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Connected Devices & Wearables Venture Creation Weekend, Nov 2016

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Develop, test and launch your business in 54 hours!

  • Interested in creating cool wearable products that empower consumers?
  • Looking to explore the reach of connected devices by designing new products?

Unveil new business opportunities with connected devices and wearables at Venture Creation Weekend!

Bring your enthusiasm and creativity, present your best ideas and inspire others to join your team.

You’ll receive support from our team of mentors and you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of investors and industry experts; to find out if your idea is really viable.

18-20 November 2016

Cambridge Judge Business School

Disruption = IoT + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

'Disruption' is the key theme for many of the hundreds (if not thousands) of startups and incumbent technology giants across the globe writes Ahsan Zaman, Executive Director of WORLD MEDIA ONLINE, for the Entrepreneurship Centre blog.

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Friday 18 November 2016

17:30-18:00 Registration at Cambridge Judge Business School Foyer, CJBS
18:00-19:00 Dinner and networking TBC
19:10-19:20 Welcome and introduction to the weekend LT2
19:20-19:50 Idea generation exercise LT1
19:50-20:30 Pitch your idea LT1
20:30-20:45 Vote for your favourite ideas LT1
20:45-21:00 Build your team LT1
21:00-23:00 Start working in your teams on your ideas Breakout rooms

Saturday 19 November 2016

08:30-09:00 Arrival and breakfast refreshments Foyer, CJBS
09:00-09:45 Business Model Canvas presentation LT1
09:45-11:00 Teams work on their ideas Breakout rooms
11:00-11:30 Tea and coffee break / Sign up for mentoring sessions Common Room
11:30-13:00 Teams work on their ideas Breakout rooms
13:00-13:40 Sandwich lunch Foyer, CJBS
13:40-14:00 Teams check-in, report progress and call for help Foyer, CJBS
14:00-15:30 Mentoring Breakout spaces
15:30-16:00 Tea and coffee break Foyer, CJBS
16:00-18:00 Mentoring Breakout spaces
18:15-19:15 Beer and pizza Foyer, CJBS
19:15-19:45 Teams check-in, report progress and call for help Foyer, CJBS
19:45-23:00 Teams work on their ideas Breakout rooms

Sunday 20 November 2016

08:30-09:00 Arrival and breakfast refreshments Common Room
09:00-09:30 How to pitch presentation LT1
09:30-10:00 Teams work on their ideas / prepare for mentoring sessions Breakout rooms
10:00-13:00 Mentoring Breakout spaces
11:00-11:30 Tea and coffee available Common Room
13:00-14:00 Sandwich lunch Common Room
14:00-16:00 Teams finalise presentations Breakout rooms
15:30-16:00 Tea and coffee available Common Room
16:00-16:30 All presentations should be submitted and uploaded on PC LT1
16:30-18:00 Final presentations LT1
18:00-18:15 Break  
18:15-18:30 Presentation by a guest venture LT1
18:30-18:45 Winners announced and awards presented LT1
19:00-20:30 Dinner Royal Cambridge Hotel
Peter Cowley

Peter Cowley

UK angel investor

Peter Cowley studied Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, now lives near Cambridge and has set up 12 companies over the last 30+ years. He is UK business angel of the year 2014/15 and a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Peter has spec-built several domestic houses and refurbished many others, including the £1.7 million Cambridge Advice Centre. Peter has been voluntary chair, treasurer and trustee of numerous charities for over 15 years - the Citizens Advice service, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity and a local private sixth form college. 

 He has been a very active angel investor for many years (currently 40 investments) and is the Investment Director of the Marshall of Cambridge, Martlet Corporate Angel division, and a board member of Cambridge Angels. He has led many investment deals and is on the board of seven angel-backed technology start-ups.

Shaun Grady

Shaun Grady

Vice President, Business Development Operations, AstraZeneca

Shaun is a Vice President in Business Development Operations; he is leading AstraZeneca's transaction execution, due diligence and Alliance and Integration Management function including early and late stage and on-market licensing and partnering, M&A and divestments.

