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Opportunities for inventors

EnterpriseTECH for inventors

Are you an inventor from within the University of Cambridge or a company within the greater Cambridge area?

Are you working on a novel technology that you believe has potential for commercialisation?

EnterpriseTECH could help.

By performing market research, commercial evaluation and identifying routes to market, EnterpriseTECH helps you establish the high-level commercial potential and develop a commercialisation strategy.

Inventors taking part in EnterpriseTECH:

  • Gain better understanding of commercial potential of their invention/science based idea including applications, market size, routes to market
  • Receive a feasibility report to take the idea forward such as finding industrial/commercial partners, putting together a team and applying for a patent.

What is involved?

Our students work in groups and undertake approximately 50 hours of market research on behalf of each project accepted. In return, you must commit to meeting (or arranging for a senior member of your team to meet) the student group for up to two hours in the last week of January, answer some questions by email and attend the final presentation in March.

This usually adds up to a total commitment of only four to five hours from you between the end of January and the middle of March. You must be willing to commit this time for yourself or your team to support the students in order for a meaningful project to be undertaken.

Important dates

Proposal deadline: 20 Dec 2016

Meet the students: late Jan 2017

Project take place: late Jan-mid Mar 2017

Final presentations: 8 Mar 2017