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Previous participants

These ventures have previously participated in the Accelerate Cambridge programme:


AlphaBrick is a novel software platform for the easy design, exchange and creation of DNA circuitry. Our platform aims to solve key problems faced by the synthetic biology community: increased complexity of gene circuit design due to difficulty in team collaboration; difficulty in the exchange of gene circuit parts; the need for advanced programming experience in order to work with automated cloud labs to save time. These problems are solved by: enabling a quicker and trackable design process; facilitating the buying and selling of gene circuit parts to make collaboration easier; integrating with cloud laboratories in order to allow our users to save time. 

Alpha Brick logo

Antibody Supply Service

Antibody Supply Service distributes protein research tools to life scientists, providing over 70,000 reagents, all supplied with detailed, honest data at affordable prices.

We carefully select each reagent manufacturer we partner with, to ensure that we only offer high quality tools that generate reliable and reproducible results.

We promise:

  • Full transparency about the original source of every product 
  • Exceptional customer service 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Honest, accurate supporting data 
  • Guaranteed product quality

Visit the Antibody Supply Service website

Antibody supply service logo


AppLapp is a spin-off from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics with the mission to democratise and streamline the tests for the cognitive development of children. These tests are currently inaccessible to parents, cost speech therapists hundreds of pounds, and take around 30 minutes to happen. We will make these tests accessible to parents and speech therapists and reduce the time to five minutes.

App Lapp logo


Data can be noisy, partial, non-uniform, big, and complex. It comes in all flavours! We believe that the relations within the data are the key to get the most out of it. We look at the structure of your data and model it as a graph. This gives us an edge when it comes to analysis and prediction. We understand the anatomy of the dataset and apply techniques designed to use this information. Arboricity is a Cambridge-based technology startup developing a platform to analyse massive datasets using techniques from graph theory, signal processing, and machine learning. We are currently developing a toolbox of algorithms and technologies to handle data analysis on big graphs. Our team members are active researchers with background and experience in graphs, algorithms, and big data.

Arboricity logo


Babihub has developed wearable technology to encourage toddlers to learn through active play. The early years is a pivotal part of growth in a child’s development and it’s crucial that children develop positive behaviour habits around being physically active, exploring their environment and socially engaging with other children. Despite this importance, young children are becoming more inactive with research showing that nine in 10 children aged between two and four years not meeting requirements set by the chief medical officer for physical activity per day. Added to this, further research indicates that one in five children are already overweight by pre-school. Unfortunately, current uses of technology are contributing to this, resulting in children spending large parts of their day in a sedentary position. Babihub believes that technology is encapsulating and can be used in a different more positive way to encourage young children to learn through active play. Babihub’s wearable and smart connected devices create playful digital interactions that encourage children to learn through being active and exploring. Babihub’s wearable and smart connected devices will initially be sold into nurseries as a tool that enables the nursery to efficiently monitor physical activity and location of play. Detailed insights into each child's behaviour will enable the nurseries to quickly develop personalised learning plans for each child. Beyond monitoring, our products will also act as a digital tool for nurseries and parents to encourage the children to learn through exploring.

Babihub logo

Bright Stream

Bright Stream's focus is a multi-platform e-reader application that supports struggling readers (initially primary school children). Our app bridges the gap between sounding out words, phoneme by phoneme, and reading fluently for meaning and pleasure. It does this by using technology to intuitively give readers the kind of support and confidence that reading with a parent or teacher would give them.

The child has control over the process and experience of independent reading which enables them to continue to make progress while allowing teachers or parents to keep an accurate record of their development.

Bright Stream's mission is to end the shame of lifelong illiteracy.

Visit the Bright Stream website

Bright Stream logo

CamBioScience Limited

Since 2015 CamBioScience Limited has provided intensive training courses in breakthrough life science technologies for professionals in academia and industry. To date the company has trained an international customer base of professional scientists from over 50 leading academic and industrial institutions and more than 20 countries worldwide. As of 2017 CamBioScience began scaling-up its capacity to deliver breakthrough course content via the construction of a bespoke cloud-based e-learning platform aimed at disrupting high-tech knowledge acquisition and assessment in the wider life science sectors (biotechnology, bioengineering, biopharma and medtech). By making use of our in-house machine learning capabilities we are able to fully individualise the learning process for high-skilled professionals at the very top of their industries. The CamBioScience team is made up of three PhD trained co-founding directors who are aptly supported by a team of leading software developers and a videographer.

