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Become a supervisor for EnterpriseTECH


Supervising a team of Cambridge students and researchers with entrepreneurial aspirations presents a unique opportunity to expand your teaching repertoire around early-phase innovation development.

Your team will carry out a commercial feasibility study on a piece of new science or technology (submitted by an inventor) producing a 3,000-word report at the end. Your role will be to guide them through that process.

The contribution our supervisors make is valuable on many levels - not least the impression your team receives about the possibilities that lie at this fertile interface of scientific technology and entrepreneurship. We offer a modest stipend (based on standard rates for University supervision) representing 10 hours of work. You join us for the rewarding experience and networking opportunities more than the financial reward.

The EnterpriseTECH programme is a great opportunity for students to experience what it really means to start up a business and ensure all technical and commercial scenarios are addressed to make a business successful. As an industrial supervisor, leading the students through the EnterpriseTECH journey is a rewarding challenge as it not only allows you to guide them through the due diligence of scientific assets but it also gives you the opportunity to help them transform shortfalls into great opportunities.
Dr Vincenzo Garzya, Programme Director, Global Medical Affairs, AstraZeneca-Cambridge, EnterpriseTECH Business Supervisor, 2018

What will I have to do?

There are two dates we ask you to attend: Launch Night and Pitch Night. Both occasions are excellent networking opportunities and are held at Cambridge Judge Business School after 17:00.

Between these events, you will provide three supervisions on mutually agreed dates during the research period of several weeks. These take place in the breakout spaces around Cambridge Judge Business School. Each supervision lasts for up to 90 minutes. Key themes form a loose structure underlying the supervisions to ensure timely progression of the project. We provide detailed guidance for supervisors.

What background should I have?

Our supervisors have a broad set of coaching skills in many established and emerging sectors. They bring professional experience and knowledge expertise that enriches the whole programme.

We provide supervisions using a mix of academics and external professionals. We aim to secure good matches between projects and supervisors to maximise the overall experience for all participants and contributors.

You are likely to be a good fit if you have a PhD, Masters or MBA and/or experience mentoring students, coaching startups, setting up your own business or advising other people on their businesses. We are keen to develop our pool of appropriately qualified supervisors with science, medicine and engineering backgrounds.

What are the expectations I will need to fulfil?

All teams have some form of assessment. You will help ensure your team is match-fit by tracking their progress on their project. We have sample reports for illustration purposes. We will expect you to provide a rich and intellectual learning environment for your teams.

EnterpriseTECH reaches across technology, science, and business; it is the next best thing to starting a business and is a perfect launching pad helping to vault students, and potential new startups forward. You examine the business model, look at the tech market, find market niches, and strike. All the while, the team is learning the ropes of navigating the business world, what it takes to make a business proposal and to dig into a new market. The supervisors get to work on coaching, leadership, and entrepreneurship from new directions.
Mickey Kawick, Director of Technology, Jagex, Cambridge, EnterpriseTECH Business Supervisor, 2018

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