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What happens next

Here is an overview of the different stages that a candidate will pass through during the complete admissions process:

Stage 1 - Application review

All complete applications will be considered after each deadline. Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions committee and a decision made regarding whether to shortlist you for interview.

We will send you an email notification as to the status of your application approximately one week after the relevant application deadline. Please note your application must be complete (including the receipt references) before it can be considered.

We regret that, due to the volume of applications we receive, the Admissions Committee is not able to provide feedback on individual applications that are unsuccessful.

Stage 2 - Interviews

Once we have received your application it will be reviewed by the admissions committee and a decision made regarding whether to invite you to interview.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview at Cambridge Judge Business School. In exceptional circumstances (for example if it is difficult for you to get a visa at short notice to visit the UK) we are sometimes able to offer interviews in your own country or occasionally by telephone. We do, however, strongly prefer candidates to visit us in Cambridge.

All candidates attending an interview in Cambridge will have:

  • an individual interview with a member of Cambridge Judge Business School faculty
  • a tour of the facilities at the School
  • an individual meeting with a member of the Admissions team to discuss how you intend to fund the programme and to answer any questions you have
  • lunch with current Executive MBA students (if possible)

All candidates will be asked to bring:

  • original copies of degree transcripts and certificates (also GMAT and TOEFL/ IELTS as applicable)
  • their passport or another form of photo identification

If we offer you a place on the Cambridge Executive MBA, we will ask (when you accept that place) for a reservation fee of 15 per cent of the course fee and for financial guarantees that you can meet the costs of the programme.

Stage 3 - Offer

If you are offered a place on the Cambridge EMBA, you will notified by email within a week of your interview. This email will contain details of your offer deadline and a link to your conditional offer and financial information documents.

The conditional offer documents contain the following conditions which must be met before we can convert this to an unconditional offer:

Condition one: agree to the terms and conditions of your offer

Review and agree to the terms and conditions of your offer on the EMBA application portal. Additional information regarding the terms and conditions can be read in the offer information pack that is attached to your offer. 

Condition two: payment of the reservation fee

A reservation fee of £9,894 is required to reserve your place on the Cambridge Executive MBA 2017. This reservation fee is not refundable, as it constitutes a contribution to the various irrecoverable costs that Cambridge Judge Business School incurs once a student decides to accept his/her offer of admission. Please note that this deposit goes towards your Executive MBA tuition fees. 

Condition three: evidence of ability to meet costs

Before you can be fully admitted to the Cambridge Executive MBA, we require evidence that you can fund the cost of the programme. You will need to supply documentary evidence and details of this can be found in your offer. 

Condition four: successful completion of any reference checks that the School, or its appointed third party, might undertake

Every year, Cambridge Judge Business School carries out reference checks on a sample of offer candidates. These reference checks take the form of speaking to one or both of the referees in a candidate's application, or a verification check of a candidate's academic record. In some cases, these checks are conducted by a third party on behalf of the School. The Executive MBA Programme will contact you if there is any further information needed in regards to this condition.

Award of a college place

Please note that each student offered a place on a degree programme at the University of Cambridge must also be awarded a College place. It is the responsibility of the Executive MBA Admissions team to find College places for students and students should not try to arrange this independently. Being accepted by a College is a requirement to undertake the programme.

Stage 4 - Becoming an official member of the University

You will only officially become a member of the University of Cambridge once your tuition and college fees have been paid and you have matriculated (become an official member of your college). It is important that all fees are paid on time to enable this transition from candidate to official student to take place.


We are now closed for applications for our 2017 cohort. Applications for the 2018 cohort will open on 1 September.