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The Entrepreneurship Centre has created a series of videos and articles on key topics of interest to those participating and considering our EnterpriseTECH programmes.

What is product-market fit?

12 September 2022

Tom Britton, co-founder of Syndicateroom discusses the importance of PMF for startups, emphasising the significance of cost in determining true PMF, and suggests using the “jobs to be done” framework to understand customer needs.

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EnterpriseTECH: the key to realising innovation

29 January 2019

An NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow designed medical devices but lacked expertise and financial backing. EnterpriseTECH helped him develop a chemically active packaging, providing compelling evidence for a prototyping.

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EnterpriseTECH Inventor Diaries: Spilios Theodoratos, Dr Ioannis Sfontouris and Jeanette Walker

3 January 2022

Inventors use AI to improve life reproduction leading. The new platform helps embryologists select the most viable blastocyst, improving IVF success rates.EnterpriseTECH helped transform the invention into a commercial business.

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EnterpriseTECH Inventor Diaries: Dr David Hampton

15 July 2021

Co-inventor of a novel medical device to improve care for patients with abnormal build-up of fluid in the brain’s cavities shares his experience working with a student team on EnterpriseTECH to develop a market, business, and investment case for the innovative device.

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EnterpriseTECH Student Diaries: Emily Clements

22 June 2021

Neuroscience PhD student developed the Entrepreneurial Brain Challenge to test the cognition and characteristics of entrepreneurs. On EnterpriseTECH, she overcame imposter syndrome and saw the benefits of diversity of thought.

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Zijing Li’s self-healing concrete invention wins UKRI award as Mimicrete takes off

12 April 2023

From civil engineering researcher to award-winning construction materials entrepreneur, Mimicrete’s transformative potential for the construction industry gains traction.

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EnterpriseTECH STAR Alumnus Co-Founds DeepMirror to Revolutionise Drug Discovery with AI

12 April 2023

Dr Ryan Greenhalgh and team using AI to optimise the drug discovery process, reducing costs and improving clinical success rates, helping usher in the century of biology.

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EnterpriseTECH strikes new partnership with Royce

24 March 2023

The Henry Royce Institute helps Cohort 12 kick off with a lot more ‘InnoMakers’ to counterbalance the life scientists, marking the first involvement in EnterpriseTECH for the EPSRC/UKRI funded institute.

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EnterpriseTECH Cohort 13

26 September – 8 December 2023

Application deadline: 17 July 2023.

EnterpriseTECH Cohort 14

9 January – 20 March 2024

Application deadline: 30 October 2023.

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EnterpriseTECH STAR Cohort IV

10 April – 17 June 2024.

Application deadline: 10 January 2024.

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We welcome and review project proposals from inventors all year round. Please review the hard deadlines associated with each of the programme cohorts.

Applications for project proposals are now open. 

Cohort 13

  • Programme duration: 26 September-8 December
  • Submission deadline: 17 July 2023

Cohort 14

  • Programme duration: 9 January-22 March
  • Submission deadline: 30 October 2023

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