Cambridge attracts the highest calibre guest speakers, inspirational and prestigious figures from the corporate world.

Our City Speaker Series gives you the opportunity to network with today’s standout finance practitioners. Speakers are experts in their fields, working at the cutting edge of applied finance.

Each week a small group of students join the speaker after the talk, to network over dinner at a Cambridge College.

Recent speakers

Anne-Marie Fleurbaaij

Managing Director, Cambridge University Endowment Fund

Kristine Braden

Managing Director, Head of Europe Global Subsidiaries Group, Citi

Paul Tucker

Partner at Egerton, Egerton Capital

Dania Seiglie

Managing Director, Energy Societe Generale, Corporate & Investment Banking

Amelia Armour

Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners

Philip Yates

Partner, Perella Weinberg Partners

Philip Noblet

Head of UK Investment Banking, Jefferies

Chris Eagle

Chief Executive Officer, Aquila Markets

Avnish Mehra

Senior MD, Everstone

Laurence Hopkins

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Kevin Gardiner

Managing Director, Rothschild & Co

Sharon Davies

Managing Director (Valuation Advisory Services), Kroll

Wildan Aprian Wiharsanto, MFin 2022 image

Through the captivating MFin City Speakers session, I had the extraordinary privilege of engaging in intimate and enlightening conversations with esteemed CFOs, visionary hedge fund founders, and accomplished managing partners. This exclusive experience offered a profound glimpse into their remarkable journeys, enabling me to learn from their triumphs, glean insights from their invaluable lessons, all in a relaxed and convivial environment.

Wildan Aprian Wiharsanto, MFin 2022