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The Cambridge Executive MBA

Who is the programme for?

The Cambridge Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) is a 20 month programme delivered over 16 weekends and four week-long blocks, most of which are at Cambridge Judge Business School. It is designed specifically for executives who have already reached a senior level and are now looking at leading roles within their organisations. The programme develops both hard and soft skills and provides practical, relevant knowledge to enable participants to play a leading role in their organisation.

Programme objectives

Through a collaborative ethos – the core value of the Cambridge EMBA – the aim is to produce graduates who: 

  • are skilled in the practice of management and core business principles 
  • are able to apply these skills within a global context 
  • are equipped to lead, build and manage enterprises that create value for stakeholders and constituencies in a dynamic, global economy
  • demonstrate intellectual rigour 
  • are able to demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset to enable and facilitate innovation within an organisation.

It is a highly practical programme – the Team Consulting Project (TCP) and International Business Study Trip (IBST) ensure that the Cambridge EMBA is relevant and at the leading edge of global business developments. Elective courses and Individual Projects allow participants to customise their programme to suit their needs, interests and current/future employment aims.

A programme architecture that fits you

The programme has been designed to fit in with the busy schedules of senior executives. It does not require significant blocks of time away from your organisation. In addition to a relevant academic curriculum, participants learn and engage with a powerful, diverse network of professionals within their EMBA cohort and which forms the backbone of the Cambridge EMBA experience. 

The programme is delivered over 16 weekends and four week-long blocks over a 20-month period, making it a feasible commitment for the busiest professionals. It is a demanding schedule, but the coursework involved is designed to complement your organisational responsibilities, as the programme encourages you to apply what you learn to your own role and organisation. The weekend format ensures that you can maintain a work-life balance and family responsibilities alongside your study schedule.

Participants are fully supported and engaged in the programme through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), our online learning platform.

A powerful peer network

Class members are carefully selected based on their potential, experience and skillset. As an EMBA participant, you will be exposed to a powerful, diverse peer group that will challenge, stimulate and often surprise you.

The programme offers the opportunity for you to network with peers in your cohort and with the Cambridge Judge Business School community. You will also have access to the huge networking potential of the wider University: its students, academics and alumni. EMBA participants benefit from unparalleled opportunities to engage with and learn from innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders who contribute to the programme as guest speakers, mentors and coaches.

Practical, relevant learning

The Cambridge Executive MBA programme sets high academic standards. At the same time, our faculty takes a hands-on approach to management issues, inviting business leaders and thinkers into the programme to work with participants on real-world issues. 

To accommodate all learning styles we offer a range of approaches including: classroom sessions, workshops, seminars, case study discussions, interactive classes and team and individual projects. Our collaborative approach is also reflected in the Virtual Learning Environment where teaching and learning also takes place.

Our curriculum is designed to be applicable and relevant to the participants’ work, both now and in the future. Weekend sessions will allow participants to return to work the next week with fresh insights and skills which can be implemented immediately.

The ability to collaborate effectively is at the heart of business success and the Cambridge EMBA encourages this approach during both classes and projects. Participants work in international teams to test and apply their new skills in the business world.

The programme is supported by a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which hosts course materials, discussions and assignment support, and allows participants to communicate with tutors, staff and fellow participants.

A global education in one location

Our programme delivers a global business education, conveniently delivered principally in one location within easy reach of the UK’s principal airports. 

Cambridge is a globally renowned seat of learning, attracting students and faculty from across the world. Participants regularly travel from China, East and West Coast USA, China, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Australia, as well as from across Europe. 

We do teach part of the programme outside the UK and some of our participants choose to undertake their Team Consulting Project in a third country – but essentially the world comes to Cambridge to deliver this programme.

Lifelong learning

After graduation, the Cambridge EMBA continues to equip its alumni with the knowledge and skills to become more effective managers and leaders. 

EMBA graduates can return to Cambridge to take one elective a year alongside current EMBA participants. This is a valuable opportunity for alumni to keep abreast of the latest research and thinking, catch up with former classmates and make new connections across the EMBA alumni network.