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What we know much less about the entrepreneurial mind is what happens when one mind meets another. Do great minds really think alike and what about those that don’t? What happens when co-founders then try to build teams? How do teams combine effectively (or better still exceptionally) to create high performing entrepreneurial organisations? What happens when these small, medium or larger organisations themselves interact in the context of the wider ecosystem in any one region? How do those from different ecosystems engage? And what role does culture play in all of this?”

Richard Watson, Futurist in Residence, Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre is helping us to identify, interpret and visualise what we’ve seen before, what we see now, and what we might see next for those inspiring and enterprising individuals, teams and organisations that we have the privilege to work with in this very special place.


Looking ahead

Richard Watson, the Futurist-in-Residence at the Entrepreneurship Centre of Cambridge Judge Business School, shares his thoughts in the series ‘This Cambridge Life’.

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Bruno Cotta, Former Executive Director of Cambridge Judge’s Entrepreneurship Centre, reflects on businesses recently recognised for addressing global challenges at Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. “Whilst we’ve been locked down and out of our iconic building in Trumpington Street, we’ve been keeping in touch with our past, present and future generation of AI innovators and entrepreneurs,” he writes. “They have also kept their startup spirit, continued to significantly scale their ventures, with some now to surpass themselves and many others in the year ahead.” (page 11)

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#LivefromLucy: 'It’s Not All Zoom and Gloom'

Watch this fascinating virtual talk with Futurist Richard Watson where he discussed why the future is not beyond our control.

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