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Cambridge EMBA: Course dates

The weekend format suits my circumstances perfectly… one morning I’m running on the Gold Coast, the next morning I’m running in Cambridge.
Tony Mullen, Chief Operating Officer, Events Management Queensland

Cambridge Judge Business School’s Executive MBA is a 20-month programme. It is delivered over 16 weekends and four week-long sessions, spread across five terms. The programme is designed so you can continue working while earning a degree from the University of Cambridge.

The programme requires only 34 days out of the office over this 20-month period. Participants are fully supported and engaged in the programme through the virtual learning environment, our online learning platform.

Course schedules for 2021

See the 2021 course schedule in calendar format. Please note these dates may be subject to change.

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The term begins with the Orientation Week, an intensive introduction to all aspects of the Executive MBA programme.

  • 11-17 September (Orientation week)
  • 15-16 October
  • 12-13 November
  • 10-11 December

International Business is one of the core courses on the programme, and this takes place in the form of the International Business Study Trip, with all lectures for the course delivered during the trip.

You will receive an introduction to coaching during this term, which aims to help participants to make the most of their individual performance in a business context, where they are now and where they want to be in the future.

  • 7-8 January
  • 4-5 February
  • 19-26 March (International Business Study Trip)
  • 22-23 April

Your knowledge will be consolidated over the next two terms as more in-depth courses are taught. This allows you to learn more about yourself and your organisation.

  • 13-14 May
  • 10-11 June
  • 1-2 July
  • 29-30 July

The Team Consulting Project is a collaboration between an external organisation and EMBA participants, where participants form small teams to act as consultants for an organisation of their choice.

  • 2-3 September
  • 3-7 October (team consulting project)
  • 4-5 November
  • 2-3 December

In the final term you have the opportunity to customise the programme through your choice of electives.

Electives allow you to broaden your experiences, focus on subjects of particular interest, and tailor your Executive MBA to your specific needs. Subjects for the electives vary from year to year.

  • 6-7 January
  • 8-11 February (electives)
  • 10-11 March
  • 14-15 April

Personal and professional development courses will take place every term.

Please note that the programme dates listed above are subject to change.

As part of the assessment for the Executive MBA you are required to sit examinations. These generally take place on specific Friday mornings and are likely to require you to be here earlier on those days. The examination dates will be provided when you start the programme.