Cambridge Open Banking and Finance for Regulators Online Programme


This online 8-week course provides regulators, policymakers, and professionals in government and industry with key insights, hands-on tools, and practical project-based learning opportunities to navigate an increasingly complex regulatory landscape around open banking and open finance and empower more jurisdictions to economically develop their open banking ecosystem.

Duration: 8 weeks

Language: English

Time commitment: 5-6 hours per week, self-paced and live online learning

Fee: $2,500

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Programme details

Crafted exclusively for financial authorities, the Open Banking and Open Finance Programme for Regulators is an engaging eight-week online training. The programme is your gateway to a wealth of global expertise, as we bring together seasoned professionals to share their insights on a global stage. Our mission is simple: to demystify the realm of open banking and open finance, making it accessible and meaningful for you.

In this programme, we will guide you through the maze of open banking concepts and terminology. Beyond the technical jargon, we will unveil the strategic significance of open banking and how it fits seamlessly into the digital economy landscape.

Discover the varied objectives that different countries pursue with open banking, from fostering financial inclusivity to driving innovation. Plus, we’ll delve into safeguarding consumers in this evolving landscape, considering legal frameworks and readiness levels across jurisdictions.

But this isn’t your typical lecture-style learning. You’ll immerse yourself in real-world case studies, exchange insights with peers, and engage in live online sessions that suit your schedule. It’s an interactive journey that empowers you to learn, discuss, and apply these insights in your context. Join us to unravel the potential of open banking and open finance in November 2023. By the end of the programme, you’ll be equipped with a deeper understanding and actionable knowledge, poised to shape the future of banking with confidence.


  • Module 0: Introduction: Welcome 
  • Module 1: Foundations of Open Banking & Open Finance
  • Module 2: The Global Market Landscape of Open Banking & Finance
  • Module 3: Policy Objectives and Regulatory Considerations
  • Module 4: Technical Design and Infrastructure Development
  • Module 5: Implementation Strategy & Ecosystem Development
  • Module 6: Governance and Supervision
  • Module 7: Open Data & Digital Market Infrastructure
  • Capstone Project Presentation


You will gain:

  • practical tools to visualize information on open banking implementation globally ​
  • foundational and practical knowledge of open finance terminology, considerations, and implementation approaches
  • access to the global Regulator Knowledge Exchange community platform
  • hands-on support in the practical development of the most impactful capstones POCs
  • a prestigious Certificate of Completion issued by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education

Who should attend

The programme is for you if you are a regulator, policymaker, government official, risk, compliance, innovation or professional who wishes to understand further the policy, economic, technical, legal, regulatory, supervisory, governance and implementational aspects of open banking and open finance from a comparative context.

Faculty & speakers

The programme is overseen by leading experts and academics from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Cambridge Judge Business School and draws on insight from global Open Banking experts from the industry.

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