Cohort IV application dates

Monday 24 April 2023
Applications open

Monday 19 February 2024
Application deadline

Monday 26-Friday 28 February 2024
Interviews (in person)

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Woman giving a lecture in front of a PowerPoint presentation on neuroscience.

Application guidance

We aim to recruit outstanding individuals from all backgrounds who have a research-centred professional life, such as PhD candidates or postdoctoral researchers. For interest, of the 54 alumni, at the time, 45 were PhD students, 4 were postdocs, 1 was a master’s student and 4 were undergraduates or medics.

We often get asked how solid a business idea one needs to have to apply. The answer is – that depends. While your idea needs to be well-researched with some initial results and an idea of the market, it’s important to remember that we’re primarily interested in developing the person with the idea. Take that as, roughly, a focus on the person (70%) and the idea (30%).

When applying, you are asked to submit a summary of your idea, including what problem it solves, who the potential customers are, and what your initial research and results have been. Along with this, we’ll ask for a CV, personal statement, and a self-reflective piece about your experience on EnterpriseTECH. We also require that you have the support from your primary researcher supervisor, where necessary, which every university or organisation your are linked to.

Your business ideas

Some of the business ideas we have helped our students develop in the past have fitted into 2 themes, helping the Earth and helping humans.

  • Efficient and durable wireless charging system for electric vehicles.
  • Smart solutions for increased road safety.
  • Hardware-enabled cybersecurity fighting against counterfeit, compromised and recycled electronics.
  • Novel CPU architectures.
  • Restoring soil health.
  • Novel possibilities for pest management.
  • Biosynthetic leathers for the high-value fashion market.
  • Self-healing concrete.
  • Growing landscapes of the future.
  • Personalised genome editing.
  • Quantification of short and long RNAs in an innovative platform technology.
  • A diagnostic assay for dementia.
  • Navigation cognitive assessments for earlier detection of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • RNA expression assay for accurate treatment of ovarian cancer.
  • Non-invasive brain monitoring.
  • Metabolic disordered organs in a dish.
  • Unlocking the therapeutic potential of lymph nodes for cancer treatment.
  • Human brain neural interfacing.

Cohort IV programme dates

Wednesday 10 April 2024Launch event
Thursday 11-Saturday 13 April 2024Module 1: People and products
Friday 26-Saturday 27 April 2024Module 2: The market place
Friday 10-Saturday 11 May 2024Module 3: CEO 101
Friday 24-Saturday 25 May 2024Module 4: Personal expeditions
Thursday 6-Saturday 8 June 2024Module 5: First class delivery
Monday 10 June 2024Investor pitches and Showtime!
Monday 17 June 2024Submission deadline