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Summer Term activities

To allow you to tailor the MBA towards your own individual career objectives, we offer a choice in the final Summer Term.

Please note: the Cambridge MBA is a 12 month MBA programme which runs from mid-September to mid-September. Students may work full-time in a work placement/internship for their summer option, but are not able to start in full-time permanent employment until mid-September, when the programme has finished.

Individual Project

The Individual Project (IP) gives students the opportunity to experience real work as a consultant on a business problem, anywhere in the world. Students can use this opportunity to gain valuable experience for their CV and as a first step into their new career. Students can expect to work full time for six to eight weeks during July-September depending on the client's requirements and their post-MBA plans. The IP may cover any aspect of management and may be located in any commercial, industrial, public sector or not-for-profit organisation, anywhere in the world. Recent projects have included product extension strategy for a financial services company, analysis of the US railway sector, branding strategy development for a national retailer and derivatives modelling. 

Work placement

Work placements give students the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and valuable experience for their CV within a sector or company of interest. They can also lead to offers of full-time employment. Students can expect to work full time for six to eight weeks during July to September. Previous employers offering internships include: the Financial Services Authority; Credit Suisse Private Banking; Google; Amazon; and Asian Development Bank. Students often self-source their own internships based on their particular interests.

Research paper

Students undertaking a research paper can expect to be involved in independent, in depth research into an area of business management of personal interest for the summer term. The deliverable will be a 3000 word paper written for a business audience similar to those appearing in publications such as Harvard Business Review or the Sloan Management Review

The individual project was an excellent conclusion to the Cambridge MBA as it gave me the opportunity to work as an intern at Google where I could broaden my experience and apply what I had learned throughout the year.
Matt Dodds, Canada, Director of the Volaris Group

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