International Business Study Trip

A week-long study trip outside of the UK

International Business is one of the core courses on our Executive MBA programmes. It takes place in the form of the week-long International Business Study Trip, with all lectures for the course delivered during the trip.

The course covers strategies for internationalising business, including why and how firms internationalise and the role of innovation clusters. The class meets established local business leaders and visits leading domestic and international organisations to understand varied responses to globalisation.

Being exposed to different cultures, industry information and group experience helps you think about your own industry differently.

Kieron Faller (EMBA 2014), Founder, Workio

The trip lasts for a week and the location is carefully selected based on current economic trends around the world. Past International Business Study Trips include Argentina, Brazil, China, and the United States.

All accommodation, meals and internal flights are covered in the tuition fees. Participants are only responsible for the flights to and from the trip.

Hear from our participants

Visiting China

Ken Teo (EMBA 2010), talks about the International Business Study Trip in China, and strategies for market entry.

We visited Hong Kong and Beijing as part of our international business trip. Now this course in particular has been extremely useful because it was to give us exposure to different ways of doing business as well as tackling the major hurdles of entering a different market. So for example, we examined what cultural barriers that might exist as well as governmental barriers. And also, we examined a lot of different strategies of market entry.

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Visiting Vietnam

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