Previously Shaun worked in ICI, Zeneca, AstraZeneca roles in corporate, pharmaceuticals and us legal departments, hr and business development.

Major projects include the AZ merger, the creation of Avecia and Syngenta, the acquisition of CAT, MedImmune and Amylin, and the spinout of Albireo.

Ali Grey

Ali Grey

Director, Partner Enablement, CTO Office, Inmarsat

Alison's current role with Inmarsat, a FTSE 250 company and the world's leading satcom provider, is dedicated to making the world of satellite communications more accessible - connecting more people and things. 

Alison began her career designing and developing physical product but when the mid 90's Internet wave came she found that the world of digital product was more alluring than physical and together with my business partner she built a successful recruitment platform company. 

Alison went on to lead an interaction design consultancy working between the world of physical and digital product for a multitude of technology product clients before joining Inmarsat to work on the user interface of their first broadband service. While at Inmarsat she has developed satellite phones, launched the company's first smartphone hub and is now working to find ways to enable more developers to get involved in satellite communications integration as satcoms becomes more accessible than ever.

Martin Harriman

Martin Harriman

Entrepreneur, investor, and ex-board member of O2 and Telefonica

Martin Harriman is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to a number of international companies including AT&T, Affinion, Actavo, Inmarsat and Dixons Carphone. He is the Chairman of Wave Optics, a UK technology company that is a pioneer in the world of augmented reality, a Non-Executive Director of Cambridge Communication Systems, and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School.

He is a judge of the Pitch@Palace programme and is also a member of its Board of Directors. Martin was a board member of the UK mobile operator O2 and Head of Telefonica's global consumer IoT business.

Ahsan Zaman

Ahsan Zaman

Executive Director, World Media Online M2M Magazine, Director of International IoT Council

An alumnus of the University of Oxford and the London College of Fashion, Ahsan is a media & publishing entrepreneur and investor based in London. As the Founding Director of IoT World Forum, London, and Digital Health World, Ahsan is passionate about innovating the IoT (Internet of Things), Digital Health and M2M (Machine to Machine) Ecosystems.

Ahsan is currently the Executive Director of World Media Online, a London-based B2B publishing & media house focused heavily on the emerging IoT Market. Ahsan is also a board member of the International IoT Council, one of the leading international think tanks, that has representation from global connectivity players in the IoT ecosystem, including Sprint, AT&T, Telus, Orange, TELE2 and SAP, amongst many others.

Tony Ballardie

Tony Ballardie

Founder & CEO, Capito Systems

Tony has been involved in technology research and innovation since the early 1990s. Until 2005 he specialised in data communications and networking, with a particularly focus on Internet multicast routing architectures and protocols. Multicast routing was the focus of his PhD, which he gained from University College London in 1995. From 1993 until 1999 he co-chaired the inter-domain multicast routing working group in the Internet standards body - the IETF. Tony has also spent time in industry, including three years at Betfair until 2011 as head of emerging technologies. 

Tony is passionate about startups and the journey from evolving an idea into a sustainable profitable business. Since the early 2000s he has been involved in the early stages of several startups, and in 2012 started his latest venture, Capito Systems. Capito has developed "conversational interface" technology; software that can be integrated with any application to enable humans to control and interact with the application naturally via spoken or typed (written) inputs.

Shiri Gold

Shiri Gold

Technical Marketing & Business Development, Broadcom

Shiri is an advisor, mentor and investor in the startup space. Shiri has over 15 years' experience in the technology sector, in various roles including marketing, strategy and business development, project and product management. Currently Shiri is a business development manager at Broadcom - a fortune 500 technology company. Shiri has an engineering degree as well as an MBA (from the University of Cambridge). Shiri founded two companies; a failed payment app business and a moderately successful tea business.

Shiri has been advising startups since 2011, helping companies achieve over $2m in seed funding. Shiri's main interests are technology, mobile, biotech and fintech. She currently has three live investments and is a non-executive director of one of these.

