The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance specialises in researching new and innovative financial channels, instruments and systems such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, cryptoasset, blockchain and regtech. On an annual basis, the Centre’s interdisciplinary research team collaborates with more than 200 researchers and 300 ecosystem partners to survey 3,500+ FinTech firms and platforms in over 185 countries. Since its founding in January, 2015, the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance has published more than 30 high-profile and high-impact industry and policy reports to date, informing industry development, academic debate and evidence-based regulation and policymaking globally. CCAF’s research output has been cited, referenced and utilised widely by academic researchers around the world as well as global regulator and policymaker communities. Selected citations are listed on the pages below.

Academic impact and citations

Academic impact and citations from CCAF’s research.

Regulatory and policy impact and citations

Regulatory and policy impact citations from CCAF’s research.