Find out more about the people who develop and deliver the EnterpriseTECH programme:

Dr Rebecca Myers ARCS

Programme Director for EnterpriseTECH and EnterpriseTECH STAR Head of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes and Engagement, Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Rebecca blends scientific expertise with entrepreneurial leadership. Having trained as an organic chemist, she’s dedicated almost 25 years to chemistry research. Her academic journey started at Imperial College in 1994 with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry. In 1997, she came to the University of Cambridge for her PhD with Professor Chris Abell FRS. Finishing that in 2001, she moved just down the corridor to the Whiffen Lab as she began a postdoc with Professor Steven V Ley CBE, FRS. She remained with Steve and, in time, became a Senior Research Associate in his group until 2018 when she moved, this time just around the corner, to CJBS. During the latter part of her postdoc, she also became the Associate Programme Director for the inaugural CRUK PhD Training Programme in Medicinal Chemistry (under the leadership of Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian FRS, FMedSci) from 2006 to 2016.

Her publication record, with over 30 papers, is focused on organic and medicinal chemistry, particularly in the innovative application of chemical synthesis techniques in the construction of small molecules (with therapeutic functions). Her book chapters discuss the evolution of immobilised reagents in flow chemistry and the inspiration of natural products in chemical synthesis tool development.

In a striking transition from pure science in academia to a more business-oriented role, in 2018 Rebecca started her current role and now helps shape the future of STEM-based entrepreneurship in her role at Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre.

Here, she has designed and directs innovative entrepreneurship education programmes including EnterpriseTECH and EnterpriseTECH STAR, and has laid out the blueprint for EnterpriseWOMEN. Through these programmes, Rebecca and her team are enriching hundreds of (mostly) PhD and postdoctoral researchers with real-world entrepreneurship education.

Olivia Cutmore

Programme Administrator and Coordinator, EnterpriseTECH, EnterpriseTECH STAR and EnterpriseWOMEN

Olivia Cutmore is a skilled Programme Administrator, playing an instrumental role in the seamless operation of EnterpriseTECH, EnterpriseTECH STAR and EnterpriseWOMEN at Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre. Since joining the Education Team in January 2020 she has contributed significantly to the success of these innovative educational programmes.

Beginning her administrative career in 2014 as a hotel receptionist, Olivia honed her exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills. Following a two-year adventure in Australia, she returned to her hometown of Cambridge and gained valuable experience in office-based roles within the construction industry.

In her current position, Olivia leverages her technical expertise and efficient management skills to ensure a high-quality learning experience for participants of our programmes within the Education team. She is committed to streamlining procedures, collaborating closely with diverse student communities, and engaging empathetically with stakeholders.

Outside her professional pursuits, Olivia has expanded her skillset by completing an Executive Personal Assistant online course. Her passion for personal and professional growth has made a significant impact on connecting individuals, sharing insights, and providing necessary tools and support for career development for all of our participants.

Dr Ghina M Halabi

Programme Leader, EnterpriseTECH, EnterpriseTECH STAR, and EnterpriseWOMEN

Dr Ghina M. Halabi is an inspiring astrophysicist and social entrepreneur. With a passion for unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos, her research explored the structure and evolution of stars, probing their life cycles and the physics that governs their behaviour to provide insights about the universe and our place in it.

Demonstrating her adaptability and keen insight, Ghina transitioned from the enigmatic world of astrophysics to the dynamic and disruptive realm of entrepreneurship.

Leveraging her expertise at the intersection of space science and commercialisation, Ghina joined the Education Team at the Entrepreneurship Centre, where she has played a crucial role in the creation and management of transformative programmes that empower academics to commercialise their research and flourish beyond the confines of the laboratory.

As an advocate for female empowerment, she designed and leads EnterpriseTECH and EnterpriseWOMEN, an innovative entrepreneurship development programme specifically tailored for early-stage women entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs. In 2022, she completed Help to Grow – SME Growth course on leadership & management at University of Bath School of Management.

In a remarkable achievement, Ghina became the first individual to earn a PhD in astrophysics from a Lebanese university.

Driven by a commitment to promoting STEM and advocating for women in science, she founded She Speaks Science, a multi-lingual social enterprise dedicated to fostering a positive STEM identity among young people and amplifying the voices of women scientists through the art of storytelling. She Speaks Science has garnered funding and support from prestigious organisations such as the International Astronomical Union and the University of Cambridge.

Prior to her current endeavours, Ghina held positions as a postdoctoral research associate at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, a fellow at the Wolfson College, and a lecturer at the American University of Beirut.

Throughout her multifaceted career, Ghina has emerged as a force of nature, seamlessly bridging the gap between scientific discovery and social impact.

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