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Who we are

We aim to impact the world through capacity building and disseminating educational activities, such as the Cambridge Fintech and Regulatory Innovation (CFTRI) programme and global research webinars.

We are the team within the CCAF who encourages and promotes knowledge transfer internally and externally. We achieve this by encouraging multi- team collaborations and through disseminating research to target audiences.

What we do

We provide capacity building and education programmes for regulators and policymakers.

We promote evidence- based policymaking by supporting the dissemination of CCAF research.

We provide the platform for the CCAF and the global community of regulators to collaborate and share knowledge.

Programmes we offer

Cambridge Fintech and Regulatory Innovation (CFTRI) programme

The CFTRI, is an eight-week online programme designed to build knowledge and capacity in technology-enabled financial and regulatory innovation.

The CFTRI programme is for financial regulators and policymakers working in central banks, securities organisations, and government ministries. Over 870 regulators and policymakers from 200 institutions and 130 countries have successfully completed the programme.

The continued strength and value of the CFTRI programme is that it provides global regulators with the latest insights and understanding of fintech and regulatory innovation. The programme equips regulators and policymakers to enable the responsible growth of the fintech sector globally and achieve key regulatory objectives such as consumer protection and financial inclusion.

  1. A confidential ‘safe space’ for global regulators and policy makers to learn from the practical experience of others who have gone through, or are going through, similar challenges.
  2. Offers regulators ready access to practical knowledge and timely insights for designing, developing, and implementing innovative fintech and regulatory initiatives.
  3. Access to high profile speakers and regulators from around the world.
  4. Participants reinforce their understanding by learning from the experienced CCAF subject matter expert tutors and their peers in small tutorial groups.
  5. The compulsory capstone projects enable powerful knowledge exchange and transfer that leads to tangible outcomes for participants and their institutions.
  6. Inspires collaboration between institutions, countries, and regions to overcome common barriers.
  7. Forges networks and partnerships between global regulators to accelerate inter-jurisdictional and cross-jurisdictional decision-making and innovation in fintech and regulation.

Visit the CFTRI programme page

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Forthcoming programmes

  • Supervisory Technology (SupTech Programme)