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Mastering Marketing Strategy for Non-Marketeers

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3 days (Face-to-face)
6 half-day sessions (Live Online)

£3,450 + VAT (Face-to-face)
£2,600 + VAT (Live Online)

6-8 Dec 2023 (Face-to-face)
TBC (Live Online)

strategic marketing workshop

Mastering Marketing Strategy for Non-Marketeers: building brand value and digital strategies

Marketing is critical to any organisation and it’s important that all aspiring leaders should have a good understanding of how marketing strategy is developed and operationalised.

Marketing is not just advertising; it’s a sophisticated discipline that in many ways drives organisational philosophy. Marketing strategy places the customer at the centre of an organisation’s strategy and drives it’s decision and processes.

Mastering Marketing Strategy starts with the analysis of the market, including customers, competitors and the ecosystem. The programme goes on to cover segmentation, targeting and positioning, followed by key strategies in areas such as branding, product development, pricing and distribution. Finally we look at developing customer journeys, digital marketing frameworks, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and the different types of social and search content that can be used to drive audience, customer and profitable growth.


Your learning journey

Module 1: Introduction to marketing

  • Explain the true nature of marketing and debunk the myths.

Module 2: Strategic marketing planning

  • Develop strategic foresight, responding to disruptive shifts & generating consumer insights.

Module 3: Segmentation and targeting

  • Explore how to identify your potential customers, segment them by value potential and establish how to a create value proposition for each Target Segment.

Module 4: Positioning

  • Discuss the role of pricing in your marketing strategy and the relationship between customer value and price
  • Describe a variety of monetisation strategies.

Module 5: Branding and communication strategies

  • The 3 Brand Ps
  • Exploring brand communication strategies.

Module 6: Pricing strategy

  • Cost, value and competition-based pricing.

Module 7: Product strategy

  • Apply the 4 design principles of a product, explore differentiation and category innovation.

Module 8: Rethinking the customer journey in the digital era

  • Rethinking the shape of your teams, tools, processes and acting on feedback.

Module 9: Digital marketing frameworks

  • Explore different approaches to acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.

Module 10: SEO and SEM for effective marketing campaigns

  • Optimising SEO and SEM together to grow traffic and drive success and competitive advantage.

Module 11: Improving digital content

  • Content marketing is key to your digital marketing strategy – videos, podcasts, e-books or blogs; identifying the key formats is critical.

Download the Open Programmes brochure for more information on the modules and faculty.


Aspiring business leaders need a clear understanding of marketing strategy – great brands take time to build and continued effort to protect and develop.

Over the 3 days of this fast-paced and practical programme you will:

  • Understand the fundamental elements of the strategic marketing plan
  • Be able to interpret segmentation and targeting profiles and associated data
  • Explain the relationships between customer value and price in relation to positioning
  • Define the 3 Branding Ps
  • Explain the differences between cost, value and competition-based pricing
  • Describe the 4 design principles of a product
  • Understand the main types of customer journeys
  • Identify a digital marketing framework relevant to your organisation
  • Understand the difference between SEO and SEM and explain how they should work together
  • Explain the advantages of different channels and formats and how the can be used to improve your content strategy

Icon: Executive Education Certificates of Achievement.

This programme counts towards the Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement. On completing the GMCA you will be eligible to become an associate member of Cambridge Judge Business School’s global network of graduates and business-focused University of Cambridge alumni, faculty and staff.

This 3-day marketing open programme covers the key topics in marketing, such as marketing strategic planning, segmentation, targeting and positioning, product strategies, pricing strategies, branding strategies, customer journey and digital marketing. its aims at business executives who are non-marketers but acutely aware of the importance of marketing in driving sustainable growth and profitability for organisations. In the digital era, marketing is no longer just about communication and promotion, but an ongoing organisational process that ensures the value created by various departments collectively within an organisation precisely addresses the right problem faced by the target customers. Aspiring business leaders need to deeply understand the new roles and functions played by marketing in this new era in order to truly win customers’ hearts and minds, and therefore lay the foundation for their organisations’ long-term success.
Dr Eden Yin, Associate Professor in Marketing on Mastering Marketing Strategy: building brand value and digital strategies

Faculty & speakers

Learn from our world-class faculty who bring fresh insights from their leading-edge research into all of our Executive Education programmes.

The Academic Programme Director (APD) for the Mastering Marketing Strategy programme is Dr Eden Yin.

Access profiles of the programme’s APD and faculty:

Download the Open Programmes brochure for more information on the modules and faculty.

Programme formats

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Live Online

Our Live Online programmes bring Cambridge to you wherever you are, delivering the best aspects of a face-to-face learning experience here in Cambridge, into your office or home. Using technologies we are all now familiar with, you will take part in breakout groups with real time interaction between your peers and faculty. You will engage in realistic simulations or use software-enabled “sprint” design development. We also introduce guest speakers, live “Cambridge Union”-style debates and panels of experts and practitioners into the class.

Our Live Online programmes take place over a number of half-day sessions, run in the mornings (UK time).

Watch our video to learn more

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Face-to-face is a traditional, intense classroom learning experience and is all about hands-on interaction. You will be a part of exercises, debates and conversations, engaging directly with our faculty and your peers. Conversations spill over into breaktimes and meals, forming lasting connections. Share your ideas, develop your network and grow professionally, whilst enjoying the historic city of Cambridge.

Who should attend?

  • Non-marketeers and aspiring marketeers in a non-marketing role seeking a clear understanding of marketing strategy
  • Executives, in any function, who are interested in the importance of a customer-centric approach to marketing
  • Product designers or managers looking to understand more about customer motivations and bringing winning-products to the market.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

Why Cambridge Judge Business School?

Cambridge Judge faculty

All of our programmes are designed and led by an Academic Programme Director, who is a member of Cambridge Judge Business School faculty. They will also deliver substantial portions of that programme.

Leading-edge research

The research conducted by Cambridge Judge Business School’s 20 research centres, across a diverse range of disciplines, flows directly into all of our programmes, bringing new insights to our programme content.

Small group learning

With small class sizes, we continue the Cambridge way of learning that emphasises high levels of interaction with both our world-class faculty and peers.

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£3,450 + VAT (Face-to-face)
£2,600 + VAT (Live Online)

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate, which is currently 20%; e.g. £1,875 + 20% = £2,250.

Fees include instruction, materials, lunch and breaks. Preferential rates may be available for groups, University of Cambridge alumni and members of the School’s Alumni Association. Please note prices pre-registration are subject to change.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how this programme could benefit you or your organisation, please get in touch with the programme advisor:

Emily Cannon

Business Development Manager
Open Programmes
Tel: +44 (0)7879 116930

Schedule a call with Emily

[email protected]

Emily Cannon.

Additional information

Registration closes at midday two working days before the programme start date.

Participants are expected to attend the full programme.

For information regarding payment terms, cancellation rights, transfer policies and fees, please see our terms & conditions documents:

Terms & Conditions for Self-funded Applicants (updated January 2023)

Terms & Conditions for Organisation-funded Applicants (updated January 2023)

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