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United Kingdom

Meet us at an event in the UK.

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Meet us at an event in Europe.

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North America

Meet us at an event in North America.

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South America

Meet us at an event in the South America.

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Meet us at an event in the Asia.

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Meet us at an event in Australasia.

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Middle East and Africa

Meet us at an event in the Middle East or Africa.

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An online event

Meet us online at one of our webinars or Find Out Friday events.

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Below is a list of events by event type:

Meeting Cambridge MBA staff and alumni in person is a great way to discuss the features and value of a Cambridge MBA, and an educational experience at Cambridge more widely. 

We host and participate in a range of different event types: individual 'profile-review' meetings, larger information sessions with staff or alumni, open days at CJBS and of course, participation in large MBA fairs. We also run regular online events. We encourage you to browse our meet us pages to find an event that suits you.

The Cambridge MBA is a highly regarded and ranked international programme, attracting the most promising professionals from around the world to apply. We hope to meet you at one of our events around the world.

If you have excelled in academics, are highly motivated and ambitious, thrive under pressure, and have had strong progression in your career already, then you may have the right fit for Cambridge.

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