CamBio Science logo

Cambridge Biolabs

Cambridge Biolabs are a biotech-meets-tech company developing personalised skincare solutions consisting of digital skin diagnosis followed by bespoke cosmetic formulation to meet the unique needs of unique people. The idea stems from the observation that millions of people all around the world use ineffective or unsuitable cosmetics every day because the off-the-shelf products currently available on the market do not correspond to the complex set of individual needs. This leads to inadvertent negligence and wrong choices due to lack of optimal solution.

To overcome this we propose Personal Cosmetic System capable of creating more possible personalised formulations than people on Earth. After individual skin diagnosis aided by advanced software and hardware the optimal formula is worked out and created uniquely for the person in question. Our formulations are designed to deliver. Each personalised formula boasts 20 to 40 targeted active ingredients thus providing unprecedented level of skin health benefits as compared to the 2 to 3 random active ingredients present in most cosmetics currently available on the market.

Thanks to its uniqueness Personal Cosmetic System makes sure that nobody neglects some of his or her skin needs because of lack of choice and knowledge. It also ensures that, based on individual tolerance, unwanted substances be avoided and optimal results achieved.

Cambridge Biolabs logo

Cambridge Development Initiative

Cambridge Development Initiative's entrepreneurship project was established in 2014, and has gone from strength to strength since then. The project runs an annual eight week course in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The aim of this course is to help local students and recent graduates develop and utilise the skills required to start their own business. The course undertakes this by focussing on the concept of 'Human-Centred Design' (HCD). HCD is the methodology wherein one develops a business by first identifying a problem that needs to be solved. We then work to develop socially positive solutions to the problem at hand. The objective of the course is that by the end of the eight week period the (approximately) 40 participants will be involved in an enterprise. The programme is designed to provide the participants with a clear understanding of what the next steps will be if they would like to carry their business forward. This involves developing business plans as well as finding incubators and other programmes to help the entrepreneurs move forward. The outcomes of this project have been that so far nearly 100 students have benefited from the support network we have developed, with this year being the biggest so far in terms of capacity and resources available. We have established relationships with local and international NGOs as well as local Universities and government bodies to action this goal.

Visit the Cambridge Development Initiative website

Cambridge Development Initiative logo

Cambridge Predictive Analytics

Type 2 diabetes is an acquired disease, and has become one of the leading causes of death. Diabetes is about to become the biggest health care problem around the world and in the United Kingdom in particular. Cambridge Predictive Analytics is developing the technology for monitoring healthy people, that are in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and to provide them a personally tailored nutrition plan to reduce that risk. Further, our goal is to also help people that are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, to maintain safe glucose levels for a  normal life, while reducing the dependency on pharmaceutical and clinical intervention and its side effects.

Cambridge Predictive Analytics logo


CamNeuro aims to develop an electronic device for babies under a year old, which will increase their brain capacities for learning multiple languages. 

Visit the CamNeuro website

CamNeuro logo


CapsuleBot is an orally administrated drug delivery capsule that combines wireless capsule endoscopy technology with drug release robotics to deliver therapeutic compounds right to the disease target. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the western world, treated mainly with systemically administrated chemotherapy. CapsuleBot allows for localised drug delivery right to the cancerous site, thereby reducing side effects and increasing efficiency of treatment. The team behind CapsuleBot is formed of four skilled scientists with a vision to develop the most effective drug delivery system for the treatment of colorectal cancer. CapsuleBot - smart capsule for better health!

Capsulebot logo

CLab (Internal Innovation Hub within Cambridge University Hospitals)

The Cambridge Clinical Innovation Lab (CLab) vision is to help solve the many pressures facing the NHS, including an ageing population, increasing morbidity from long-term conditions, rising costs and constrained budgets by:

  • Capitalising on wealth of local knowledge and expertise from internationally renowned healthcare research organisations based on Cambridge Biomedical Campus
  • Turning unmet needs/problems into innovative cost-effective solutions and new ways of delivering care which are essential to improving patient outcomes, the health and wealth of the nation
  • Connecting early stage ideas in the NHS and academia with commercial expertise and funding and developing them into viable products and services

There are a number of organisations that function locally in the health innovation arena, but a potential niche requirement may exist and CLab will explore this potential, investigate the "market" to see if this is a true assumption, develop a business case, and a project implementation plan.


crybb are changing the way twenty-somethings in London find flatmates. With a powerful matching algorithm and a beautiful, simple, intuitive app, we are turning the mammoth task of finding the right flatmate into fun and easy experience and putting the power back into the users' hands.

