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Fintech Entrepreneurship specialist pathway

The Fintech Entrepreneurship Specialist Pathway aims to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to develop disruptive financial innovations.

Examples of recent advances brought about through entrepreneurship include changes in the realms of payments, foreign exchange, retail banking, cryptocurrencies, regtech, insurtech, wealth management, peer-to-peer funding and data analytics, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Fintech Entrepreneurship Specialist Pathway is currently led by Catherine Wines, Co-founder of WorldRemit.

Catherine Wines

Catherine Wines

Pathway leader (Fintech Entrepreneurship)


Catherine co-founded WorldRemit with Ismail Ahmed in 2010, inspired by the belief that digital innovation could revolutionise the global money transfer market, benefitting customers with safer, more cost-effective ways of sending money. Catherine's current board responsibilities at WorldRemit focus on corporate governance and compliance. She represents the company, with keynote appearances at major conferences and in the media. 

Catherine is a qualified accountant with a track record of leadership in the commercial money transfer business; her experience and contacts in the sector were invaluable in the early days of WorldRemit. Her first encounter with money transfer was at First Remit, a subsidiary of Universe Group - a publicly listed company where she managed the currency division. She turned the loss-making startup into a saleable business which was acquired by Travelex Money Transfer (later known as Coinstar Money Transfer).

At Coinstar, she was the Regional Director for the UK, Ireland and Benelux. She was actively involved in scaling up the business (by over 50 per cent in under two years) and managing the new licencing process following the introduction of the Payments Service Directive.

From 1993 to 2003, Catherine gained international experience, working and travelling extensively in emerging and developing economies – China, Russia, Eastern Europe and in Africa. She was involved in developing professional standards for the financial services – leading training programmes on behalf of the World Bank and EU.

In her early career, Catherine was a manager at KPMG and also Coopers (now PwC) where she was involved in M&A work.