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About the programme

Strategic Business Growth is an innovative programme focusing on driving growth for high-potential businesses.

Using the latest thinking and drawing on decades of experience in supporting growth, the Strategic Business Growth programme has been developed to help companies address their specific challenges and develop strategies to take advantage of growth opportunities within their own business context.

The programme offers a bespoke approach to support each company to achieve its full potential. It does this by combining deep engagement with academics from Cambridge Judge Business School with consistent coaching provided by seasoned coaching practitioners which together empower management teams to address their own challenges and then articulate and systematically develop an implementable plan for growth.

This process of mixed academic and practical inputs develops each company’s managerial capability by setting clear and attainable goals and provides a fully reusable toolkit for growth that can drive collaborative problem solving and effective progress monitoring.

Growth is one of the most challenging leadership efforts of any CEO and their executive team! We have created a programme that informs companies on how the strategy should guide their growth decisions and actions, while ensuring they are aligned in their beliefs, approach and eventually actions to realise their desired growth outcomes.
Stelios Kavadias, Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation & Growth and Co-Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre



Six workshops are delivered in three, two-day modules over the course of three months.


The programme will take place in Cambridge rather than online.

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