Visit the crybb website

Crybb logo

Easy M

Easy M is a system that harnesses smartphone data to measure, monitor, and improve health behaviours. Our apps allow patients to report and track their symptoms while collecting sensor data from their device about their daily behaviours: our data is supporting research, informing carers, and training machine learning algorithms to provide automated and personalised behavioural interventions.

Visit the Easy M website

Easy M logo


EmpathiX emotional intelligence technologies apply machine learning to capture emotions in speech, and help businesses to predict customers' behaviours.

EmpathiX technologies analyse nonverbal expressions in speech, such as volume, pitch, intensity, tone, speed, and other trends; conduct sentiment analytics to validate the emotions and understand the context; and provide real-time feedback about customer emotions and report customer KPIs.

EmpathiX technologies enhance customer experience and transform call centres to profit centres by enabling the following unique value proposition: 

  • Real-time insight: predict customer satisfaction KPI (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and enable call centres to respond to customer in real-time
  • Enhanced profitability: enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and identify opportunities to up/cross-sell existing customers throughout the call
  • Optimised operations: provide simpler feedback mechanism, learn more about the root cause of customers' issue, improve quality reviews, and provide efficient training
  • Gamified customer service: make customer service more interesting and fun, provide empathic route calling that addresses call agents' and customers' social styles
EmpathiX logo

Empire Healthcare and Technology Group

Our business provides medical healthcare services using online platform technologies. We provide tiered services depending on patient choice and budget. Users can access local and international healthcare from family doctors to international experts. Patients will be able to access our online services from remote locations shortening the time and costs involved to be seen by a doctor.

Empire Healthcare and Technology Group

Farming Data

Farming Data aims to bridge the gaps in information flow for smallholding farmers. We are developing a mobile platform that provides real-time market information to smallholder farmers  for buying and selling crops. We will also analyse the collated big data for evidence-based policy action. Our goal is not only to increase the efficiency of surplus crop sales and the economic situation for smallholder farmers, but also to enable positive changes in these regional communities by amplifying their oft-ignored individual voices into a powerful collective voice. Taking advantage of the rapid rise in app technology and proliferation of mobile phones, our platform will allow smallholder farmers to form a digital cooperative, to collaborate with others, and to sell to previously inaccessible markets. Our analysis of high resolution spatiotemporal data will also accurately define emerging food security issues in order to inform agricultural ministries. 

Watch Paul Bergen from Farming Data in discussion with Luther Phillips



Futuresay is an internet hub where you can find the best way to learn English with a real person - and not just a machine, be it an online game or a tape recorder.

Futuresay was launched (originally under the name Learn2) by two Englishmen in Moscow and London. Having learned Russian at British universities, we knew what a difference a language teacher can make. The concept was conceived during a conversation on a hill in China, where we came to understand that learning a language as an adult has particular challenges.

Learners want to concentrate on learning; teachers want to concentrate on teaching.

They shouldn't have to search around for tutors, haggle down prices, negotiate payment terms or worry about scheduling. That's the role of our platform. We have a searchable database of the best tutors, three pricing categories and a simple cancellation policy that we can enforce.

Alex Teddy is a dedicated linguist, who has lived in Russia for several years, speaks French, and has even been known to converse in Bislama, a pidgin dialect found only in the South Pacific.

Will Bland once tried to learn French using a dictionary. His first Russian lesson included the translation for "watertight bulkhead" and he's making slow progress in Chinese.

Access Futuresay's LinkedIn company profile

Visit the Futuresay website

Futuresay logo

Geek Gaps

Share the risk, share the revenue, and ‘mind the gaps’. Investors are itching to purchase shares of your next product’s revenue! With your proven product development history, GeekGaps makes it simple to get your next product funded, without incurring delays, debt, or dilution.

Visit the Geek Gaps website

Geek Gaps logo


GiveBit is an online giving tool seamlessly integrated with existing social media platforms. GiveBit enables donors to give £1 to causes through social media, helping fundraisers reach more people, with higher engagement, at low cost. The action of a retweet on Twitter or like on Instagram will trigger a £1 donation. The simplicity and low value point enables fundraisers to convert social media attention into donations. We aim to turn spontaneous acts of kindness into repeat giving.

