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EnterpriseTECH PGI cohort

EnterpriseTECH is a real-world learning experience at the interface of research and the startup world and is designed to inspire individuals to explore and expand their own entrepreneurial potential. 

It provides opportunities to develop entrepreneurship and business-related skills using a blend of intensive lectures and practical application of the new knowledge to a real-world project. The projects we select are typically from the physical, life and medical sciences and the engineering and deep technology fields, areas well suited to the interests and backgrounds of our cohorts.

We invite applications from undergraduates, graduate and PhD researchers, postdocs, research staff, and industry professionals whether you are at the University of Cambridge or another UK or international university, organisation or company. 

You will work in a team with around five other people from diverse professional and research backgrounds on a project. Your team is assigned a supervisor to guide you through the programme and the assessment process. On successful completion of the programme, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. We usually have cohorts of around 10-15 teams.

The heart of EnterpriseTECH is effective teamwork. You will learn about:

  • ideas and opportunities – how to spot opportunities, develop new ways to feed creativity and vision, learn how to value and evaluate ideas, and build on your approaches for ethical and sustainable thinking.
  • resources – understanding how to mobilise resources and others around you, financial and economic literacy, self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance.
  • action – experiential learning, working with others, planning and management, leadership growth, coping with ambiguity, uncertainty and risk, public speaking.

You can read more about the projects, lectures and supervisions in the programme overview and see photographs in our gallery.

Programme dates for 2022/23

EnterpriseTECH Cohort 11

Monday 10 October

Deadline for inventor project proposals

Monday 17 October

Application deadline for students

Tuesday 22 November

Launch Night

Wednesday 23-Saturday 26 November

Compulsory lecture intensive

Wednesday 23 November-Friday 17 March

Teamwork, supervisions and research spell

Wednesday 15 March

Pitch Night

Friday 17 March

Assignment deadline

EnterpriseTECH Cohort 12

Monday 16 January

Deadline for inventor project proposals

Monday 30 January

Application deadline for students

Monday 27 February

Launch Night

Wednesday 1-Saturday 4 March

Compulsory lecture intensive

Wednesday 1 March-Friday 26 May

Teamwork, supervisions and research spell

Wednesday 24 May

Pitch Night

Friday 26 May

Assignment deadline

What will I do as a student?

Launch Night brings together the student cohort, around 60 people, plus the inventors and team supervisors. We hear short presentations from the inventors about the technology they are bringing to EnterpriseTECH and what they would like to get out of their experience working with a student team. We also introduce the business supervisors who will be helping their teams through the 12-week journey by offering supervisions. Our supervisors range from Cambridge Judge Business School faculty to experienced industry professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

For students, a compulsory lecture intensive follows for the next four full days, concluding with a networking party. Students are assigned to teams and projects and go on to evaluate the commercial feasibility of the project with their team under the guidance of their supervisor for the remainder of the 12-weeks. The challenge for mixed-discipline student teams is to determine whether their new technology has commercial potential and, if so, what that route to market might be.

As the end of the programme draws closer, there are workshops for teams on video production, story-telling and crafting narratives, and pitching workshops and clinics. The big day is Pitch Night, where student teams get on stage and pitch to a panel of judges in front of the entire cohort. Two days later, the remaining assessments are due.

The three pieces of teamwork that form the assessment are:

  • 3,000-word commercial feasibility report.
  • two-minute video infomercial.
  • five-minute team pitch to a live audience.

Teams receive detailed written feedback from their inventors, supervisors and assessors. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who complete the whole programme, including attending the entire lecture series, attending all supervisions and pitch night.

Time commitment

The programme runs for about 12 weeks and requires a minimum of 100-hours of personal time commitment.

  • Launch night (five hours)
  • Lecture intensive and team-building workshops (45 hours)
  • Three evening supervisions (10 hours)
  • Team meeting, online research and assessment preparation (40 hours at least).

Student backgrounds and vocational relevance

The majority of our students come from the physical sciences, clinical medicine, engineering, biotechnology and life sciences research backgrounds. We also have students from arts, humanities, and social sciences. In the past four years, more than 600 students and researchers have attended the programme (roughly equal gender balance). 

Our students have some understanding but limited experience of entrepreneurship. Attending a Business School programme is often a new experience. This programme is relevant if you are thinking about an entrepreneurial career, or if you are setting up or becoming part of a commercial or social venture. It is also helpful if you want to work with innovators and entrepreneurs or take up further study in a business school.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most enlightening and empowering programmes I’ve undertaken during my postgraduate studies. The mentorship, lecturers and beyond have been invaluable in teaching me about the vast opportunities available outside of the lab.
Hassan Imran, PhD student, Department of Engineering, EnterpriseTECH 2019/20.
EnterpriseTECH is a unique opportunity for PhD students and postdocs to experience the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurial thinking. Through a well-structured, yet flexible format, participants travel the often arduous path of taking an idea from concept to commercialisation as a team. The programme is an exhilarating experience that gets students into a different mindset, allowing them to be creative outside of a lab by challenging their discipline and analytical skillset in a new way. My groups have been exceptionally intelligent, diverse and hungry; two from my last cohort now want to move on to the EnterpriseTECH STAR programme because they enjoyed the first programme so much. As a business supervisor, it’s been a real pleasure to work with some amazing talent and to watch a group grow from diverse individuals at inception to a well-honed, commercially focused team at completion.
Ron Neumunz, VP Stanford Angels of Great Britain, EnterpriseTECH team business supervisor.


Applications are now open. We review student applications on a rolling basis and offer places in advance of the published deadlines. All applicants have a short interview.

EnterpriseTECH Cohort 12

27 February – 26 May 2023
Inventor project proposal deadline: Closed
Student application deadline: 30 January 2023

Apply now

EnterpriseTECH was way beyond my expectations! The journey from experts’ presentations through teamwork and finally pitching your project is so much fun. It is the most concise and productive training on entrepreneurship I have ever attended.
Camille Mba, PhD student, MRC Epidemiology Unit, EnterpriseTECH 2019/20.