Richard Green

Richard Green

Entrepreneur and Consultant, Ubisense

Richard Green is passionate about innovation and helping teams to turn disruptive ideas into market leading products and sustainable businesses. A founder and CEO of Ubisense the world leader in real time location systems. Under Richard's leadership Ubisense was awarded multiple DTI grants, featured multiple times in the Deloitte Fast50, and was awarded both the Queen's award for Export and Innovation. In 2011 Ubisense was technology IPO of the year, and won Business Weekly International trade award in 2013. 

He also was a founder of Smallworld, an enterprise geospatial software company which listed on Nasdaq in 1996 and was acquired in a trade sale by GE in 2000. Richard is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and was Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Science and Technology winner. 

Richard is engaged with early stage companies as mentor, consultant and non-executive principally in the Location, IoT, and Mobility space.

Yasrine Ibnyahya

Yasrine Ibnyahya

Systems Architecture & Strategy, Inmarsat

Pantea Lotfian

Pantea Lotfian

Managing Director, Camrosh

Pantea founded Camrosh, a strategic foresight consulting company, after a decade of experience in technology and innovation consulting. She works with companies, not-for-profit and government organisations, helping them incorporate a systems view of innovation and foresight into their strategy process, particularly at the front end where there is a high level of uncertainty. 

Her interest and expertise are in exploring emerging trends and disruption at the intersection of technological and social change. She is the coauthor of the IoT Data Analytics Report 2016 and increasingly interested and involved in business model design for a highly connected world. Pantea also works with various organisations as a business coach with focus on strategy and planning in a changing, uncertain and complex environment.

Pantea is a Non-Executive Director of Pepal, and Mentor and Industry Project Lead for the ETECH programme at Cambridge Judge Business School. 

Pantea has a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from University College London and an MPhil in Technology Policy from Cambridge Judge Business School.

Jamie McNaught

Jamie McNaught

Founder, Solidi Digital Currency Exchange

Graduating with an honours degree in Computing Science from the University of Strathclyde, Jamie interned with and became an Analyst at Goldman Sachs, training in New York and based in the Equities Trading Technology Team in London.

More recently he has worked in embedded, mobile, private wealth management, fraud detection and big data analytics for firms and clients in the US, UK, South Africa and South Korea. Jamie has been a Bitcoin enthusiast and user since late 2010, having mined, developed, hacked, argued and promoted it.

Jamie's most recent startup, Solidi, helps people buy and sell digital currencies in the UK. He is keenly interested in the current FinTech revolution and the democratisation of access to financial systems both in the UK and across the globe.

Jamie works across a broad remit of technologies from Assembler and C to C++, Java, Python, PHP and NodeJS.

Stewart McTavish

Stewart McTavish

Director, ideaSpace, University of Cambridge

Stewart is the founding Director of the University of Cambridge ideaSpace. ideaSpace sets out to create a space where the University community and meet, work and learn with the entrepreneurial community in Cambridge. ideaSpace has offices in West Cambridge, the City Centre and in September 2016 opened an office at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (Addenbrookes to most people). 

Before joining the University Stewart was a founder and entrepreneur a couple of times, working broadly in innovation, internet and community. Alongside his current role he sits on a number of boards and advisory committees.

Stewart is particularly engaged in supporting and understanding the early stages of new venture development. He likes to focus on customer discovery and helping ventures progress towards market fit and starting to scale.

Pawel Moll

Paweł Moll

Principal Engineer, ARM

Paweł is a master software engineer by education, but life forced him to understand hardware as well and now he really enjoys working in the thin layer where code meets silicon. Over the years he developed deep understanding of computer architectures, their relation with programming languages (still speaks C better then any human language) and program behaviour and performance. He can comfortably discuss most components of a modern application stack, from sensors to servers, and also had to comprehend certain nuances of IP and patents law, particularly related to open source software.

Paweł in the past worked for a mid-sized OEM developing digital TV solutions, then at one of the largest European electronics and silicon manufacturers on open source software including Linux kernel. He spent the last couple of years at ARM, mostly on developer tools and performance analysis and optimisation (though still in the open source domain). He also speaks about such subjects on conferences and trains ARM partners in ARM architecture. In his spare time he cares about using modern technology to make world better; he is advising a non-profit startup working on improving quality of medical services in developing countries and participates in projects related to ARM partnership with UNICEF.

