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Make your management fit for growth

Economic growth and job creation are closely linked to the success of small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in almost every economy, both developed and emerging. SMEs, however, struggle to be successful and grow; only the very few manage to turn themselves into growth companies with the potential to make a difference to their economy.

Two main reasons are typically cited for this struggle: one is a lack of access to capital, and the second is limited managerial skills to strategically lead a company as it becomes large and international. The two reasons are connected; SMEs are opaque to banks and investors (because they report less than very large companies), so the variability in managerial capabilities across companies causes risk for investors. This prompts them to be conservative in lending or investing.

Cambridge Judge Business School is determined to support SMEs in developing their management capabilities through the SME Growth Challenge; a programme designed to help SMEs develop their organisation's managerial skills, setting them up to grow.

The SME Growth Programme provides fantastic support to SMEs with practical advice and insights that address some of the key barriers to business growth. The quality of the teaching, focus on business enhancing competencies and the networking opportunities make this a very valuable resource for SMEs.
Bill Higgins, Regional Director Cambridge and Anglia, Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking, 2017
Bill Higgins

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Applications for the SME Growth Challenge programme are now closed. Please revisit these pages in October (or sign up to our mailing list) to find out more.

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Professor Stelios Kavadias & Dr Konstantinos Ladas of the Entrepreneurship Centre discuss how SMEs can overcome challenges and grow their business.

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