textbooks on our platform for a monthly subscription fee. Personalisation, highlighting and note-sharing is also available. In brief we are trying to build “the Netflix for student textbooks”.

[email protected]

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Iconic Matter log.

Idea d(x)

Idea d(x) is a health data company focused on Africa. Our objective is to sell tech-enabled diagnostics to people with the view of collecting and monetising their data. The first diagnostic we are commercialising is an AI-powered malaria diagnostic that is cheaper more accurate and faster than currently available malaria diagnostic. More than 200 million malaria cases are reported every year, working with international NGOs, we believe we can capture 10 per cent of this market quickly. The proposed malaria diagnostic relies on Full Blood Count technique and can be expanded to additional diseases.


My Personal Fleet is a new way to own a premium car; the independence of owning your own car with the desire for more flexibility and a customised ownership experience. Why own one car over three years, when you can own three different cars over one year? We provide flexible car ownership with no deposit and an inclusive and predictable monthly payment that allows you to swap between a range of premium sports cars and all-wheel-drive vehicles three times per year. We make ownership seamless and hassle-free, taking care of tax, maintenance and delivery, while providing a first-class customer experience with dedicated ownership support that allows you to plan your next vehicle or upgrade any time via web, app or call. It’s our aim to transform the way customers own premium cars for the better – more choice, more flexibility, more tailored to you.

[email protected]

iMobility logo.


In2Med aims to be a learning resource where you can learn medicine from the basics. Created by medical students, this venture is the first of its kind platform helping students right from the beginning of their medical careers in sixth form, through medical school and beyond.

Visit the In2Med website

In2Med logo.

IT Wake

IT Wake is a start-up that focuses on e-learning and corporate online training solutions. We have developed innovative, interactive, powerful and user-friendly solutions to turn mobile devices into learning tools for creating a more effective teaching and learning environment.

Our flagship product, iClass, consists of iOS and Android mobile apps and a cloud-based web platform for students to interact with teachers in an effective way. They can write text, draw picture, record voice and video on their mobile devices and share their works with the teacher in real-time through the cloud platform. We have also developed interactive e-textbooks for mathematics and computer studies for the educational market in Hong Kong. Another one of our solutions, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) System, has now become an essential solution for schools to deploy Bring-Your-Own-Device e-learning services.

School administrators can use MDM to control and supervise their devices in an efficient and simple way. At present, there are over hundred schools in HK and a few in China using our interactive solutions and e-textbooks. They are paying an annual fee to subscribe the service and our business is quite healthy.

The iClass solution has won the Hong Kong ICT Award in 2014 and ITWake won the Hong Kong Best ICT Start-up Bronze Award in 2015. In recent years, we have also developed interactive mobile training solution for a listed retail group for training over 40 thousand staff in China, United States and Hong Kong. Corporate online training solution is the next wave of the development for us.

Our business model is proven to be quite successful in HK and China. We are now looking for a break through to accelerate our business. We target to expand our business to the international market, such as to the UK, US and Europe through the Accelerate Cambridge Programme.

IT Wake logo.

Jam ‘n Thing

Data drives the Internet of Things – but with data comes responsibility. 

Jam’nThing is commercialising a technical data management infrastructure for the Internet of Things. We provide developers and system integrators with the tools to make their services privacy aware and regulatory-compliant. 

We are building capability by first targeting the creative/events sector. Our focus here is on enabling new experiences and engagement channels, through properly managing the data flows between people, ‘things’, and their physical surroundings. 

[email protected]


Kandlelit is an online search engine that enables scientists to make knowledge-based literature searches based on their biological interests.

It identifies bio-entities in literature and connects them with their biological connections in an interactive visual display. Its interactive character facilitates exploration of areas otherwise not possible due to the complexity of biological data and separation between databases and literature. The goal of Kandlelit is to facilitate new discoveries by providing scientists more valuable information than other search engines in an easy and digestible fashion. It’s also designed to connect researchers with literature of interest in a time-efficient manner.

Kandlelit logo.


Kissane-Marshall is a residential property development company based in Cambridge with a growing portfolio of new build developments and short term rental properties. We currently have properties in two city centre locations, London and Cambridge, as well as coastal settings in Kent.

The aim of the company is two-fold; firstly we aim to build a portfolio of short term let-able flats where business and academic postings are common. Secondly we aim to develop a brand for the sale of newly developed flats and homes in the same locations.

Our developments are built using highly sustainable technologies to add long term value to the properties, by reducing annual spend on ever increasing energy costs. The individual homes offer flexible living spaces and a wide range of interior design choices to enable the new homeowner to create a dynamic home that fulfils their living needs.


Kvasir is a company focusing on building scalable semantic analytical platform. The company aims to provide the most efficient platform for content providers to organise their gigantic content repository. Kvasir also allows its users to quickly identify and explore the topics they are interested in on the internet. The core technology for Kvasir is built atop of state-of-the-art machine learning, system and networking science, making it possible to extend the search services to the network edges.

