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Research by the University of Cambridge* shows that mainstream entrepreneurship education consistently fails female participants, who are almost always underrepresented in the training programmes. This is significantly more evident in programmes targeted at science, engineering and technology students. The research also indicated that programmes designed and delivered specifically for women in these target groups could be extremely effective.

EnterpriseWISE is a tailored entrepreneurship programme which has been created for PhD and early career women working in these fields with the express purpose of developing skills, knowledge and confidence.

Next programme

The next programme will take place on 7-8 October and 4-5 November 2017 (both weekends together) at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

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Who is it for?

EnterpriseWISE is for PhD and early career women working in science, engineering and technology.

The experience

EnterpriseWISE adopts methods that are recognised to raise confidence as well as knowledge and skills such as learning-by-doing, learning from others, and provision of role models.

The programme focuses significantly on three things:

  • Personal development and increasing confidence in being entrepreneurial
  • Highlighting the realities of entrepreneurship for women from STEM subjects
  • Building networks of entrepreneurial women

EnterpriseWISE typically runs over two weekends to accommodate busy women in work.

* Barakat, S., McLellan, R. and Winfield, S. (2011) "The impact of programmes for entrepreneurship: lessons from examining self-efficacy." Institute of Small Business and Enterprise (ISBE) Annual Conference, London, UK. The research was conducted by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and the Faculty of Education.