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Opportunities for inventors

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EnterpriseTECH Opportunities for inventors.

Would you like to find out if your early-stage research results or new technology has commercial potential? Or do you want to flesh-out details and learn more about what has already been established?

EnterpriseTECH invites individuals or teams working on new technologies or who have suitably developed ideas in their early stages that have commercialisation potential to submit project proposals.

As an inventor, a team of EnterpriseTECH students work on your project to apply the learning material they receive during the programme to a real-world application under the guidance of a team business supervisor.

You receive an assessment of your technology in terms of IP position, applications, commercial advantages, target markets, size and growth rates, competitors, SWOT analysis or similar, potential partners and business models which come in the form of a 3000-word commercial feasibility report.

Projects proposals can be submitted using our proposal form. After the deadline, projects are shortlisted. We then meet the inventors to discuss their proposal in more detail.

If your project proposal is accepted, you commit to:

  • attend Launch Night and give a five-minute flash talk on your technology and meeting your team and their business supervisor
  • host at least two meetings with your team during the research spell which is about eight to 10 weeks
  • attend Pitch Night to support your team
  • write feedback for your team after receiving the commercial feasibility report.

See some of our past project titles. If you would like to discuss your idea before submission, please address any questions to Dr Ghina Halabi.

Suitable projects

We look at the range of submitted project proposals e.g. fit for the programme, potential viability, likely inventor engagement and experience, and opt for a diverse selection. We also look at the composition of the cohort who are generally physical and biological scientists, engineers and medics and aim to offer projects that will be intellectually stimulating and of broad general interest to their areas of specialisation.

Since many of our students are funded with UK research council funding, we aim to align with the strategic research and innovation themes of UK Research and Innovation

Intellectual property and confidentiality

All project work is subject to a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement policy set out by the University of Cambridge. All students, contributors and business supervisors sign our standard CDAs. All IP remains vested entirely in the inventor(s).

I was fortunate enough to work with a fantastic group of students from different academic backgrounds. My product, a novel food packaging to delay food spoilage, was at a stage where we had proven the theory and demonstrated efficacy in basic prototypes. What we really needed was a deeper understanding of the market, the intellectual property landscape in the field, and a general outside opinion as we were aware it can be easy to become blinkered with your own project. The team, led by an experienced business mentor, certainly delivered this for us. We have received an invaluable report on our project with forecasted milestones, potential hurdles and considerations for us moving forward. It is clear from the final report the team have gained a much deeper understanding of product development, making them experts in a field outside their own area of expertise. I have no doubt this will be of huge benefit in their own careers and entrepreneurial activities. For me personally being on this journey, I feel my own learning has greatly improved in entrepreneurial activities and am looking forward to continuing my relationship with EnterpriseTECH.
Dr Kyle J. Stewart MBChB BMedSc PGCE Med Ed, NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, EnterpriseTECH Inventor (2019-20)

Submit a project proposal

We are inviting project proposals for 2021.

Project proposal form

Next deadline: 15 July 2021

Send the project proposal form to [email protected].

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Proposal enquiries

Head of Education
Dr Rebecca Myers ARCS

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