Last Mile

LastMile Technologies is a SaaS startup based in Cambridge. LastMile builds solutions which bridge the gaps between web apps used in the workplace such as Google Mail, Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, and many more (i.e. “enterprise web”). Our first product, Treev, allows knowledge workers to access and share information in web apps faster. We are currently in private beta.

Last Mile logo.

Legal Sphere

Legal Sphere is an online legal platform which allows lawyers and their clients to connect and collaborate online. For the clients, the cloud-based offering is a complete end-to-end service which enables legal advice to be personalised, affordable and accessible. For lawyers, it offers a flexible working model which will fall in line with changes to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority guidance which permits freelance work.

Visit the Legal Sphere website

Legal Sphere logo.


Localvest helps small businesses obtain lower-cost financing than traditional banks by issuing gifts as interest to their loyal customers. Leveraging our proprietary algorithm, online platform and social media, we empower small businesses to source investments from their customers and in return, offer them with high value-for-money interests in gifts and services. At the end of the lending term, the full amount of the principal will be returned to the investors. We make money by charging a fee from the successful deal amounts

Localvest logo.

MAP Innovation

MAP Innovation is a startup company focused on product development primarily within the logistics industry. We are currently developing our own MAP-Ping™ system which is a synergetic product that could also be adapted for other applications.

The system aims to eradicate asset loss and provide customers with an interface that can be utilised to enhance current logistical systems or provide a platform to develop a new one. Our remit was to develop a low cost system that addresses problems associated with similar products, incorporate the latest technology and employ hardware that is reliable, efficient and ideally maintenance free.

MAP Innovation logo.

The Marketing Meetup

The Marketing Meetup is a positively lovely community of marketers from around the world. We educate and connect marketers, doing it in an environment that values kindness and community above all else.

Logo the marketing meetup 254x127 1


More than one in three people are predicted to develop cancer at some point during their lifetime. Current cancer detection approaches have limitations and usually capture very late stages. 46 per cent of cancer-diagnosed patients, however, would have benefited from early detection and stratification. The society’s costs due to loss of productivity from cancer account for £18 billion a year in the UK, and the NHS could save more than £200 million a year from early diagnostics.

We are developing a method, which can detect global changes in DNA, known to occur very early in cancer pathogenesis and are also a useful biomarker for cancer stratification. The test is cheap, fast and based on a widely used clinical methodology, which can easily be adopted by clinical labs. As such, our test can also be useful in less developed countries, which cannot afford high-tech and expensive novel technologies such as genomic sequencing.

MeDNA logo.


The vision of MicroInventa is to predict, isolate and grow valuable bacterial strains from the human intestinal microbiome for the purpose of therapeutic microbiome engineering.

The last decade of research has brought a tremendous surge in our understanding of the intestinal microbiome and its role in a wide range of human diseases. Metagenomic studies have linked disturbances in the bacterial composition of the intestinal microbiome to various health conditions, including allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, and cancer.

These findings have incited hopes for a rapid clinical development of microbiome-based therapies. Currently, the only approved microbiome therapy approved by the FDA is faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). FMT is becoming a viable, and effective treatment for recurrent Clostridium difficile infection.  However, widespread therapeutic application of FMT is hampered by difficulties to standardise and control the procedure, since it involves the transfer of a large number of bacteria, viruses, and other eukaryotes, not all of which are needed or tolerated by the recipient.

A promising alternative strategy for treating these conditions is to supplement and eliminate specific beneficial and pathogenic bacterial strains, respectively, with the goal of re-establishing a healthy microbiome composition. Importantly, gut bacteria secrete metabolites with therapeutic value. MicroInventa uses algorithms to predict the presence of biosynthetic gene clusters for valuable metabolites and is building cutting-edge microfluidic technology to isolate bacterial strains from the gut that release these metabolites. Using this approach, we aim to develop the next-generation probiotic and postbiotic drugs for the treatment of microbiome-associated diseases.

MicroInventa logo.


MiniTLS provides software for embedded devices to secure connections with the Internet. This prevents them from being hacked. We offer an open source version to embedded device manufacturers with a commercial version that incurs a license fee.

MiniTLS logo.


NG:Safe is a Cambridge based medtech start-up developing a connected health solution for real-time monitoring of nasogastric feeding tube (NGT) position. Incorrect NGT misplacement is a life-threatening complication and NHS never event, yet still occurs in critical care units across the developed world. NG:Safe’s breakthrough technology exploits fundamental differences between the microenvironments of the lung and stomach to provide a cost effective solution to a growing yet tractable problem in critical care. Together with our clinical collaborators, NG:Safe will eliminate uncertainty in nasogastric feeding tube placement.

