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Ignite timetable

Ignite programme timetable.


An orientation session takes place on Sunday afternoon before the main week of activities. This is your first opportunity to meet and get to know the Entrepreneurship Centre team, your Ignite colleagues, mentors and facilitators.

Daily schedule

  • Welcome and programme induction
  • Networking drinks reception

Day 1: Marketing

The theme of the day is “marketing” and covers marketing strategy, defining target markets, understanding customer needs, building the value proposition, market segmentation, channels to market and branding development. It will also cover how to deliver a winning pitch.

Daily schedule

Keynote session: “Making Innovation Happen”

Workshop: “Determining the Customer & Markets”

Workshop: “Defining Value Propositions”

Workshop: “Pitching to Investors”

Mentor session: “Defining Marketing Strategy” (mentor groups)

Learning outcomes

At the end of this day you will be able:

  • to formulate your draft business vision and prepare a vision statement as a first step towards a business plan 
  • to fully understand the role of marketing and why customers might buy your product 
  • to build an understanding of your customers and how your product or service might meet their needs
  • to develop action plans for market research and data to underpin the business plan sales projections
  • to start to pull together your own market research to support your business idea
  • to gain inspiration and understanding about the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship from the story of a real entrepreneur
  • to start to build a new network to make your business project happen.

Day 2: Business models

The theme of the day is “Business model” and it covers defining the business model, route to market, how to identify where you fit in established industry value chains and where you create new value networks.

Daily schedule

Keynote session: “Business models”

Workshop: “Route to Market”

Workshop: “Intellectual Property”

Mentor session: “Designing Business Models” (in mentor groups)

Inspirational guest speaker talk and networking reception evening event

Learning outcomes

At the end of this day you will be able:

  • to gain an understanding of the concept of a business model to support the operation and structure a business
  • to gain some tools and techniques to analyse the business model options available
  • to achieve an understanding of the practical steps needed to protect your ideas and put in place a legal framework to support the business operation
  • to formulate your business model – a strategy for the exploitation of your intellectual property.

Day 3: Finance

The theme of the day is “Finance” and covers how to assess the viability of your business venture, develop realistic financial projections, clear revenue streams, prepare a financial strategy, and value your business opportunity, as well as how to be aware of legal implications, term sheets and shareholder agreements.

Daily schedule

Keynote session: “Preparing Financials for Funding”

Workshop: “Financing Strategy”

Workshop: “How to protect your IP, value your business, and raise investment”

Mentor session: “Defining Financial Strategy and Preparing Finance” (mentor groups)

Group clinics

Learning outcomes

At the end of this day you will be able:

  • to gain a detailed understanding of the basics of finance and make suitable financial projections to support your business plan
  • to determine the potential sources of funding for the next stage of development of your business ideas, as well as understand what’s required to attract this kind of investment or funding
  • to gain an understanding of methods for business valuation in real word entrepreneurial start-ups which will enable you to determine which method is right for your business need
  • to learn how to assess the viability of your own business proposition and develop initial cash flow projections
  • to reflect on the aspects raised during the last three days and to anticipate further issues and questions you need to raise in the coming sessions.

Day 4: Building teams, negotiation & pitch practice

The theme of the day is “Building Teams, Negotiation & Pitch Practice”, and covers the challenges involved in finding people with the right set of skills at the right level to help your business develop in the right way at different stages. 

Daily schedule

Keynote session: “How to Build a Great Team”

Workshop: “Culture of Organisation”

Workshop: “Negotiation Skills”

Mentor session: “Prepare and Practice Presentation” (in mentor groups)

Learning outcomes

At the end of this day you will be able:

  • to develop a clear understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can set out to build a team of people with complementary skills
  • to have an understanding of the additional people and skills required to make your idea happen
  • to be able to pull ideas together into a business plan and presentation, and have a clearer idea of the next steps
  • to be able to learn the do’s and don’ts of business plan pitching and presentation
  • to develop and practice presentation skills with your mentor and facilitator in preparation for the visit to a venture capital firm and sales pitch.

Day 5: Clinics and business plan presentations

During the day, delegates gain one-to-one advice on specific issues with lawyers, accountants, marketing and financial experts and other professionals. Each delegate will be able to book two or three 30-minutes slots with them.

This is followed by a final presentation of the business plan to a panel of three experts. We allocate 30 minutes for each venture (about 15 minutes for presentation and 10-15 minutes of Q&A and feedback)

Daily schedule


One-to-one Clinics with over 30 industry experts


Panel Presentations, 8-10 Panels running simultaneously, total 24-30 experts involved

Ignite closure

Celebration dinner


Dates: 3-8 July 2022

Format: in person in Cambridge (if no restrictions)

Deadline: 12:00 noon, 31 May 2022


Contact us

If you have any queries, please get in touch at [email protected]

I met important contacts both within my own industry and also from other backgrounds. The mentoring sessions provided valuable experiences from people who were prepared to spend time polishing business plans.
Ian Bu, Research Associate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge