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Apply to the Strategic Business Growth programme

Strategic Business Growth programme.

Is the programme right for you?

The programme attracts senior executives with ambitious top management teams from the UK and around the world.

The Strategic Business Growth programme is designed for entrepreneurial leaders who are responsible for driving growth in their organisation.

In particular:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses with annual sales from £1 million upwards.
  • Entrepreneurs who are seeking to scale up their business.
  • Leaders who are seeking to explore opportunities for growth.
  • Organisations with a track record of sustainable underlying operating profitability.
  • Ambitious, talented management teams – committed and incentivised.

What your business could achieve

The programme is designed to help your business:

  • Understand the challenges facing your business.
  • Define your current business model.
  • Value innovation and shaping your value proposition.
  • Articulate and systematically develop a growth plan.
  • Develop a ‘go-to-market’ strategy for your products and services.
  • Understand the competitive landscape.
  • Develop your leadership team to accelerate growth.
  • Finance your firm.
  • Share best practice and business development advice with like-minded founding teams and senior managers.
  • Establish a network of contacts for business and personal development.
Brilliant hands on course to help you take a step back and think strategically about growth.
Tim Guilliams PhD, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Healx

Join the programme


£12,000 for a two-person Senior Management team.

£4,000 per additional team member (a maximum of two additional participants).

The suggested team size is up to four participants per organisation.

Visa requirements

Cambridge Judge Business School can provide a letter to support your visa application once your place is confirmed.


For further information or any queries, please email [email protected].