NG:Safe logo.


Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is an aggressive blood cancer with over 60,000 new cases in developed countries each year. Up to 70% survive the first onset of the disease but these patients require long term monitoring to detect possible relapse of the disease. Current methods for monitoring the disease and detecting relapse are costly and time-consuming.

nSense is proposing a new diagnostic tool that is cheaper, more accessible and much faster than the conventional test. Our test is a ‘lab-on-a-chip’ which can detect previously validated biomarkers in cancer cells. We envisage that the chip could be easily modified to detect different blood cancers apart from AML. The design of the nSense chip also allows for the enrichment of blood cell types for further analysis.

This test could be used in hospital oncology departments, by GPs and in clinical trials to assess the efficacy of new therapeutics. We aim to partner with cancer charities and biopharmaceutical companies to deliver our test.

nSense logo.


Nuklius is a start-up whose vision is to create micro-Silicon Valleys everywhere. We are building a platform which matches start-up ideas to the people and skill sets who can build it. 

Watch Nuklius in discussion with Luther Phillips

Nuklius logo.

Numa Health

Globally, hundreds of millions of patients do not have guaranteed access to doctors or healthcare services due to scarcity of healthcare resources, and this leads to poor health outcomes for many of these patients.

Numa Health ensures patients and carers always have access to the right health advice and appropriate care when they need it most. By providing high quality healthcare information and advice through convenient mobile device channels, Numa Health ensures patients can access the best available healthcare services and products. Numa Health also ensures that health-focused organisations can better reach their target patient groups.

Numa Health logo.

Obsequio Software

More people use Facebook each month than there were humans on the planet 90 years ago. Data privacy regulation is racing to keep pace with how our data is collected and shared. Millions of companies rely on consent from their customers to use their data.

Compliance is a necessary burden. Managing customer consent is complex and expensive. That something requires effort is no excuse for doing it badly.

Removing the obstacles to doing consent well allows companies to focus on their customers.

Obsequio automates the capture and recording of consent, giving both requester and requestee full visibility of what’s been agreed to and when, minimising risk and effort.

Obsequio Software logo.

Oculare AI

Oculare AI is a healthcare technology company specialising in eye health. Using AI to analyse eye images in order to detect eye disease, the company helps physicians to treat patients more effectively and efficiently. Oculare AI is focused on prevention of disease, and its technology is designed to regularly monitor patients eye health in order to detect signs of deterioration early so that treatment can take place before problems arise. The company’s mission is to help end blindness in the world.

Oculare AI logo.

Oliver Zolman MD

Oliver Zolman MD is an organisation whose mission is to run high quality clinical trials for combination therapies that reverse the aging process to decades younger levels in all organs across the body. In the past five years science has progressed to a point where this is no longer the goal of science fiction. In 2019 for example, the FDA approved the first clinical trial for slowing the fundamental aging process in humans. We specialise in combining evidence-based therapies that slow and reverse aging in different organs, to help slow and reverse aging across the whole body. From sleep, diet, exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol intake, to zombie-cell killing drugs (senolytics), stem cell therapy, gene therapy, regenerative pharmaceuticals and optimal medical condition management, we help develop and combine evidence-based therapies that are important for slowing and reversing aging.

Visit the Oliver Zolman MD website

Logo oliver zolman md 254x127 1

OneTest Diagnostics

OneTest Diagnostics is a Cambridge-based biotech startup developing a novel method of tracking response of cancer to therapy. We currently target colorectal cancer with the option to further develop the product for monitoring a wide range of cancers. Despite recent advances in cancer therapy, the most widely prescribed treatments are still incredibly toxic. Our point-of-care diagnostic device monitors the proportion of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in a patient’s blood sample to determine how a patient is responding to therapy. OneTest’s novel approach removes the month-long wait and high costs associated with tracking this ctDNA by sequencing and allows clinicians to longitudinally monitor treatment response in near real-time, leading to rapid decision making on choice of therapy. Better monitoring of cancer to guide personalised treatment increases patient quality of life and improves survival rates. Our team of highly qualified scientists and engineers is working on a solution to realise that goal.

[email protected]

OneTest Diagnostics logo.

Orca Scan

Barcode technology first made its impact on business productivity in the late 1970s, yet due to the complexity and high costs associated with implementing enterprise barcode solutions, the majority of organisations still rely on pen, paper and spreadsheets to manage their assets and inventory.

Orca Scan was designed to dramatically simplify, and lower the cost of enterprise barcode solutions to make barcode tracking technology available to all, regardless of company size or budget. They do that by removing the need for expensive hardware and custom software development, by leveraging cloud computing and the smartphone we’re all carrying in our pockets.

Visit the Orca Scan website

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A partnership of experts in cultural and natural heritage, Patrimonde aims to apply the insights developed through in-depth research and critical analysis to heritage management projects in order to develop holistic approaches that acknowledge and engage with different stakeholders such that complexities on the ground become an asset to developing improved practices.

