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This website captures the employment data for the Cambridge MBA class of 2016/17 - our most recently graduated class.

Our recruiters represent a range of leading firms including Amazon, Google and McKinsey & Company. These results confirm the variety of options available to Cambridge MBAs after their studies, and also the established appeal of the versatile Cambridge MBA graduates to a wide range of international employers. We have provided pre-employment data to illustrate the transformative career pathways our students often take.

Companies employing the most Cambridge MBAs

Amazon | DAZN | Deloitte | Google | Microsoft | McKinsey & Company | Strategy&

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We are proud to celebrate the success of our MBA 2016 class, with 92% of job seekers receiving job offers within three months of completing their studies and 8% starting their own companies. Our MBA 2016 graduating class are now working in 26 countries around the globe, with 42% of the class choosing to continue their careers in the UK. 95% of those seeking jobs switched at least country, function or sector and 36% switched all three, demonstrating the global nature and significant impact of the Cambridge MBA.

Global recruiters continue to come to the Cambridge MBA to find the right talent for their business, with over 100 organisations recruiting from the class of 2016. The upward trend in salary for Cambridge MBA graduates also continues, and the average package for MBA 2016 of £104,452 represents a post-MBA salary uplift of 46%. Whilst 19% of the class of MBA 2016 moved into consulting roles, and 25% into roles in finance, the class outcomes reflect the global growth in the technology sector, with 51% moving to industry; of these 62% are in technology, internet or e-commerce.

Though the salary figures are gratifying, fewer than 4% of our MBA 2016 respondents cited compensation as a key motivator for choosing their new role; challenge, growth, opportunity, environment, cultural fit and impact were most often mentioned as drivers of their choices.

The School's unique place at the heart of the University of Cambridge and the most successful technology cluster in Europe provides unrivalled opportunities for networking and learning. We are delighted that our demanding, innovative and experiential MBA programme has allowed the class of MBA 2016 to develop the skills, experience and network they needed to achieve their goals.
Margaret O'Neill, Head of MBA Admissions & Careers
Margaret O'Neill

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We compile our employment statistics in adherence to MBA CSEA reporting standards. The key data in this report reflects information received from 95% of the class. The 'employed three months out' figure refers to those students who were seeking employment and excludes sponsored students who returned to their previous job, as well as students who started a business.

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