The MFin student experience

The Business School experience 

Studying for an MFin at Cambridge Judge is about more than just the programme itself.  

You’ll find yourself at the heart of a lively, go-getting community here, with an array of extra-curricular activities to get involved with – from Special Interest Groups and talks by industry leaders to Varsity competitions and social events hosted by students. 

It’s not just the Business School that will shape your experience. When you join us, you’ll gain membership to one of the 31 Colleges that make up the University of Cambridge. You’ll mix with students from a huge array of backgrounds, get access to University-wide networks and societies and sample centuries-old traditions.  

For many, it’s a transformational experience, giving students the skills and contacts needed to help drive their next steps and carve out a path to future success.

I think the College experience adds a lot to the Cambridge experience. I think it means that you’re given an opportunity to mix with people from other faculties, other backgrounds, as opposed to the Business School, which is a little bit more obviously focused in one particular area. So that diversity is a definite advantage. It also gives the opportunity to get involved in sports and clubs and societies that you may not otherwise be able to.

So I’ve taken up rowing, which is new for me. And I think a lot of people use the College as an opportunity to get involved in that sort of thing and perhaps things they haven’t done in the past. And it’s also just another network within Cambridge and the ability to sort of integrate with Cambridge itself a little bit better and get a feel for as far as what goes on outside the Business School.

College is basically a place where you eat, you live, and you socialise. And through my College activities, I’ve come to know people from all walks of life as well as different faculties at Cambridge. In my residential flat itself, I’ve met people who are doing their PhD in music, the undergrads in law, and even science researchers.

So in College, we have a lot of activities together. And one of those I really enjoy include the formal nights. So basically, it’s a night we immerse ourselves into the old traditions of Cambridge where we cite degrees in Latin before for our fine-dining dinner.

I think the beauty of the College experience is that you get to mix with people from all walks of life, not necessarily from a financial background. So in choosing a Business School, I thought that it was really important to interact with people also at the other parts of the university. And the College is spread across all sorts of disciplines. So the diversity which the College experience brings is fantastic.

There are lots of sports clubs, societies you can get involved in on the side to meet a bunch of people. And for me, I think one of the best things has been the ability to meet people outside my area of study. So I’ve met PhD students studying archaeology, PhD students studying experimental psychology.

So you meet a wide array of really, really interesting people. I’m not sure if there are other Schools out there that give you that same opportunity. And there are no shortage of settings where you can get to know all these people. So those are definitely the highlights for me of Cambridge.

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College life

At Cambridge Judge Business School, we’re one of the only business schools in the UK to offer a College system, and it’s fundamental to life on the MFin. Your College isn’t just about having somewhere to live. It’s about becoming part of a community – a group of exceptional students united by their ambition, talent and passion. It will give you a chance to extend your network beyond your MFin cohort and get involved with various student-run societies and clubs, forging connections that will become integral to your experience here. 

When you’re offered a place on our programme, you’ll be guaranteed College membership. If you prefer a particular College, you’re welcome to let us know when you accept the offer. The admissions team will manage the rest on your behalf.  

If you have a particular College in mind, we encourage you to apply to the programme as early as possible. Many of the older Colleges are oversubscribed and have limited spaces – with some filling up as early as March. As a result, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that your preferred College will be able to accept your application.

Cambridge College party.

Facilities and events

Each College has its own facilities; from libraries and sports facilities to bars and even theatres. You might find yourself watching a live student band, attending a ‘bop’ (basically a fancy-dress party), or joining ‘formal hall’, when you’re invited to don a gown and dine in one of the Colleges’ historic chambers. Most Colleges also have a May Ball every year or two.

Cambridge Union event.

Clubs and societies

Colleges run their own clubs and societies – from rowing to Wine and Cheese clubs – adding to those on offer at the wider University. They also offer an MCR (or Middle Common Room); a postgraduate student body for College members to get involved with, with associated shared spaces postgrads can use.

Woman walking past a Cambridge College.

Pastoral support and administration

Colleges operate as independent institutions and are responsible for arranging formal processes such as inductions, matriculation (when you start the programme) and graduation. They can also offer pastoral and academic support, as well as financial assistance and advice.

Choosing the right College

Each College has its own identity – some are modern, with new ensuite bathrooms and other mod-cons; others are more traditional, embracing the quirks and customs that have made Cambridge such a unique place to study over the centuries.  

Some are mixed (for both undergraduates and postgraduates), while some are for postgrads only, so it’s worth thinking about the kind of environment you want to be in.  

If you’re coming with a partner or family, it’s worth noting some Colleges are better suited than others; please note not every College will be able to offer accommodation to students coming with partners and children.


You’ll normally be offered accommodation either on site or at one of the College’s off-site houses, although some students choose to live in privately rented flats.

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Your community

Our MFin students come from across the world, bringing a diverse range of perspectives. We keep classes small (normally around 75-90 students) and invite finance professionals from all sectors and backgrounds. Hear from some of our students below.

The faculty at CJBS is made up of around 70 members, covering a wide range of research areas – from finance to mathematics, economics to law. Many are leaders in their field, combining professional experience with academic rigour to deliver transformational programmes designed to challenge, stimulate and inspire.

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We work with a number of partners to deliver real-world projects, giving students the chance to apply their learning to practical situations. Students on the Group Consulting Project have worked with the likes of Amadeus Capital Partners, Barclays, Citibank, the IMF, Blackrock and more. Every year we also offer projects outside of the UK; past overseas projects have ranged from China to Portugal and Abu Dhabi to Mongolia.

Formed and run by MFin and MBA students, special interest groups – or SIGs – are an integral part of the Cambridge Judge experience. They offer a chance to network and share ideas around a particular area; current examples range from Finance and Entrepreneurship to Sustainability and Social Impact. Many SIGs arrange their own conferences and talks, and offer opportunities to take on key leadership roles.

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Beyond College clubs and SIGs at our School, you’ll find more than 400 societies across the wider University. They range from sports clubs and arts groups to consulting networks and entrepreneurial societies, providing a chance to network with ambitious, likeminded people from across Cambridge. You can learn more at the yearly Freshers’ Fair, held at the start of the academic year (and not just for freshers!)

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When you graduate from CJBS, you’ll become a member of our alumni community – a global network of influential minds covering a huge variety of sectors. There are currently more than 400 MFin alumni spread across more than 40 countries, and we arrange a number of local events throughout the year to keep the community going.

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MFin Class of 2021.

Beyond academics

At Cambridge Judge, you’ll find plenty of social events to get involved with. We’re the home of CBSC – a social club run by MFin and MBA students, designed to connect our members with each other and the wider community.  

Key events in the calendar include the Cambridge Judge May Ball, and the annual Oxbridge Sports Tournament. Every year, Cambridge Judge Business School and Oxford’s Saïd Business School put forward teams, giving you a chance to get involved in the long-standing Oxbridge rivalry and further widen your network.

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As part of the University of Cambridge, we are an international community that has been at the forefront of new discoveries that have changed thinking over centuries. We believe inclusion encourages the innovation that makes change happen. Our faculty, students and staff are from all over the world, providing a global perspective to your interactions and learning. We strive for a better world through sustainable, equitable, diverse, and inclusive business practices that allow every individual to flourish.

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