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EnterpriseTECH is a comprehensive 10-week journey that unlocks your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s designed for individuals wanting to explore the world of startups and innovation.

With EnterpriseTECH, we’re committed to catalysing the transformation of researchers into the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Join us to unlock your potential and make a tangible impact in the world.

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Entrepreneurship is like bedhead, it presents a surprise in the mirror every day!

Dr Natalija Stepurko, Co-founder, Bravely Cultured and EnterpriseTECH and EnterpriseTECH STAR alumna (pictured).

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EnterpriseTECH 15

Programme dates

17 Sep-22 Nov 2024

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EnterpriseTECH 16

Programme dates

5 Nov 2024-31 Jan 2025

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20 September 2024





The EnterpriseTECH experience

Our tailored blend of lectures, hands-on workshops and supervisions coupled with turning theoretical knowledge into practical, real-world skills is the hallmark of EnterpriseTECH and where Cambridge Judge meets you in the research lab or your corporate world.

The programme sets in train personal opportunities to help unlock your creativity, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and cultivate a growth mindset. You will learn to research and analyse the commercial viability of innovative technologies, craft persuasive funding pitches, and produce compelling video marketing content.

Once the 4-day lecture intensive is over, the programme moves into the out-of-hours supervision and a research spell. Much of this can be in hybrid mode.

Apply as an individual and you’ll be assigned to a student team, a supervisor and a project with its inventor team. The fascinating technologies you get to work on are STEM-centred and they are well suited to the interests and research backgrounds of our students.

Dr Rakesh Arul, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge image

If you're hesitating, don't. Taking the leap to join EnterpriseTECH was the best learning opportunity I've had this year. If your hard scientist/academic colleagues ignore entrepreneurship, it's a huge missed opportunity.

Dr Rakesh Arul, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

Why choose EnterpriseTECH?

Cambridge is renowned as a global centre for innovation and enterprise, powered by our prestigious university, dynamic tech sector, and extensive network of research institutions. The city’s ecosystem is a global leader in groundbreaking scientific and technological advancements.

This rich environment of scientific progress and entrepreneurial zeal forms a rich backdrop for EnterpriseTECH. In this environment, our students gain valuable insights into the process of commercialising technology, connect with an expansive network of industry professionals, and play a part in transforming scientific discoveries into innovations ready for the market.

Meet Brenda and Rita

So welcome. My name is Brenda Hernandez. I am doing my PhD in thermal energy storage in Khalifa University in the UAE.

My name is Rita, Rita Giordano. And my research background is in crystallography.

I am Mexican.


I believe we require an energy transition towards renewables. And currently, one of the challenges with renewables is the storage capacity and how we can store the energy to use it at any point. That’s why thermal energy storage, for me, is very relevant.

So the project is about crystallography, and this is what is something that I’m so excited about. And this inventor invented a machine that is an optical instrument that can collect the data faster and in less time.

So currently, the project that I was introduced in the programme EnterpriseTECH is carbon capture and battery, which is very interesting because it’s dealing with 2 main problems that we have currently, the emissions of CO2 and, at the same time, the energy storage.

And you can solve a problem. For example, in my case, it was to solve a problem when people do drug design, and they have to collect several proteins. So, it was very exciting to work in this.

The main focus of my home university, Tecnologíco de Monterrey, is to transform citizens into be good to the community, which means we have a couple of courses regarding entrepreneurship, but this is the first time I am in an international group made out of researchers that have a strong technical background, that are able to innovate inventions and technologies that are quite unique. So, I’m very excited about this programme.

I’m enthusiastic, and passionate, and data driven.

Energetic, colourful, and creative.

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Your learning experience includes opportunities for:

Experiential learning

Our approach goes beyond traditional lectures, immersing you in real-world projects where learning comes from actual doing.

Expert guidance

You receive supervisions from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders, leveraging their wisdom to guide your journey.

Career advancement

Develop your business persona, gain a business edge, skills and knowledge to prepare for career transitions or success in the entrepreneurial world.

The programme’s three learning components

The lecture intensive

The programme kicks off with Launch Night in Cambridge. You meet the inventors behind your project and your supervisor.

The next day our bespoke 4-day lecture intensive starts. Packed full of lectures and workshops delivered by faculty, experts and entrepreneurs, plus time for networking and time to work on project planning.

Project-based teamwork

You work in a small, intimate team alongside 5-6 teammates. Together, you’ll learn how to identify opportunities, evaluate technology ideas and sustainable approaches entrepreneurship.

You’ll discover how to mobilise resources and collaborate, increase your financial and economic literacy and evolve public speaking skills.

Pitch night and assessments

The finale is Pitch Night where everyone reconvenes to hear simulated pitches to investors by the student teams. A panel of friendly judges ask questions whilst giving you the opportunity to shine. Assessments are a commercial feasibility report, a video infomercial as well as your pitch and pitch deck.

EnterpriseTECH isn't just a programme; it's a transformative journey that equips researchers with the skills, knowledge and network needed to thrive in today's dynamic entrepreneurship landscape. Invaluable experiences, guidance, and connections!

Manar Almazrouei, PhD Student, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

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