Applying to EnterpriseTECH Cohort 15 and 16

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We ask about your background including details about your research or work and your motivations for why you’d like to join EnterpriseTECH.

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Programme dates

Only apply for the cohort where you can be relatively certain you will be fully available and committed to the fullness of activities and learning experience.

Admission is conditional on attending a short interview and having arrangements for funding in place. We accept around 60-70 students per cohort.

Cohort 15

17 Sep -22 Nov 2024

Programme dates

17 Sep 2024

Launch Night

18-21 Sep 2024

Lecture Intensive

10, 23, 29 and 30

Oct 2024

Mid-programme workshops

20 Nov 2024

Pitch Night

Cohort 16

5 Nov 2024-31 Jan 2025

Programme dates

5 Nov 2024

Launch Night

6-9 Nov 2024

Lecture Intensive

5 and 18 Dec 2024

7 and 8 Jan 2025

Mid-programme workshops

 29 Jan 2025

Pitch Night

Application guidance

While it’s a priority for us to interview everyone straight after the application deadline, we’re not looking for prior experience. However, we do aim to gauge your motivations and suitability for the programme—and vice versa.

We also recommend you have a clear view of how you will cover the programme fees before you start your application. There is no application fee, but if you are offered a place, we ask for a small personal deposit (irrespective of your funding source) and the balance of fees become due before the start of the programme.

If you are self-funding, there is a possibility of paying the programme fee by three instalments.

Time commitment

EnterpriseTECH is a 100-hour commitment over 10 weeks. Contact time includes 50 hours of lectures and workshops, 10 hours of supervisions, plus around 40 hours of personal time and other team meetings during the research spell.

There are attendance requirements to ensure everyone individually and in their teams have the opportunity to make the most of the learning experience. This includes the Launch and Pitch nights, the lecture intensive, and three (evening) workshops plus three supervisions. The research spell and supervisions can be hybrid/online.

Most participants excel (and thrive) at managing the demands of EnterpriseTECH with a well-organised and efficient approach alongside their day-to-day research or work commitments.

Need help?

Any questions prior to applying please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you.