Our services would include unique research methods and attuned management approaches, such as cultural ecosystem mapping. Our products would include tangible outreach and dissemination materials and socio-cultural impact assessments.

Pentail Enzymes

We are a biotechnology company harnessing the power of enzymes to improve human health. Pentail’s primary goal is to engineer and produce enzymes that target harmful substances in the human body for rapid elimination. Our prototype enzymes are being developed to neutralise a range of misused drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, which when overdosed can often lead to death or permanent organ damage. As the incidence of drug intoxication reaches epidemic levels worldwide, with significant health and social costs, our technology will provide an accessible tool for emergency services, ultimately helping to save lives.

Visit the Pentail Enzymes website

Pentail Enzymes logo.


Drugs are chemicals that cure diseases by interacting with other entities in our body called ‘targets’; they can be divided into: small molecules (e.g. Ibuprofen), peptides (e.g. insulin) and biologics (e.g. antibodies). Peptides are a fast-emerging class of molecules in the pharmaceutical landscape because they interact with targets which are currently inaccessible with traditional small molecules and biologics; however, peptides need to be modified to become useful drugs.

Currently, there is a limited ability to modify peptides into drugs in a quick and cost-effective way leaving many diseases uncured and slowing down the delivery of life-changing medicines to patients.

Pep2Smart is a drug-discovery company that uses a novel type of chemistry to generate peptides that overcome the limitations of traditional peptides. Unlike other companies, Pep2Smart evaluates the peptides in cells, in a streamlined manner and selects only those that are drug-like. This means that, in a very limited amount of time, we deliver peptides that have high chances of becoming drugs. Pep2Smart provides the pharmaceutical industry with peptides that can cure previously inaccessible diseases, disrupting traditional peptide drug-discovery and fast-tracking the delivery of medicines for unmet medical needs.

Pep2Smart logo.

perfeXia Health Technologies

We’re reinventing remote diagnostics and clinical decision making with 100% deep learning that allows you to improve your health and wellbeing seamlessly.

Rather than relying solely on GP visits, you’ll be able to regularly monitor, and even share your health information with your GP for a bigger — and better — picture of your health.

Visit the perfeXia Health Technologies website


Pexxi (formerly Sura)

Pexxi is a personal medicine platform that tailors and monitors oral contraceptive use based on every woman’s unique biological profile; medical history, mental health, genetics and hormone levels.

Visit the Pexxi website



Polysolar produces window glass that generates electricity. Polysolar’s transparent, building-integrated photovoltaic glazing enables clean energy generation in the built environment, by making the entire surface area of buildings available for energy capture. Critically, our multifunctional products also reduce thermal gain and ultimately make an attractive return on financial investment through energy savings. Polysolar panels are more appropriate for use in the built environment than crystalline silicon PV for three key technical reasons: our BIPV works more efficiently at low light level, so it can be used on vertical walls and non south facing surfaces; our panels work more efficiently at elevated temperatures, meaning they can be thermally insulated; also, the electrical arrangement of our panels leads to better resistance to partial shading. Critically, our panels allow architectural flexibility and better aesthetics, which is fundamental to wider adoption of PV in urban environments.

Polysolar logo.


PostEra is the first company to algorithmically complete the ‘design-make-test’ cycle of drug discovery. Our machine learning methods iteratively design the best drug candidates, decide how to make them, and test the compounds using the most informative experiments. With this new technology, we can search new areas of chemical space hitherto unexplored. Furthermore, incorporation of model uncertainty allows our algorithms to be aware of their own limitations, allowing for safer and more cost-effective predictions when compounds must be synthesised and experimentally verified. Ultimately, these novel approaches allow us to industrialise the traditionally artisanal field of drug discovery.

PostEra logo.


ProcessMate is a cloud solution that helps businesses keep track of recurring workflows, handle documents and communication, and inform of current progress at any time.

Your team tracks process execution and collaborates without delays and lost information. Managers get valuable insights on efficiency of processes as charts and reports, so it’s easy to run and improve your business flows.

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ProcessMate logo.


QBio is building a pioneering platform to deliver targeted, personalised antibiotics, faster.

QBio creates optimisation technology for the next generation of data infrastructure and is the maker of the first industrial strength deep reinforcement learning library. Today, applications run in software containers on a growing range of devices and hosts ranging from local and remote servers to different cloud service providers and edge devices. is building software which learns optimal device assignments for software tasks and adjusts human resource requests to minimise energy consumption, hosting cost and resource usage. logo.

Repeat XP

The Repeat Experience (XP) is a Cambridge-based startup fighting food insecurity.