Visit the GiveBit website

GiveBit logo


Healark is developing a personalised healthcare companion that enhances cancer treatment through science-based lifestyle guidance. Our goal is not only to help increase successful cancer therapy outcomes but also augment patients' quality of life during and following therapy, which will enhance cancer therapy as a whole. Our product will be delivered via a highly intelligent digital system that will recommend behavioural interventions in areas such as exercise, diet and nutrition, sleep and mental health. Combining scientifically proven interventions with cutting-edge wearable and app technology to seamlessly monitor behaviour and deliver the most appropriate lifestyle recommendations enables the optimisation of our service for each user's individual circumstances - a truly personalised companion to help cancer patients fight back.

Visit the Healark website



HubCiti is a social enterprise that builds trustable crowd-funded businesses in developing countries, which create sustainable and impactful employment opportunities for the locals. Crowd-funders become part of an online community of stakeholders who can collaborate towards the success of their businesses, by discussing ideas and voting on business decisions. We champion transparency by publishing all business details online, in a way that is easy for supporters to understand and track exactly how their money is being put to good use, and seeing the measurable impact they are having on a regular basis.

Iconic Matter

Iconic Matter is a new platform that encourages students to access textbooks on a mobile device anytime, anywhere. Instead of paying up to a horrifying £300 for a hard copy, students can access the required e-textbooks on our platform for a monthly subscription fee. Personalisation, highlighting and note-sharing is also available. In brief we are trying to build "the Netflix for student textbooks".

Visit the Iconic Matter website

Iconic Matter logo


My Personal Fleet is a new way to own a premium car; the independence of owning your own car with the desire for more flexibility and a customised ownership experience. Why own one car over three years, when you can own three different cars over one year? We provide flexible car ownership with no deposit and an inclusive and predictable monthly payment that allows you to swap between a range of premium sports cars and all-wheel-drive vehicles three times per year. We make ownership seamless and hassle-free, taking care of tax, maintenance and delivery, while providing a first-class customer experience with dedicated ownership support that allows you to plan your next vehicle or upgrade any time via web, app or call. It's our aim to transform the way customers own premium cars for the better - more choice, more flexibility, more tailored to you.

iMobility logo

IT Wake

IT Wake is a start-up that focuses on e-learning and corporate online training solutions. We have developed innovative, interactive, powerful and user-friendly solutions to turn mobile devices into learning tools for creating a more effective teaching and learning environment.

Our flagship product, iClass, consists of iOS and Android mobile apps and a cloud-based web platform for students to interact with teachers in an effective way. They can write text, draw picture, record voice and video on their mobile devices and share their works with the teacher in real-time through the cloud platform. We have also developed interactive e-textbooks for mathematics and computer studies for the educational market in Hong Kong. Another one of our solutions, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) System, has now become an essential solution for schools to deploy Bring-Your-Own-Device e-learning services.

School administrators can use MDM to control and supervise their devices in an efficient and simple way. At present, there are over hundred schools in HK and a few in China using our interactive solutions and e-textbooks. They are paying an annual fee to subscribe the service and our business is quite healthy.

The iClass solution has won the Hong Kong ICT Award in 2014 and ITWake won the Hong Kong Best ICT Start-up Bronze Award in 2015. In recent years, we have also developed interactive mobile training solution for a listed retail group for training over 40 thousand staff in China, United States and Hong Kong. Corporate online training solution is the next wave of the development for us.

Our business model is proven to be quite successful in HK and China. We are now looking for a break through to accelerate our business. We target to expand our business to the international market, such as to the UK, US and Europe through the Accelerate Cambridge Programme.

IT Wake logo

Jam 'n Thing

Data drives the Internet of Things - but with data comes responsibility. 

Jam’nThing is commercialising a technical data management infrastructure for the Internet of Things. We provide developers and system integrators with the tools to make their services privacy aware and regulatory-compliant. 

We are building capability by first targeting the creative/events sector. Our focus here is on enabling new experiences and engagement channels, through properly managing the data flows between people, 'things', and their physical surroundings. 


Kandlelit is an online search engine that enables scientists to make knowledge-based literature searches based on their biological interests.

