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Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street

Cyber risk changes rapidly from one month to the next. Typically, analysts are prepared to assess cyber risk for the next year ahead. Business executives however, need to plan for multiyear investments, returns on capital, and longer-term assessments of risks to their business strategies. In this conference we challenge cyber risk specialists and business risk managers to consider how the risk could be very different in a five to 10 year horizon, particularly the potential paradigm shifts that could provide strategic shock, and how enterprise risk management strategies can be developed to cope with the uncertain future. 

We invite presentations and attendance from a wide variety of specialists and business managers, including cyber security specialists, ethical hackers, academics studying aspects of cyber crime, motivation, and technology, Chief Information Security Officers and their teams, cyber insurance practitioners, and advisors and specialists.

Keynote Session

Cyber Risk Landscape

Cyber Threat Actors

Future Technology & Tools

Advances in Security

Changes in Risk Management

Cyber Insurance

For an overview of the final session and audience voting on The Future of Cyber Risk, and summary of attendee feedback

Summary of voting and attendee feedback

Wednesday 24 July 2019




Registration and coffee


Professor Daniel Ralph, Academic Director, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, and Professor of Operations Research, Cambridge Judge Business School


The Future of Cyber Risk
Dr Andrew Coburn, Chief Scientist, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies


Expecting Strategic Surprise: How our Adversaries Could Evolve Their Tactics
Conrad Prince, RUSI Distinguished Fellow and Senior Adviser Pool Reinsurance; formerly Director General for Operations GCHQ, and UK Cyber Ambassador


Plus Ça Change: Cybercrime, Past Present and Future
Dr Richard Clayton, Director of Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, Cambridge Computer Laboratories, University of Cambridge


Coffee break


Parallel Sessions I

Track 1: Cyber Risk Landscape
Lecture Theatre 1
Chair: Tom Harvey, Head of Cyber Product Management, Risk Management Solutions

  • Software Liability, Hackbacks, and Deep Fakes
    Erin Burns, Concinnity Risks

  • War Games, Simulations, and Scenarios: Preparing Organisations for Long Term Cyber Resilience
    Justin Clarke-Salt, Managing Director, Cyber Security, Aon Cyber Solutions

  • Cybergeddon vs. Cybertopia: Key variables in determining the future of cyber risk
    Dr Jennifer Daffron, Cyber Research Lead, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Track 2: Cyber Threat Actors
Lecture Theatre 2
Chair: Maria Bada, Research Associate, Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, Cambridge Computer Laboratories, Cambridge University

  • Trends in Hacker Business Models: Lessons from Negotiating with Extortionists
    Winston Krone, Managing Director of Kivu Consulting, Kivu Europe

  • Game Theory Approaches to Understanding Future Strategies of Threat Actors
    Dr Gordon Woo, Catastrophist, Risk Management Solutions

  • Journey from Black Hat to White Hat: The Psychology, the Tactics and the Future of Cyber Crime
    Mike Jones, Security Researcher

Track 3: Future Technology and Tools
Lecture Theatre 3
Chair: Vincent Gilcreest,

  • Red on Blue: Infinity War
    Sille Laks, Cyber Security Expert, Clarified Security

  • The Evolution of Cyber Security Risk Ratings
    Jasson Casey, Chief Technology Officer at SecurityScorecard

  • Tracked, Jacked & Extorted: Today & Tomorrow’s Threat Landscape
    Timothy Olsen, Vice President of Cyber Risk and Breach Response, Symantec


Lunch at Cambridge Judge Business School


Parallel Sessions II

Track 4: Advances in Security
Lecture Theatre 1
Chair: Dr Raveem Ismail, Director, (Re)insurance, QOMPLX: Insurance

  • Managing Cyber Risk in Digital Transformation
    Stephen Boyer, CTO and Founder, BitSight

  • Cyber Risk Quantification: Risk Dependency and Its Impact on Modeling and Underwriting
    Professor MingYan Liu, Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cyber Security for Organisations
    Dr Jason Nurse, Assistant Professor in Cyber Security, University of Kent

Track 5: Changes in Risk Management
Lecture Theatre 2
Chair: Dave Ruedger, CISO, RMS

  • The Changing Face of Privacy Law and Future Costs of Cyber Liabilities
    James Clark, Senior Associate, DLA Piper

  • Changing Workplace Behaviour: Improving the Human Firewalls of Organizations
    Stephen Burke, CEO & Founder, Cyber Risk Aware

  • The Future of Cyber Risk Management in Large Organisations
    Domenico del Re, Director, PwC UK

Track 6: Cyber Insurance
Lecture Theatre 3
Chair: Kelly Malynn, Senior Risk Manager, Beazley Group

  • Cyber Insurance in 2025
    Sarah Stephens, FINPRO Cyber, Media & Technology Practice Leader

  • The Cyber Market’s Present and Future Challenges; the Reinsurers’ View and Expectations
    Eric Durand, Swiss Re

  • Future Analytics of Cyber Risk Quantification
    Dr Christos Mitas, Vice President of Model Development, Risk Management Solutions


Tea break


Track Reports and Discussion: Bringing together the Multiple Aspects of the Future of Cyber Risk

The chair of each of the parallel sessions reports back to the plenary attendees about their session. This will be followed by Q&A with the audience and the chairs

Moderated by: Dr Andrew Coburn

  • Cyber Risk Landscape – Tom Harvey, Head of Cyber Product Management, Risk Management Solutions
  • Cyber Threat Actors – Maria Bada, Research Associate, Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, Cambridge Computer Laboratories, Cambridge University
  • Future Technology and Tools – Vincent Gilcreest,
  • Advances in Security – Dr Raveem Ismail, Director, (Re)insurance, QOMPLX: Insurance
  • Changes in Risk Management – Dave Ruedger, CISO, RMS
  • Cyber Insurance – Kelly Malynn, Senior Risk Manager, Beazley Group


Concluding Remarks
Simon Ruffle, Director of Research and Innovation, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies


Networking Reception
Cambridge Judge Business School