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Tuition fees & expenses

Investing in your career involves considerable planning and it's important to gather the information you need in good time, especially if you are planning to ask your employer to sponsor your studies.

Although your status as a sponsored or self-sponsored applicant will not affect your admission to the Cambridge Executive MBA, it will impact on how you organise funding. We are happy to answer individual queries regarding funding and where applicable, we will work with you to secure sponsorship from your employer. Find out more about employer support

Programme support

The tuition fee for the Executive MBA programme commencing in September 2017 is £65,960.

If you are made an offer of a place on the programme you will be asked to pay a 15 per cent reservation fee to secure your place on the programme. This fee is then deducted from the total fees payable.

Tuition fees can be paid in one or two instalments, these options are available to both self-funded and employer sponsored participants:

Option one - Reservation fee plus one instalment

Reservation fee £9,894
Remaining fees payable by 1 September 2017 £56,066
Total fees £65,960

Option two - Reservation fee plus two instalments

Reservation fee £9,894
Instalment one payable by 1 September 2017 £32,980
Instalment two payable by 3 September 2018 £23,086
Total fees £65,960

Fees cover the following:

  • Programme tuition
  • Membership of a Cambridge College
  • Group meals in Cambridge during weekend sessions
  • Accommodation and group meals for the orientation week
  • Accommodation and group meals on the International Business Study Trip

Additional costs

  • Accommodation during the weekend sessions
  • Flights for the International Business Study Trip

We estimate that £7,000 should be budgeted to cover additional costs for the programme.

When accepting an offer of a place on the Cambridge Executive MBA you will be asked to provide financial evidence that you are able to meet the tuition costs of the programme £65,960. Please note when applying for the programme that due to your current location the additional costs may be significantly higher or lower than £7,000.