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Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Programme overview

If you want to become the most effective and visionary entrepreneur you can be, through an action-based part-time programme, then consider the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (PGDE) at Cambridge Judge Business School.

The Diploma is designed specifically for experienced professionals, scientists, and technologists, as well as early-stage entrepreneurs. It leads to a qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge, but we are equally proud of the fact that over 50 per cent of participants on the programme from 2011-2018 founded a business during or after the programme.

You will go on an entrepreneurial journey where you travel from vision to action; accelerate your progress with better odds for success through avoiding common mistakes; develop a business plan; and prepare to create a high impact venture. A critical element of the journey is peer to peer learning and interaction with your fellow students, who, like you, will be of a high calibre.

Around two-thirds of our Diploma students have masters degrees or higher, and you normally must have five years or more of work experience to join the programme. In 2018/19 the average age of students was 36 and students ranged in age from 27-58. If you have less work experience, you may wish to consider our Masters programme.

The Diploma is suitable for entrepreneurs (25 per cent of our students have already started a business before they join us, and want to take it to the next level), would-be entrepreneurs (as mentioned above, over 50 per cent of our alumni over the last six years founded a business as a result of working on the programme) and intrapreneurs (some of our best students join us from companies in order to bring the tools and skills of entrepreneurship back to their organisations).

The part-time nature of the programme is compatible either with continued employment during the programme, or with putting an entrepreneurial vision into action during the year of study.

Is my profile suitable for the Diploma?

Guidance based on your profile Is the programme suitable for me?
Work experience  
I have 0-3 years' work experience Unlikely
I have 3-5 years' work experience May be suitable - but do also look at our Masters programme
I have 5-10 years' work experience Yes
I have 11+ years' work experience Yes
I have an advanced degree already Yes
I have a technical or scientific background Yes
I have a professional background Yes
I have a humanities or social science background Yes

Do my ambitions match the Diploma's aims?

Your ambitions Is the programme suitable for me? Notes
I want to be an entrepreneur, and know very clearly what sector/industry I am launching in; I want to launch a business during the programme Yes This is the Diploma's "sweet spot" - most of our students are in this category.
I think I might want to be an entrepreneur, but I am not sure yet, and I haven't decided what business to launch; I may or may not want to launch a business during the programme May not be suitable The Diploma is designed for those who have definitely decided to be an entrepreneur and want to start a business, or have already started one.
I already have a business and want to scale it Yes About 25 per cent of our students are in this category.
I want to be an intrapreneur inside a large company where I am currently employed Yes Many of our best students have this objective - and from 2018, we are offering specialist content and support in this area.
I want to work in startups for a few years before becoming an entrepreneur…    
…and I studied business previously May not be suitable The Diploma will give you business-related skills. If you decide to apply, think carefully about whether you need this Diploma to prepare you to work in startups.
…and I studied another subject previously Yes  
…and I have a technical background Yes  
I want to work in a large company for a few years before becoming an entrepreneur May not be suitable While the Diploma's content is relevant to most business activities, especially in these innovation-focused times, our community is made up of entrepreneurs, not of people looking for career options.
I want to prepare for later PhD research in entrepreneurship No The Diploma does not provide research training and therefore will not enhance your opportunities for later PhD study.
I want to work in a policy or supporting role in an innovation ecosystem May be suitable Please contact the Programme Director to discuss.
I want to be an entrepreneurship educator Yes Please contact the Programme Director to discuss.