The team is developing a platform that guarantees the user to gain and maintain a healthy diet while experiencing constraints to achieve it, such as lack of time, knowledge and money. Repeat XP applies machine learning to maximise the user grocery expenditure, buying in the most efficient and intelligent way. It also provides the user with the knowledge to have a healthy and diverse diet and saves them some time on planning and preparation.

In other words, Repeat XP is a personal diet and grocery shopping assistant! Repeat XP aims to create a social impact, and will be free of charge, enabling everyone to enjoy the benefits of The Repeat Experience.

Repeat XP logo.


Scope is the only news site which has the technology to group all of the content about the same headline together which means no more having to go to Twitter to see what people saying, no more having to find a video on YouTube to see the action, it’s all there delivered from across the globe in the you way you choose.

Scope is taking on the very important issue of filter bubbles, exposing a diversity of opinion on important news headlines to help break people out of the digital filter bubbles from which they’ve be placed, giving them back control of the news they see.

Scope logo.

Seedlink are designing a low-cost, easy-to-use chemical swab which tests for pesticide residue on food crops. A large percentage of cocoa exported from West Africa is rejected because of high levels of pesticide residue. Current testing methods are lab-based and far out of reach for smallholder farmers or cooperatives. Seedlink allows testing to take place at the source, so farmers can measure and control their pesticide use. This also gives smallholder farmers the ability to know whether their cocoa passes EU regulations for pesticide use, enabling those farmers to access the lucrative export markets directly.

Seedlink logo.


Seizen are developing a medical device which remotely monitors your health and delivers insights straight to you through a mobile app. Using a unique combination of chemical and physical sensors allows analysis to be done in the comfort of your own home. Through data collection and analysis using our machine learning and deep learning algorithms we can provide early diagnosis and suggest tailored lifestyle changes which can increase the probability of disease prevention.

Seizen logo.

Shallow Waters

Shallow Waters is a social enterprise working on a long-term, community-led coral reef management programme in Cambodia’s Koh Sdach archipelago. We host international volunteers at our research outpost on the island of Koh Sdach, whether they are students looking to undertake their own research in a unique marine environment, or those seeking to gain scuba qualifications whilst practically contributing to marine conservation in a developing country.

Shallow Waters logo.

Shinbone Networks

Shinbone Networks builds a cost-effective and scalable information network of your infrastructure and assets, which enables you to quantify their performance, make better decisions about their management, and implement those decisions responsively in real-time. Using our native hardware and its bundled cloud-hosted software, our vision is to apply machine intelligence in distributed real-world networks to the management of built and natural environments for improved social, economic, and ecological outcomes. Our mission is the mass deployment of radically affordable networking technology to play a transformative role in infrastructure, environment, and energy management. We have developed the Shinbone technology and business concept from our team’s industry experience and research background.

Shinbone Networks logo.


The Simplet is a simple videophone for the elderly. Social isolation amongst the elderly is an increasing problem. Over 10 million people in the UK are over 65 and this is expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 25 years; one third live alone. Some elderly people enjoy using video applications, such as Skype, to keep in touch with friends and family. However, such technology is often too difficult to use for a large proportion of this demographic. 

Simplet logo.


SisterStories is a web platform that celebrates the tenacity of the female spirit by providing young women with a positive environment where they can share stories of facing, and rising to the challenges of every day life. We aim to ensure that any woman can tell, with pride, her story of tenacity and strength. We welcome stories by girls and young women, which fall under the broad subject of Still I Rise – how girls make choices to overcome the obstacles in their daily lives. These stories can be up to 1,000 words in length, or in the form of a multimedia project, such as a collage, drawing, photo essay, video, song, etc. Through positive storytelling, we hope to shine light on women’s every day victories.

Sixfold Bioscience (formerly RNAissance Therapeutics)

PostEra is the first company to algorithmically complete the ‘design-make-test’ cycle of drug discovery. Our machine learning methods iteratively design the best

Sixfold Bioscience is a biotech startup developing drug delivery nanotools for cancer.

Cancers are complex diseases driven by multiple genetic pathways but the currently available therapeutics target only individual pathways. This leads to ineffective treatments and build up of resistance. Meanwhile, combining therapeutics results in excessive toxicities and serious side effects. Therefore, there is a large unmet clinical need of delivering multimodal therapeutics specifically and effectively to cancer cells while minimising toxicities.

Sixfold’s RNA nanoring provides several distinct advantages, including specific cancer cell targeting and simultaneous delivery of up to six different therapeutics to an individual cell, that can address the drug delivery challenge even to the most inaccessible regions in the body such as the brain. Sixfold was founded by three Postdocs/PhDs from Cambridge and the Francis Crick Institute. With already established strategic collaborations at the NIH (USA) and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, we aim to mount a sixfold attack on cancer to provide better treatments for patients.

Visit the Sixfold Bioscience website

Sixfold Bioscience logo.


