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Getting involved in supervising and mentoring

Are you passionate about nurturing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs?

We’re on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join us as supervisors for our foundational EnterpriseTECH programme and mentors for EnterpriseTECH STAR.

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About the EnterpriseTECH experience for supervisors and mentors

EnterpriseTECH is a vibrant, team-based programme that runs twice a year, forming around 10 teams per cohort. That’s approximately 120 students annually seeking guidance! As a supervisor, you’ll lead one of these dynamic teams, providing three structured supervisions based on our tailored teaching frameworks. Your expertise will help shape the entrepreneurial journeys of our students, steering them through the exciting world of tech evaluation and innovation.

For those drawn to a more individualised approach, our EnterpriseTECH STAR programme offers the unique opportunity to mentor students as they navigate the early stages of their business ideas. Your role will be to offer personalised advice and direction, helping to refine their concepts into viable, market-ready innovations.

Why getting involved is inspiring

Joining our supervisor and mentor pool is more than just a role; it’s an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You’ll immerse yourself in a diverse ecosystem of students, researchers, and inventors, expanding your network and sparking new or renewed connections.

Witness firsthand the birth of innovative projects and fresh business ideations, and gain valuable insights into emerging technologies. Being a part of our community is not just rewarding —it’s a chance to be at the forefront of entrepreneurial education, making a tangible impact on the future of technology and business.

What background is required?

We look for people with a wide range of teaching skills across both traditional and innovative fields. Whether you’re an academic or a professional within the entrepreneurial world..

You’re a perfect match if you have a PhD or equivalent expertise in science or technology, an MBA, or have hands-on experience in mentoring university students, guiding startups, launching your own venture, or advising on early-stage business strategies.

We’re keen on diversifying our team and encourage more women to join us in both capacities.

Further details about the roles

EnterpriseTECH supervisor

EnterpriseTECH, a 10-week programme, kicks off with a 40-hour lecture week, setting the stage for hands-on learning under the guidance of a supervisor.

As a supervisor, you are instrumental in bridging theory with practical application through the “Cambridge supervision model.” This model allows you to lead your student team in tackling a real-world project, culminating in a comprehensive commercial feasibility report, a 3,000-word document, a video infomercial, and a pitch presentation.

You’ll conduct three structured supervisions outside regular working hours, typically hosted at the Cambridge Judge Business School. These sessions are dedicated to exploring the technology of the assigned project, crafting a business proposition, and honing the team’s research and analysis. Your role extends to providing insightful feedback on assignments, participating in essential programme milestones, and offering a detailed account of your team’s journey and achievements.

EnterpriseTECH STAR mentors

As a mentor in the EnterpriseTECH STAR programme, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs. This 10-week intensive journey is designed to elevate students’ entrepreneurial skills through 40 targeted lectures and workshops, Saturday afternoon mentoring sessions that you’ll attend, and tailored business development tasks that we set, all leading up to the grand finale of Showtime! and a simulated Investors Pitch.

Your mission is to steer students as they refine their business ideas, providing critical advice on how to navigate and leverage the vast networks essential for startup success. In addition to attending the mentoring brunches, we may allocate a particular student based on your expertise. You’ll be a crucial point of contact for them, offering guidance through events and personalised advice sessions.

You’ll facilitate mentoring sessions that are vital for students to polish their business plans and pitches, relying on your feedback. Your support helps them clearly articulate their entrepreneurial vision and expand their professional network, setting the stage for a successful business launch.