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Ignite for life sciences

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Ignite for Life Sciences

Ignite is highly relevant to those working in the life sciences sector. It enables companies to develop the entrepreneurial flair and skills needed to understand the opportunities for successful translation and commercialisation of innovations within a tightly regulated environment.

The Ignite workshops and mentor sessions are tailored to specific industry requirements or those looking at developing internal business projects.

Projects can come from any area within the life sciences sector including:

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Veterinary business
  • Agriculture and plant sciences
  • Regenerative medicine and stem cell science

You’ll learn how to identify opportunities in new and interdisciplinary areas (e.g. regenerative medicine, stratified [personal] medicine and synthetic biology), be shown how to maximise value from existing intellectual property, and learn to negotiate tech transfer. Identifying and assessing collaborative opportunities, as well as developing strategies for extending patent life through new delivery devices, markets or applications will also form part of your structured learning.


Admissions for the 2020 programme have now closed.

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