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EnterpriseTECH programme overview.

Entrepreneurship education can equip students and researchers with real-world enterprise skills, empowering them to increase their entrepreneurial capacity for generating ideas and help them build the necessary skills to make them happen. Building this capacity strengthens competencies that contribute to rewarding, self-determined lives that add social, cultural and economic value to society.

EnterpriseTECH launched in September 2018 as an entry-level entrepreneurship programme. It offers hands-on experience for those studying for undergraduate degrees, conducting research at this University or elsewhere and similarly experienced industry researchers. Around 400 students have participated to date of which over 270 have been postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers.

EnterpriseTECH explores the processes involved in transforming early-stage technologies into commercial business opportunities, providing a learning experience for students and commercialisation insights for inventors.

In September 2019, EnterpriseTECH STAR launched as a follow-on programme. This intensive 10-week programme for 20 students helps them develop their own business ventures. It is open to graduates of EnterpriseTECH only.

In summary, the EnterpriseTECH suite of programmes offers a stimulating environment where learning-by-doing develops intuitive decision-making, identifying opportunities, creative problem solving, innovating, strategic and design thinking, communicating, influencing, leading and increases financial andbusiness literacy.

Our goal is to build a generation of science-minded researchers that place entrepreneurial thinking, creativity, confidence and experience central to their being.

The EnterpriseTECH suite of programmes fulfils an important mission within the remit of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. It is the knowledge gateway for the undergraduate and graduate student body of the University of Cambridge, and others for whom we are opening to in 2020-21, to the entrepreneurial acumen and skills that underpin the economic and social value creation that characterises today’s competitive economy. It convenes inventors, students across all disciplines, and business practitioners to seed the next generation of the Cambridge entrepreneurial ecosystem and in that respect, it complements the value that our departments across the University have been delivering. It is truly inspiring seeing the immense capabilities of this new generation of entrepreneurs and we, at the Entrepreneurship Centre, feel fortunate to be able to support them.
Stelios Kavadias, Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation and Growth, Co-Director of Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School.
The biggest thing that UK universities should do to create more innovative science-based businesses is not to get young scientists to do ever more research, but rather to teach them enterprise skills – such as how to talk to customers, how to discover customer needs, and how to structure business models. This is exactly what EnterpriseTECH teaches its students. By giving them a ready-made technology to work with in their projects, they are able to skip a lot of the upfront development work and gain direct experience at taking products to market. Experiences like this are invaluable in producing the next generation of deep-tech innovators.
Dr Tom J. Simmons, Founder and CEO, Stem Sugar


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and places are offered in advance of the published deadlines.

EnterpriseTECH Postgraduate

PG I runs 2 December-5 March. Applications closed.

PG II runs 17 February-7 May. Applications closed.

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EnterpriseTECH STAR

180 hours, 10 weeks, 20 people. Applications open 8 March and close on 14 May 2021.

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