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Enterprisetech supervision

Programme supervisors have entrepreneurship and business coaching experience in a variety of industry sectors. Many hold a PhD as well as an MBA or have hands-on experience mentoring business students, coaching startups, setting up their own business or advising young businesses. They also bring other valuable related professional experience and expertise.

The business supervisions provided to teams are a critical part of the programme. This is where teams focus on the research and analysis around their specific projects. Each team has three supervisions. These are usually held out-of-hours at Cambridge Judge Business School after the lecture series and they conclude before Pitch Night.

In broad terms, the topic of supervisions follow these outlines:

Evaluating the opportunity

  • What is the business opportunity? What is the problem that the idea is going to address and for whom?
  • What is the market need that this product meets?
  • What is the size of this market? Who are your competitors?

Developing the business proposition

  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the application?
  • What is the optimal business model?
  • Who could be the early adopters that can help validate the market need?
  • Who are the potential partners that can help take the application to market?

Refining the research & analysis

  • What is the missing information?
  • What is the landscape for commercialising this technology in short, mid and long term?
  • Is the customer value proposition clear and does it fit the business model?
  • What are the most important issues the inventor should be aware of?

EnterpriseTECH is in an expansion phase and we are looking to increase our pool of appropriately qualified and/or experienced business supervisors.

Become a supervisor for EnterpriseTECH


Applications are now open. We review student applications on a rolling basis and offer places in advance of the published deadlines. All applicants have a short interview.

EnterpriseTECH Cohort 12

27 February – 26 May 2023
Inventor project proposal deadline: Closed
Student application deadline: Closed