Why choose the Cambridge Master of Finance?

Valuable links to the finance industry

At Cambridge Judge, you’ll benefit from regular interaction with industry speakers from the business world. You’ll also interact closely with finance faculty who are leaders in their fields and produce cutting-edge financial research. Faculty on the finance subject group have links with the private sector, regulators and policy makers, having worked with several high-profile organisations.  

Cambridge Judge Business School’s Advisory Board includes global business leaders and is chaired by Julian Metherell, Partner and Co-Founder of MW&L Capital Partners.

I feel like this was time very effectively spent.

I think that it was quite unique, something that I would hardly have anywhere else.

You have one year time to reconsider your life choice and then to redirect where you want to go next.

The Programme provides you such a breadth and depth. It’s been really invaluable.

This was an amazing year for opportunities and personal growth for me. I wanted to study in a top-tier university where I have access to a diverse background of classmates.

Being here with people from all around the globe and with different cultural experiences, backgrounds, that I think will help me a lot with my professional career.

I’ve built a network that I think I can nurture and grow forward with.

The 2 things about MFin, really, is about building the technical skill set to work in finance and then secondly is about exploring different career options.

I was very impressed by the nature of the MFin Programme. It was structured with a lot of practical aspects to it and also the faculty, with most of them being industry practitioners themselves.

It gave me courses ranging from investment management to blockchain and AI.

I enjoyed a lot of private equity and financial entrepreneurial acquisitions. I think both of them were quite insightful and useful for me.

The highlight for me would be the session with former vice president of the Federal Reserve, Roger Ferguson, who taught us about central banking and inflation. Something like this really is a unique thing that few schools worldwide could offer.

Networking with the professors, specifically Simon and Ragu. Networking with my cohort and MBAs. Networking with people outside the Business School– say investors, politicians– has been the highlight of my year.

I really enjoy being a member of Pembroke College. Its rich history, pretty architecture, but at the same time for me, that I was able to have a lot of activities with my college, including hosting of different formal dinners with my classmates as well as my lecturers.

I am a proud member of the Jesus College, and it’s been an incredible privilege because it actually means that you’re going to engage with people from very different backgrounds, and the intellectual diversity of conversation you can have and just thinking critically about your knowledge and implications of what you’re doing in the wider society and economy.

The value I’ve added to myself during this 9-month period is kind of equivalent to maybe like 3 years of work during a normal setting.

It’s an absolute rewarding experience to study in Cambridge and study at MFin.

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Why choose the Cambridge Master of Finance?

Learn finance theory and the latest applications. Develop new skills and put theory into practice. Benefit from one of the few MFin learning environments where students have at least 2 years of professional finance experience.  

With historic Cambridge as your home of learning, you benefit from a centuries-old legacy of knowledge excellence. Join an alumni known worldwide for high-standard achievement. Take advantage of our excellent careers service and strong links with global banking and finance companies. 



The Financial Times ranks the MFin 2nd globally, and first for careers service and value for money*


Years’ experience

Master of Finance students have an average of 4 years’ finance experience. 



Percentage of students who switched country, function or sector



Join a worldwide network of Cambridge Judge alumni in over 147 locations worldwide. 



Global finance companies who employ Cambridge Judge graduates. 


Research centres

Research centres at Cambridge Judge dedicated to finance.

*Masters in Finance post-experience 2022 rankings

A curriculum for tomorrow’s finance leaders today

Our core courses and elective modules help you develop international insights and further your career ambitions. Studying at Cambridge you’ll gain your firm foothold in finance while learning about emerging topics such as digital assets, blockchain technology, data analytics and Fintech.

View the MFin curriculum

Explore the MFin Pathways

The MFin programme provides a perfect blend of the fundamental finance concepts, the bigger picture view, and practical learnings through City Speaker Series and group projects. One of the standout features for me was the unparalleled opportunity to engage in discussions, held across Cambridge Judge and the vibrant Cambridge ecosystem, on the latest global trends and interact with the best minds.

Shreya Sharda, MFin 2022

City Speaker Series 

Cambridge attracts the highest calibre guest speakers, inspirational and prestigious figures from the corporate world. Our City Speaker Series gives you the opportunity to network with today’s standout finance practitioners. Speakers are experts in their fields, working at the cutting edge of applied finance. Join them in Q&A sessions, for a small post-speech dinner at a Cambridge College.

  • Anne-Marie Fleurbaaij, Managing Director, Cambridge University Endowment Fund
  • Kristine Braden, Managing Director, Head of Europe Global Subsidiaries Group, Citi
  • Paul Tucker, Partner at Egerton, Egerton Capital
  • Dania Seiglie, Managing Director, Energy, Societe Generale, Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Pierre Gentin, Chief Legal Officer, McKinsey & Co.
  • Amelia Armour, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners
  • Philip Yates, Partner, Perella Weinberg Partners
  • Philip Noblet, Head of UK Investment Banking, Jefferies
  • Chris Eagle, Chief Executive Officer, Aquila Markets
  • Avnish Mehra, Senior MD, Everstone
  • Laurence Hopkins, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Kevin Gardiner, Managing Director, Rothschild & Co
  • Sharon Davies, Managing Director (Valuation Advisory Services), Kroll

Through the captivating MFin City Speakers session, I had the extraordinary privilege of engaging in intimate and enlightening conversations with esteemed CFOs, visionary hedge fund founders, and accomplished managing partners. This exclusive experience offered a profound glimpse into their remarkable journeys, enabling me to learn from their triumphs, glean insights from their invaluable lessons, all in a relaxed and convivial environment.

Wildan Aprian Wiharsanto, MFin 2022

Focus on career outcomes

A Cambridge Master of Finance delivers an excellent return on your career investment. Ranked second in the world by the Financial Times, the MFin will accelerate your development and prepare you for a range of exciting career paths. MFin graduates report an average salary increase of 73% (Class of 2021/22). Fifty-eight per cent also switched their country after graduating, and 83% changed industry sector as a result of graduating from the MFin programme. We work closely with you, right from the start of the programme, to take the steps to develop your finance career.

Your Cambridge life

Cambridge is a hot spot for entrepreneurial activity and networking, and our enviable history of creating, launching and supporting new ventures draws people from around the world. Discover Cambridge’s ‘Silicon Fen’ and learn about the investment capital it attracts, whilst connecting with London’s financial hubs, just a short trip away. We’re located right in the heart of the Cambridge Cluster, so if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you’ll be close to a network of experienced people ready to advise and support you.

College networks and alumni membership

Join a global network of 12,000 Cambridge University alumni – elite high-level learners known worldwide for excellence in achievement – in more than 147 locations worldwide. No matter where in the world you travel, you will always be close to a Cambridge contact. As a Master of Finance student, your fellow students are all experienced finance professionals. You’ll also join a Cambridge College, which has its own alumni.