Guy Shauli

Guy Shauli

Digital Strategy Director, Global Digital Strategy and Innovation, AstraZeneca

Born and raised in Israel, Guy has played key roles in the highly innovative Internet and startup ecosystem in Israel before joining AstraZeneca.

For the past six years Guy has filled digital and marketing roles pioneering the adoption of digital tactics within AstraZeneca in local and global roles. Today Guy leads the development of AstraZeneca's social media capability.

Daryl Stanbery

Daryl Stanbery (tbc)

Corporate BD Strategic Alliances, Mesosphere
Vice President - Analytic Services, Hitachi

Daryl leads Corporate Business Development at Mesosphere. Previously, as a Vice President at Analytics Services, he led the Global Connected Machines vision, roadmap and team on behalf of the Global Social Innovation business at Hitachi. He was responsible for business analytics solutions that drive smart infrastructure including cloud, big data, IoT, operations, security, dev ops digital/mobile and more. 

He and his team also partner with Pentaho to develop and deliver the Hitachi Internet of Things business strategy and platform for HDS. Daryl was previously a Senior Director of Consulting Services and Global Solutions as well as Director of eHealth and Life Sciences Solutions for the Americas at Hitachi. 

Daryl holds a degree from California State University at Chico and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Leo Zhou

Liyou (Leo) Zhou

Embeded Software Engineer, ARM

Leo trained as an electronics engineer at the University of Cambridge and is currently working as an embedded software engineer in the IoT business unit at ARM. He works on IoT solutions to help companies deploy large connected device fleet.

Hanadi Jabado

Hanadi Jabado

Executive Director, The Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School

Hanadi is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. A serial entrepreneur herself, she has a strong understanding of the needs of early stage ventures and entrepreneurs. Since 2010 she has been an advisor to startups all over the globe in every conceivable sector. 

Early in 2016 Hanadi was appointed the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge. The Centre's mission is to develop practical and academic entrepreneurship programmes supporting budding entrepreneurs and fledging companies from pre-idea all the way to growth.

Hanadi sits on the advisory board of several startups at various stages of development and growth and is a director of Pitch@Palace CIC. 

In 2016 Hanadi's work to support entrepreneurs earned her recognition as one of the Maserati100.

Born in Lebanon and raised in France, she is fluent in English, French and Arabic and speaks another four languages. She lives in Cambridge with her four children.

Brice Fernandes

Brice Fernandes

Director, Sigma Forge

Brice has a broad technology background that includes physics simulation, natural language processing, anomaly detection in real time, embedded development, web application and cloud architectures. He can also talk somewhat intelligibly about digital security, recruiting and testing developers, software good practice and the software development process. He is an engineer at heart rather than a hacker and cares about building reliable solutions, but experience has taught him to be pragmatic and business minded about his choices.

He can work with any language on any platform and has a professional interest in functional languages, flow-based programming, functional-reactive programming, polyglot frameworks and data-centric design. He also has a keen interest in growing the next generation of engineers and actively teaches programming in his spare time.

Maximilian Ge

Maximilian Ge

President, CUTEC
Programme Assistant, Cambridge Judge Business School

Maximilian holds an MSc in International Strategy and Economics from the University of St Andrews and has read mathematics and computer science at the University of Cologne. He has worked at University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (communication, human computer interaction, business startups); Cambridge University Engineering Department (teaching assistant maths and computing); NATO Headquarters (defence capability and strategy development); the European Parliament (media and telecommunication policy); and the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (FhG-SCAI, numerical analysis of dynamic systems).

Sayara Thompson

Sayara Thompson (Organiser)

Programme Manager, The Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School

Sayara manages a few programmes at the Entrepreneurship Centre, such as the Venture Creation Weekend, Ignite and the SME Growth Challenge Programme. She previously worked in Alumni Relations and for the MFin programme at Cambridge Judge Business School. With a background in IT and research she has an experience in working in International organisations and the private sector. She is a great networker and is always keen to help people to connect.