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Apply to Ignite.

The annual Ignite programme will run from Sunday 3 July to Friday 8 July 2022. We encourage you to apply as early as possible to benefit from an Early Bird discount and to ensure that we can invite relevant to your idea mentors and contributors to the programme.

Selection criteria

Please read the following criteria for selection to Ignite before applying for this programme to assess whether it is right for you.

Project criteria

Your idea will be assessed by the Entrepreneurship Centre (EC) in terms of:

  • Innovation and novelty
  • Sustainability
  • Stage of your venture (not very early but not too advanced either)
  • “Tech” projects or ideas are highly suitable for Ignite

Personal criteria

  • Fluency in English. Delegates need to discuss their businesses with their mentor and other contributors and their Ignite fellow colleagues during the week and must pitch their idea to the investors in English. So speaking English “fluently” is required in order to attend Ignite.
  • Passion and ambition to take the idea forward and make it happen are highly important characteristics for admission at Ignite.
  • The owner/originator of the idea or IP for the product, service or innovation or key member of the team in the business/ project is preferable.

General admission requirements

  • Once we receive your application, the Entrepreneurship Centre will contact you for a telephone interview. If you don’t respond to our interview request within seven days, we’ll assume you’re no longer interested in attending Ignite.
  • Please ensure you are available for interview at the agreed time.
  • Once accepted, all participants on Ignite are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before attending to ensure a safe environment for discussing novel ideas, and inventions. This form should be returned as soon as possible before attending Ignite.
  • Once accepted, all participants need to return their completed information forms to us as soon as possible prior to the start of the Ignite programme.
  • Delegates must be prepared to commit one week of their time to an intensive programme. If you don’t attend all the required sessions, we cannot award you the Ignite Certificate at the end of the week.


Dates: 2-7 July 2023

Format: in-person in Cambridge

The 10% Early Bird discount ends on 30 April 2023

Application close: 31 May 2023

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