The benefits of the Ignite programme

Ignite will give you the tools, contacts and confidence to transform your idea into a successful business project or venture.

What sets Ignite apart is its strong focus on the ‘practical’ application of business skills and knowledge in specific commercial environments. The programme’s packed content draws on the real, working experiences of successful innovators from in and around the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Cambridge.

The number of contributors to the programme, which is higher than the number of delegates accepted, and mentoring in small groups, are key to building the confidence and sharing the insight and expertise that you’ll need in order to take your venture forwards.

Ignite benefits.

Ignite is, with no doubt, the best and quickest way to get educated, trained and connected on all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Peng Li, Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

How Ignite will help you and your organisation

  • Gain the inspiration, motivation and the tools required to take the next steps in terms of commercialising ideas and progressing internal ventures and projects.
  • Develop key skills, motivation and contacts to allow your organisation to exploit new ideas in response to customer needs more effectively.
  • Identify good opportunities in a short period with minimal investment.
  • Improve communication and understanding between a technical team and a sales team, as the innovators will be better able to explain the customer benefits of their technology.
  • Increase enthusiasm for innovation within the team.
  • Achieve good value – minimum investment for maximum output.
  • Accelerate the validation and commercialisation process.

What will you learn?

By the end of the week, you will have a business plan presentation and a clear way forward for your business idea. You will have:

  • learned how to explain the technology opportunity in commercial terms
  • learned about new business models and approaches to obtaining early value
  • gained a commercial approach in the development of innovative ideas
  • clarified the business idea, and tested it within a high calibre and safe environment
  • developed a significant network of contacts with the business community, Cambridge investor network and your peers from Ignite
  • had a great week of thinking time to accelerate your ideas
  • gained inspiration, confidence and planned your next steps.