It identifies bio-entities in literature and connects them with their biological connections in an interactive visual display. Its interactive character facilitates exploration of areas otherwise not possible due to the complexity of biological data and separation between databases and literature. The goal of Kandlelit is to facilitate new discoveries by providing scientists more valuable information than other search engines in an easy and digestible fashion. It's also designed to connect researchers with literature of interest in a time-efficient manner.

Kandlelit logo


Kissane-Marshall is a residential property development company based in Cambridge with a growing portfolio of new build developments and short term rental properties. We currently have properties in two city centre locations, London and Cambridge, as well as coastal settings in Kent.

The aim of the company is two-fold; firstly we aim to build a portfolio of short term let-able flats where business and academic postings are common. Secondly we aim to develop a brand for the sale of newly developed flats and homes in the same locations.

Our developments are built using highly sustainable technologies to add long term value to the properties, by reducing annual spend on ever increasing energy costs. The individual homes offer flexible living spaces and a wide range of interior design choices to enable the new homeowner to create a dynamic home that fulfils their living needs.


Kvasir is a company focusing on building scalable semantic analytical platform. The company aims to provide the most efficient platform for content providers to organise their gigantic content repository. Kvasir also allows its users to quickly identify and explore the topics they are interested in on the internet. The core technology for Kvasir is built atop of state-of-the-art machine learning, system and networking science, making it possible to extend the search services to the network edges.

Last Mile

LastMile Technologies is a SaaS startup based in Cambridge. LastMile builds solutions which bridge the gaps between web apps used in the workplace such as Google Mail, Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, and many more (i.e. "enterprise web"). Our first product, Treev, allows knowledge workers to access and share information in web apps faster. We are currently in private beta.

Visit the Treev website

Treev logo


Localvest helps small businesses obtain lower-cost financing than traditional banks by issuing gifts as interest to their loyal customers. Leveraging our proprietary algorithm, online platform and social media, we empower small businesses to source investments from their customers and in return, offer them with high value-for-money interests in gifts and services. At the end of the lending term, the full amount of the principal will be returned to the investors. We make money by charging a fee from the successful deal amounts

Localvest logo

MathSpire (formerly Cambridge Scholars)

MathSpire is an learning platform for A Level maths, giving students and teachers a comprehensive resource for learning and testing outside the classroom. Our courses make use of interactive video, tests, and graphs to promote active learning. They adapt intelligently based on performance, to deliver a personalised experience to each student.

Visit the MathSpire website

Mathspire logo


More than one in three people are predicted to develop cancer at some point during their lifetime. Current cancer detection approaches have limitations and usually capture very late stages. 46 per cent of cancer-diagnosed patients, however, would have benefited from early detection and stratification. The society's costs due to loss of productivity from cancer account for £18 billion a year in the UK, and the NHS could save more than £200 million a year from early diagnostics.

We are developing a method, which can detect global changes in DNA, known to occur very early in cancer pathogenesis and are also a useful biomarker for cancer stratification. The test is cheap, fast and based on a widely used clinical methodology, which can easily be adopted by clinical labs. As such, our test can also be useful in less developed countries, which cannot afford high-tech and expensive novel technologies such as genomic sequencing.

MeDNA logo


MiniTLS provides software for embedded devices to secure connections with the Internet. This prevents them from being hacked. We offer an open source version to embedded device manufacturers with a commercial version that incurs a license fee.

Visit the MiniTLS website

MiniTLS logo


Musiqroom have created a targeted advertising platform to reach niche and hyperlocal music communities. By applying scalable leading technologies we are enabling musicians to spend more time doing what they love. Our platform is designed to be applicable and accessible at all levels, from professional to amateur hobbyist. It enables our users to spend more time doing what they love, making music, by helping them worry less about organising, meeting and staying connected with their peers.

Our targeted advertising platform applies scalable, leading edge technologies to match advertisers with musicians in a highly personalised and immersive way. Unlike most digital searches, our algorithms filter and match very precisely, based on individuals' skills, interests, needs and "pin in map" or "hyperlocal" location.

Musiqroom logo


NG:Safe is a Cambridge based medtech start-up developing a connected health solution for real-time monitoring of nasogastric feeding tube (NGT) position. Incorrect NGT misplacement is a life-threatening complication and NHS never event, yet still occurs in critical care units across the developed world. NG:Safe’s breakthrough technology exploits fundamental differences between the microenvironments of the lung and stomach to provide a cost effective solution to a growing yet tractable problem in critical care. Together with our clinical collaborators, NG:Safe will eliminate uncertainty in nasogastric feeding tube placement.