Many people find investing to be overwhelming. There are thousands of possible investments to choose from, so it is tedious to find suitable candidates, and the presentation is very impersonal, based mostly on dry numbers. SocialInvest aims to make investing more accessible and fun. We find investment opportunities that are meaningful to each user, based on their interests and networks. For example, the system shows opportunities from towns the user lived in, and businesses run by alumni from your school. To make the process easy, we employ existing information from the user’s social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to automatically build a profile of user interests and personal networks. SocialInvest is the modern way to invest.

[email protected]

SocialInvest logo.


The Soko app provides a platform that directly links smallholder farmers in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa to wholesale buyers in towns and cities with logistics enabled by a specialised third-party platform. Small holder farmers produce 80 per cent of the food consumed in the region but have long been undercut by middlemen that exploit the farmers’ lack of market information and access. Middlemen buy their produce at low prices in rural areas and sell it on to commercial and institutional buyers in towns and cities at large mark-ups. Soko facilitates a direct link between farmer and buyer, ensuring higher revenues for farmers on one hand, and lower prices combined with supply chain transparency for buyers on the other.

Logo soko 254x127 1


Digital currencies represent the future of global on and offline payments. They are fast, cheap, convenient, irreversible and do not rely on a central authority to oversee and run them. They are not limited by geography or nationality and enable payments to be made between people on opposite sides of the globe in seconds lowering the barrier to global business and travel. At the same time, their design and cost structure enable the 2.5 billion unbanked adults worldwide (over 60 per cent of the world’s adult population) to finally have a method of transacting and saving out with the cash economy. 

Solidi aims to make buying, selling, spending and holding digital currencies as easy as using cash, while retaining all the benefits of an unforgeable digital token. 

We provide a UK-based, person-to-person matching exchange tightly integrated with the UK Faster Payments System, a mobile app to buy and sell on the exchange, monthly savings options, and an easy to use mobile wallet which supports repurchasing digital currencies as you spend them. 

We are regulated by HMRC as a Bureau de Change and are actively pursuing registration with the FCA as a Money Services Business. Our founders have substantial experience in FinTech and mobile having worked at major investment banks and mobile technology firms.

[email protected]

Visit the Solidi website

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Solviq (formerly Musiqroom)

Solviq have created a targeted advertising platform to reach niche and hyperlocal music communities. By applying scalable leading technologies, we are enabling musicians to spend more time doing what they love. Our platform is designed to be applicable and accessible at all levels, from professional to amateur hobbyist. It enables our users to spend more time doing what they love, making music, by helping them worry less about organising, meeting and staying connected with their peers. Our targeted advertising platform applies scalable, leading edge technologies to match advertisers with musicians in a highly personalised and immersive way. Unlike most digital searches, our algorithms filter and match very precisely, based on individuals’ skills, interests, needs and “pin in map” or “hyperlocal” location.

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We developed SoundOFF to protect workers against noise-induced hearing loss and still have environmental awareness and the ability to communicate effectively. SoundOFF is a smart selective noise control solution. The noise-cancelling technology together with Artificial intelligence will allow users to select the sounds they want to remove. This will lead to more enjoyable life experiences as well as improve safety in the working environment. For example, in the manufacturing industry noise levels are particularly high and require the use of common ear protective devices which may hinder the ability of someone to hear another co-worker shouting or asking for help. SoundOFF will guarantee the user is never exposed to noise levels above the safety limits, thus, it will automatically lower any sound higher than the prescribed level.

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If you secretly believe in the phrase “Code is King” then we say sourceCREATOR™ is the way to treat it like one! sourceCREATOR is an innovative tool for the 21st century programmer to better organise, manage, share and even sell source code. With only a few clicks, it allows programmers to turn their existing code in any language into components that make code much easier to maintain and understand. Additionally, users have the option to do it all graphically while letting sourceCREATOR take care of keeping the components, the code and the graphical design in sync at all times. sourceCREATOR is being developed by visualSilicon, a provider of hi-tech support-engineering services based in Cambridge, formed of multiple talented individuals with decades of experience each in software, hardware and user experience design – no team around here beats one where one of the team has shaken hands with Steve Jobs.

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Founded in 2014 by three Cambridge alumni, Spacesuit offers a revolutionary solution that helps your company to transport products with complex shapes inside containers with maximum efficiency.

How does it work? Some products are too large to be transported in one piece and break bulk transport might be too expensive. This is where Spacesuit can help. Our client only needs to upload the 3D model of the product they would like to transport onto the Spacesuit cloud servers. We run our optimisation algorithm, which arranges the product parts inside the containers to maximise the loading efficiency. To do this we use advanced mathematics and 3D modelling interfaces. 

What type of product does Spacesuit work with? Many industries face complex container loading problems. Some potential clients for Spacesuit include producers of heavy-duty machinery, defence equipment, automotive parts, aerospace items, oil & gas equipment and renewable technologies. 

