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Employment report 2017

This website captures the employment data for the Cambridge MBA class of 2015/16 - our most recently graduated class.

Our top recruiters represent leading firms: Amazon, Google, McKinsey & Company, Uber and The Boston Consulting Group. These results confirm the variety of options available to Cambridge MBAs after their studies, and also the established appeal of the versatile Cambridge MBA graduates to a wide range of international employers. We have provided pre-employment data to illustrate the transformative career pathways our students invariably take.

Top employers

Amazon | McKinsey & Company | Google | Uber | The Boston Consulting Group

92% of job seekers from the survey class received job offers within three months of completing their studies; 98% switched at least country, function or industry sector; and 8% started companies after their MBA. This data demonstrates that the Cambridge MBA continues to deliver career transitions. Our 2015 class are now working in 26 different countries, and our top five recruiters this year are mostly consulting or technology firms, reflecting the continuing interests of our MBAs.

This is an impressive figure when you consider that this three-month period covers the Christmas and New Year holidays when companies typically put recruitment plans on hold. It is also notable that 95.6% of the job seekers accepted job offers four months after the completion of their studies.

The average salary package saw a large increase to £99,025. This is in part due to the fluctuation in the pound following the June 2016 referendum for the UK to leave the European Union. To give a more reflective picture, if we had used the same spot exchange rates from the previous year's employment report, the average package would have seen an increase to £88,267.

We're proud of the achievements of the MBA 2015 class, and we wish them success in their careers in the future.
Conrad Chua, Head of MBA Careers
Conrad Chua

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We compile our employment statistics in adherence to MBA CSC reporting standards. The key data in this report reflects information received from 87% of the class.

The 'employed three months out' figure refers to those students who were seeking employment and excludes sponsored students who returned to their previous job, as well as students who started a business.

Please note: not all questions of the employment survey were mandatory.

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