Visit the NG:Safe website

NG Safe logo


Nowomics is a website to help biology researchers keep track of new data and papers relevant to their research. There's a new biomedical journal article published every 30 seconds, and hundreds of online sources of data. Scientists need to know about the latest information in their field but this is a huge challenge.

Nowomics aims to solve this problem by allowing scientists to 'follow' genes, diseases, pathways, etc. to see a news feed of new papers and data. We also help users discover related information based on biological relationships and will learn what an individual finds useful to customise their news feed.

Read Nowomics' blog

Visit the Nowomics website

Nowomics logo


Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is an aggressive blood cancer with over 60,000 new cases in developed countries each year. Up to 70% survive the first onset of the disease but these patients require long term monitoring to detect possible relapse of the disease. Current methods for monitoring the disease and detecting relapse are costly and time-consuming.

nSense is proposing a new diagnostic tool that is cheaper, more accessible and much faster than the conventional test. Our test is a 'lab-on-a-chip' which can detect previously validated biomarkers in cancer cells. We envisage that the chip could be easily modified to detect different blood cancers apart from AML. The design of the nSense chip also allows for the enrichment of blood cell types for further analysis.

This test could be used in hospital oncology departments, by GPs and in clinical trials to assess the efficacy of new therapeutics. We aim to partner with cancer charities and biopharmaceutical companies to deliver our test.

nSense logo


Nuklius is a start-up whose vision is to create micro-Silicon Valleys everywhere. We are building a platform which matches start-up ideas to the people and skill sets who can build it.

Read the Nuklius blog

Access Nuklius's LinkedIn company profile

Watch Nuklius in discussion with Luther Phillips

Nuklius logo

Numa Health

Globally, hundreds of millions of patients do not have guaranteed access to doctors or healthcare services due to scarcity of healthcare resources, and this leads to poor health outcomes for many of these patients.

Numa Health ensures patients and carers always have access to the right health advice and appropriate care when they need it most. By providing high quality healthcare information and advice through convenient mobile device channels, Numa Health ensures patients can access the best available healthcare services and products. Numa Health also ensures that health-focused organisations can better reach their target patient groups.

Numa Health logo

OneTest Diagnostics

OneTest Diagnostics is a Cambridge-based biotech startup developing a novel method of tracking response of cancer to therapy. We currently target colorectal cancer with the option to further develop the product for monitoring a wide range of cancers. Despite recent advances in cancer therapy, the most widely prescribed treatments are still incredibly toxic. Our point-of-care diagnostic device monitors the proportion of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in a patient's blood sample to determine how a patient is responding to therapy. OneTest’s novel approach removes the month-long wait and high costs associated with tracking this ctDNA by sequencing and allows clinicians to longitudinally monitor treatment response in near real-time, leading to rapid decision making on choice of therapy. Better monitoring of cancer to guide personalised treatment increases patient quality of life and improves survival rates. Our team of highly qualified scientists and engineers is working on a solution to realise that goal.

OneTest logo


A partnership of experts in cultural and natural heritage, Patrimonde aims to apply the insights developed through in-depth research and critical analysis to heritage management projects in order to develop holistic approaches that acknowledge and engage with different stakeholders such that complexities on the ground become an asset to developing improved practices.

Our services would include unique research methods and attuned management approaches, such as cultural ecosystem mapping. Our products would include tangible outreach and dissemination materials and socio-cultural impact assessments.


Polysolar produces window glass that generates electricity. Polysolar's transparent, building-integrated photovoltaic glazing enables clean energy generation in the built environment, by making the entire surface area of buildings available for energy capture. Critically, our multifunctional products also reduce thermal gain and ultimately make an attractive return on financial investment through energy savings. Polysolar panels are more appropriate for use in the built environment than crystalline silicon PV for three key technical reasons: our BIPV works more efficiently at low light level, so it can be used on vertical walls and non south facing surfaces; our panels work more efficiently at elevated temperatures, meaning they can be thermally insulated; also, the electrical arrangement of our panels leads to better resistance to partial shading. Critically, our panels allow architectural flexibility and better aesthetics, which is fundamental to wider adoption of PV in urban environments.