What do you get? Once the optimisation process has finished, we provide you with three things: The minimum number of containers required to transport your product, a list of items in each container in the loading order and a drawing of the optimal arrangement the items in each container.

What is the benefit for your company? This solution allows your company to reduce the transport cost by decreasing the number of containers required thereby cutting costs associated to transport such as insurance, duties and packing materials. We also help reduce unnecessary internal design time of the containerisation process.

Spacesuit is an easy way to reduce your transport cost, help the environment and increase your company efficiency.

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Spectranomy is developing tools and technologies to transform wireless spectrum management for regulators, operators and vendors in the trillion-dollar 5G+ wireless industry. Our patent-pending systems manage the underlying spectrum resource more efficiently, improving capacity and coverage, and saving money for our customers. In doing so, Spectranomy will benefit society as a whole.

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Spliceor Therapeutics

Spliceor Therapeutics is an early stage research and development biotechnology company based on translational medical research in Professor Andrew Lever’s laboratory in the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge.

Co-founded by Dr Carin Ingemarsdotter and Professor Lever, the proposed business aims at developing novel curative treatments for certain types of aggressive cancers that do not respond well to current treatment. Our therapeutics are based on a gene-therapy platform technology and we have identified a common mechanism for therapeutic development against liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, successful treatment of which are major unmet medical needs. Our technology is applicable to many other malignancies. Our mission is to provide curative and easily tolerated gene therapies to cancer patients.

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Storimarket is social business that sources food products directly from ethical producers and smallholder farmers in developing regions. The online platform gives UK customers and food retailers the opportunity to buy directly in a transparent and fair way. Our current products include dried fruit, nuts and cocoa as well as tea and coffee.

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Stroma Therapeutics

Stroma Therapeutics is an early-stage biotechnology spinout based on the translational research from Dr Ingo Ringshausen’s laboratory within the Department of Haematology and Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

The proposed University of Cambridge spinout aims to develop therapeutics that specifically target pathways in the tumour microenvironment which are critically relied upon by a number of cancers. By targeting conserved dependencies on the neighboring environment, cancers are more susceptible to existing chemotherapies, with no additional side effects observed. Our mission is to treat the whole disease, not just the tumour but also its micro-environment, to enable better outcomes for many cancers with unmet medical need.

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Available on iOS and Android, Synced allows users to leave informative marks in real world locations. These marks are shown to other app users as they approach the location and to explorers worldwide.

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Syrona Women

Syrona Women, a non-invasive, rapid diagnostic tool to help women better manage their own reproductive health both in the comfort of their own homes and future use by physicians in clinical settings. Syrona leverages the latest diagnostic technology combined with a unique sample which enables detection of multiple novel biomarkers indicative of STIs and reproductive cancers.

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Tailor Bio

Tailor Bio (formerly Pinpoint Oncology), is an oncology diagnostics company that is developing a proprietary precision oncology platform to identify patterns in tumour DNA to predict a patient’s response to cancer drugs.

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Tinker Design

Tinker Design, a wearable technology company addressing health, wellness and comfort. Athena, by Tinker is a smart interactive massage shoe controlled via your smartphone for a customised massage on your feet. The sensor technology allows the user to measure feedback and customise different massage sensations. It is personalised to transform your wellbeing to help optimise your lifestyle for healthy living – engaging each individual in an inherently personal way.

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TiWiWa is an online video retail platform that aims to revolutionise the way people watch content and shop online. As creatives with backgrounds in TV format development and production as well as Film, Commercial and TV post-production/VXF and a combined industry experience of over 15 years, the co-founders will produce their own narrative content with products used purposefully and plot connected. By applying a technology that will allow tracking, tagging and “hot-spotting” products, they’ll become instantly clickable and ‘shoppable’. TiWiWa can help consumers to enjoy pre-roll and pop-up ad-free content and to discover unique must-have items whilst offering brands a new channel to reach customers.

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Tx is a digital health platform for chronic disease management of thyroid conditions. Tx is specifically geared towards women as one in eight women globally suffer from thyroid-related conditions which can have a pervasive effect on women’s health issues. Current standard of care for thyroid conditions still heavily relies upon blood test results rather than symptom-based care for patients. To help solve this issue and better support patients, Tx allows patients to track their symptoms over a longitudinal basis, identify relevant trends and helps patients communicate with their doctors more effectively and efficiently. With initial anonymised patient data, we will use machine learning analysis to help patients predict fluctuations in their condition in order to more proactively manage their condition, eventually with the goal of becoming a clinician support tool for medication dosages.

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Tyhmely (formerly Flower Street Labs) is a team of engineers and chefs working together to change the way people think about food. As more and more people start to become aware of how their diet affects their health and the environment, many want to shift to more a plant-based diet.

