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EnterpriseTECH participants

Inspired by the research and innovation activity going on in Cambridge, students and research staff across the University are keen to develop their own entrepreneurial potential. In September 2018, we launched a three-month, extra-curricular programme called EnterpriseTECH. It aims to build and shape entrepreneurship skills around very early-stage inventions and technologies.

EnterpriseTECH is for MPhil and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and other research staff at Cambridge. It is also an assessed module for some undergraduate degrees.

We use the programme to explore the commercial potential of very early-stage inventions, applying the learning from the lectures and workshops. These inventions come from academic laboratories across the University, research institutions, start-ups, SMEs and larger corporations and are typical of the activity within the Cambridge cluster.

With guidance from a business supervisor, teams produce a commercial feasibility report, a video infomercial and learn how to pitch. By the end of the programme, students understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, innovation development and routes for technology commercialisation. They can apply the theories of entrepreneurship to practice and appraise ideas in terms of the context, value propositions, and challenges.

Students and teams who successfully complete the programme (including the attendance and assessment requirements) can be considered for a Certificate of Completion.

In 2018-2019, 187 students completed EnterpriseTECH with teams applying themselves to 36 projects.

EnterpriseTECH PhD+

For PhD students, postdocs and early career academics and other research-focussed staff and beyond.

Next dates

Launch Night: Wednesday 4 September 2019
Lectures/workshops: Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 September 2019
Pitch Night: Wednesday 11 December 2019

Launch Night: Wednesday 4 December 2019
Lectures/workshops: Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 December 2019
Pitch Night: Wednesday 4 March 2020

EnterpriseTECH Graduate

For MPhil and MRes students.

Next dates

Launch Night: Wednesday 4 December 2019
Lectures/workshops: Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 December 2019
Pitch Night: Wednesday 4 March 2020

EnterpriseTECH UG

A formally assessed module for Physics, Chemical Engineering, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics undergraduates and fourth-year Medicine undergraduates who attend in September (visit the PhD+ page for updates) as a non-assessed elective (70 places). 

Next dates

Launch Night: Thursday 16 January 2020
Lectures/workshops: Monday/Thursday 16:00-18:00, Lent Term 2020
Pitch Night: Wednesday 11 March 2020

The biggest thing that UK universities should do to create more innovative science-based businesses is not to get young scientists to do ever more research, but rather to teach them enterprise skills – such as how to talk to customers, how to discover customer needs, and how to structure business models. This is exactly what EnterpriseTECH teaches its students. By giving them a ready-made technology to work with in their projects, they are able to skip a lot of the upfront development work and gain direct experience at taking products to market. Experiences like this are invaluable in producing the next generation of deep-tech innovators.
Dr Thomas J. Simmons (Business supervisor and contributor), Borysiewicz Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, Corpus Christi and CEO Cambridge Glycoscience


Applications will be reviewed and places offered on a rolling basis.

EnterpriseTECH Postgraduate 2020
Applications open in March 2020.

EnterpriseTECH UG 2021
Applications open in late Spring 2020.

EnterpriseTECH STAR
180 hours, 10 weeks, 20 people. Apply now to join our second cohort in this challenging follow-on programme. Deadline: 17:00 Monday 16 March 2020.

Apply for EnterpriseTECH STAR

Contact us

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