Polysolar logo creates optimisation technology for the next generation of data infrastructure and is the maker of the first industrial strength deep reinforcement learning library. Today, applications run in software containers on a growing range of devices and hosts ranging from local and remote servers to different cloud service providers and edge devices. is building software which learns optimal device assignments for software tasks and adjusts human resource requests to minimise energy consumption, hosting cost and resource usage. logo

Shallow Waters

Shallow Waters is a social enterprise working on a long-term, community-led coral reef management programme in Cambodia's Koh Sdach archipelago. We host international volunteers at our research outpost on the island of Koh Sdach, whether they are students looking to undertake their own research in a unique marine environment, or those seeking to gain scuba qualifications whilst practically contributing to marine conservation in a developing country.

Visit the Shallow Waters website

Shallow Waters logo

Shinbone Networks

Shinbone Networks builds a cost-effective and scalable information network of your infrastructure and assets, which enables you to quantify their performance, make better decisions about their management, and implement those decisions responsively in real-time. Using our native hardware and its bundled cloud-hosted software, our vision is to apply machine intelligence in distributed real-world networks to the management of built and natural environments for improved social, economic, and ecological outcomes. Our mission is the mass deployment of radically affordable networking technology to play a transformative role in infrastructure, environment, and energy management. We have developed the Shinbone technology and business concept from our team’s industry experience and research background.

Visit the Shinbone Networks website

Shinbone Networks


The Simplet is a simple videophone for the elderly. Social isolation amongst the elderly is an increasing problem. Over 10 million people in the UK are over 65 and this is expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 25 years; one third live alone. Some elderly people enjoy using video applications, such as Skype, to keep in touch with friends and family. However, such technology is often too difficult to use for a large proportion of this demographic. 

Visit the Simplet website

Simplet logo


SisterStories is a web platform that celebrates the tenacity of the female spirit by providing young women with a positive environment where they can share stories of facing, and rising to the challenges of every day life. We aim to ensure that any woman can tell, with pride, her story of tenacity and strength. We welcome stories by girls and young women, which fall under the broad subject of Still I Rise - how girls make choices to overcome the obstacles in their daily lives. These stories can be up to 1,000 words in length, or in the form of a multimedia project, such as a collage, drawing, photo essay, video, song, etc. Through positive storytelling, we hope to shine light on women's every day victories.

Sixfold Bioscience (formerly RNAissance Therapeutics)

Sixfold Bioscience is a biotech startup developing drug delivery nanotools for cancer.

Cancers are complex diseases driven by multiple genetic pathways but the currently available therapeutics target only individual pathways. This leads to ineffective treatments and build up of resistance. Meanwhile, combining therapeutics results in excessive toxicities and serious side effects. Therefore, there is a large unmet clinical need of delivering multimodal therapeutics specifically and effectively to cancer cells while minimising toxicities.

Sixfold’s RNA nanoring provides several distinct advantages, including specific cancer cell targeting and simultaneous delivery of up to six different therapeutics to an individual cell, that can address the drug delivery challenge even to the most inaccessible regions in the body such as the brain. Sixfold was founded by three Postdocs/PhDs from Cambridge and the Francis Crick Institute. With already established strategic collaborations at the NIH (USA) and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, we aim to mount a sixfold attack on cancer to provide better treatments for patients.

Visit the Sixfold Bioscience website

Sixfold Bioscience logo


SmartGov builds data-driven technologies to improve government. Its award-winning GeoStat product unifies, organises and visualises government public data onto one visual search engine to understand the socio-economics of any location. As the winner of Startup Weekend Cambridge 2012, Silicon Valley comes to the UK (SVC2UK) London 2012, NACUE Varsity Pitch 2013, Startup Weekend Transmedia San Francisco 2013, and LH FORUM Paris 2013 and other competitions, SmartGov is on the fast track to change the way citizens, governments as well as businesses interact with public data.

Access SmartGov's LinkedIn company profile

Visit the SmartGov website

SmartGov logo


Many people find investing to be overwhelming. There are thousands of possible investments to choose from, so it is tedious to find suitable candidates, and the presentation is very impersonal, based mostly on dry numbers. SocialInvest aims to make investing more accessible and fun. We find investment opportunities that are meaningful to each user, based on their interests and networks. For example, the system shows opportunities from towns the user lived in, and businesses run by alumni from your school. To make the process easy, we employ existing information from the user's social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to automatically build a profile of user interests and personal networks. SocialInvest is the modern way to invest.