We started Tyhmely because we wanted to make it simpler and more convenient for people to explore and enjoy plant-based cooking at home. We’re making healthy, tasty and interesting meal times an achievable goal for everyone, no matter how busy or new to cooking they are.

We make sure that every meal not only tastes incredible but also does good for our customers and the planet by carefully crafting exquisite plant-based recipes that use fantastic seasonal produce.

We’re launching our seasonal and plant-based recipe kits across the UK at the end of 2018.

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typewise is an online platform that promotes efficient translation services tailored specifically to academic needs. By connecting customers to a core group of University of Cambridge students, we ensure high quality assistance at competitive prices. With a range of over 50 languages and representation in over 100 subject areas, we connect customers to individual students that can provide excellent service with specialised expertise and high language proficiency.

With typewise, we want to connect people, especially academics, to a close-knitted community that knows no boundaries for communication.

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With a specific focus on the sport and leisure industry (worth €450bn globally in 2013) UKSI have developed two products to facilitate professional sports clubs to both build and leverage their brand equity to yield additional and sustainable cashflow.

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Unlimitech is a Cambridge-based data startup developing a platform technology to help people optimise fitness and nutrition.

Unlimitech is precision fitness tracking, unleashed.

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UserContext.AI are a UK-based, deep technology company that builds next generation intelligent services to enable businesses to better understand the needs and interests of their users. They devise machine learning based online services that can automatically detect the task the user is trying to achieve when they interact with an online system (e.g. a search engine, a chatbot, an intelligent assistant, a web portal, etc.) and provide them with better contextual assistance that can help towards completing their tasks with very little effort.

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With fraudulent certificates and degrees being increasingly accessible for purchase online, educational institutions, learners, and employers alike are finding it expensive and time-consuming to verify the authenticity of certificates. Paper-based certificates are also vulnerable to loss or damage. The current systems and record keeping processes are fragmented. Holders of certificates have to deal with multiple institutions, often with different processes, digital systems and agencies to manage and verify them.

Uverify is an instant verification tool that is powered by blockchain technology that addresses these issues. We enable learners to manage and take ownership of their lifetime record of certificates and other professional qualifications. Certificates issued by institutions are digital, instantly verifiable, immutable, and secure. Our digital passport creates a single profile view of the learner’s fragmented credentials. Uverify helps institutions combat fraud and saves them time and money by automating the verification process.

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ValidApp verifies applications to schools by testing the authorship of submitted essays and recommendation letters using forensic linguistics and natural language processing. Our software utilises advanced stylometry to test submitted writing and our system constructs a writing profile unique as a fingerprint to each and individual student. While ValidApp is initially used for application verification purposes, institutions can continue to use our services and extend it to the students’ assignments and coursework. We want students who are the most deserving, not the most resourced, to get a fair shot at entry into and graduating from the world’s top educational institutions.

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At Verchable, we make videos readable and searchable using artificial intelligence and computer vision. Our proprietary technology runs 150 times faster than real-time and can detect people, places and actions within videos in a scalable way. The speed and resulting lower computational power allows us to generate metadata tags for archive as well as live streaming videos for use cases in content recommendation, visibility, search, licensing and contextual advertising. Currently, we are working with news and media companies to help them contextually understand their videos, faster and cheaper.

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Vocalens is a Cambridge University spin-out startup developing smart wearable assistive technology for people with visual impairment. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and co-founded by two engineers and Cambridge MBAs.

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Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre offers personalised, evidence based and integrated wellbeing programs at your workplace. Our team of doctors, complementary healthcare practitioners, nutritionists and movement coaches help you maximise your time and energy to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. To ensure you’re on track, we’ll work with you to capture and review your progress using medical tests, wearable devices and questionnaires. Are you ready to reclaim your health and wellbeing?

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Wizion AI (formerly Imageheal) develops business software that uses deep learning and computer vision. Wizion is a new image and video search tool which puts privacy first. It allows you to quickly find images and video from your desktop and server. Imagine having personal search engine to quickly find your own digital assets. Wizion takes a reference image and finds all similar images and video. You can then save the found images in a new folder and use them in your work. Unlike competitors, Wizion does not require you to upload anything to the cloud.

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Xcan Net

Xcan Net provides software and a cloud-based solution that enables doctors to analyse X-ray images more quickly and accurately. We use neural networks (a machine learning technique) to rank images by their severity and highlight potentially dangerous features to radiologists. Our system offers an effective solution to tackle the increasing demand on X-ray image reporting and the large shortage of radiologists across the world. The Xcan Net team has medical, programming as well as consulting expertise.

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Yagro is on a mission to help farmers become more financially sustainable by connecting the agricultural supply chain and making farm input purchasing faster, easier and fairer. We’re developing a trusted, independent platform for farmers to manage their trading relationships; a platform that will connect Agriculture.

The opportunity is massive. Come capture it with us.  

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