SocialInvest logo


Founded in 2014 by three Cambridge alumni, Spacesuit offers a revolutionary solution that helps your company to transport products with complex shapes inside containers with maximum efficiency.

How does it work? Some products are too large to be transported in one piece and break bulk transport might be too expensive. This is where Spacesuit can help. Our client only needs to upload the 3D model of the product they would like to transport onto the Spacesuit cloud servers. We run our optimisation algorithm, which arranges the product parts inside the containers to maximise the loading efficiency. To do this we use advanced mathematics and 3D modelling interfaces. 

What type of product does Spacesuit work with? Many industries face complex container loading problems. Some potential clients for Spacesuit include producers of heavy-duty machinery, defence equipment, automotive parts, aerospace items, oil & gas equipment and renewable technologies. 

What do you get? Once the optimisation process has finished, we provide you with three things: The minimum number of containers required to transport your product, a list of items in each container in the loading order and a drawing of the optimal arrangement the items in each container.

What is the benefit for your company? This solution allows your company to reduce the transport cost by decreasing the number of containers required thereby cutting costs associated to transport such as insurance, duties and packing materials. We also help reduce unnecessary internal design time of the containerisation process.

Spacesuit is an easy way to reduce your transport cost, help the environment and increase your company efficiency.

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Synced is a smart community noticeboard for the exchange of local goods, services and knowledge. Our algorithms will instantly send your query or offer to the most relevant person in your area.

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Syrona Women

Syrona Women, a non-invasive, rapid diagnostic tool to help women better manage their own reproductive health both in the comfort of their own homes and future use by physicians in clinical settings. Syrona leverages the latest diagnostic technology combined with a unique sample which enables detection of multiple novel biomarkers indicative of STIs and reproductive cancers.

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Tinker Design – Happy Feet

Tinker Design – Happy Feet is an innovative product development company that combines design aesthetic sensibilities, science, technology and emotion. They focus on enabling the body to gather information, not just from sight and sound, but also through Haptic intelligence. Tinker Design plans to integrate this type of technology to further product creation to contain a sense of purpose and addresses wellbeing.


TiWiWa is an online video retail platform that aims to revolutionise the way people watch content and shop online. As creatives with backgrounds in TV format development and production as well as Film, Commercial and TV post-production/VXF and a combined industry experience of over 15 years, the co-founders will produce their own narrative content with products used purposefully and plot connected. By applying a technology that will allow tracking, tagging and "hot-spotting" products, they'll become instantly clickable and 'shoppable'. TiWiWa can help consumers to enjoy pre-roll and pop-up ad-free content and to discover unique must-have items whilst offering brands a new channel to reach customers.

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With a specific focus on the sport and leisure industry (worth €450bn globally in 2013) UKSI have developed two products to facilitate professional sports clubs to both build and leverage their brand equity to yield additional and sustainable cashflow.

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UserContext.AI are a UK-based, deep technology company that builds next generation intelligent services to enable businesses to better understand the needs and interests of their users. They devise machine learning based online services that can automatically detect the task the user is trying to achieve when they interact with an online system (e.g. a search engine, a chatbot, an intelligent assistant, a web portal, etc.) and provide them with better contextual assistance that can help towards completing their tasks with very little effort.

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Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre offers personalised, evidence based and integrated wellbeing programs at your workplace. Our team of doctors, complementary healthcare practitioners, nutritionists and movement coaches help you maximise your time and energy to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. To ensure you’re on track, we’ll work with you to capture and review your progress using medical tests, wearable devices and questionnaires. Are you ready to reclaim your health and wellbeing?

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Xcan Net

Xcan Net provides software and a cloud-based solution that enables doctors to analyse X-ray images more quickly and accurately. We use neural networks (a machine learning technique) to rank images by their severity and highlight potentially dangerous features to radiologists. Our system offers an effective solution to tackle the increasing demand on X-ray image reporting and the large shortage of radiologists across the world. The Xcan Net team has medical, programming as well as consulting expertise.

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Yagro is on a mission to help farmers become more financially sustainable by connecting the agricultural supply chain and making farm input purchasing faster, easier and fairer. We’re developing a trusted, independent platform for farmers to manage their trading relationships; a platform that will connect Agriculture.

The opportunity is massive. Come capture it with us.          

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