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The Cambridge Executive MBA

Who is the programme for?

The Cambridge Executive MBA is designed specifically for executives who have already reached a senior level, and are now looking at leading roles within their organisations. The programme develops both hard and soft skills, and provides practical, relevant knowledge to enable you to play a leading role in your organisation.

A programme architecture that fits you

The programme has been designed to fit in with the busy schedules of senior executives. It does not require significant blocks of time away from your organisation. As well as providing a relevant curriculum, learning comes from being part of a powerful network of peers, who will form the backbone of an education for senior executives. The programme is also aimed at creating and giving access to a global network of senior influencers and supporters. This comes from the class itself, as well as the University of Cambridge's extensive global network.

The programme is delivered over 16 weekends and four week-long blocks over a 20-month period, making it feasible for the most busy executives. It is a tough schedule, but rather than an addition the coursework is designed to complement your organisational responsibilities, as the programme tends to ask you to reflect upon your own role and organisation. The weekend format ensures that even with the very busy study schedule you are able to continue with your family responsibilities. A bespoke Virtual Learning Environment ensures you continue to learn whilst away from Cambridge.

A powerful peer network

Class members are carefully selected on the basis of their potential, experience and skills. The unique Cambridge environment enables you to build a powerful, diverse peer group that will challenge, stimulate and often surprise you.

The programme offers the opportunity to network with your peers and with the wider Cambridge Judge Business School community. In addition you'll have access to the huge networking potential of the University: its students, academics and alumni. As a Cambridge EMBA you'll benefit from unparalleled opportunities to network with and learn from innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders as they contribute to the programme as guest speakers, mentors and coaches.

Practical, relevant learning

The University of Cambridge is home to world-leading faculty and is renowned for the extremely high standard of its teaching. Core courses are taught in such a way as to make the learning relevant to you and your organisation. We also bring in business leaders to ensure that the frameworks and concepts taught in the classroom can be applied directly to your organisational concerns. We adopt a range of learning styles and assessment methods, which are aimed at enriching the learning experience of all.

A global education in one location

This is a global business education, conveniently delivered in principally one location. Cambridge is a globally renowned seat of learning, attracting students and faculty from across the world, and the programme has been designed to make it easy for participants to access from anywhere in the world being within easy, direct reach of the UK's principal airports. Participants regularly travel from China, East and West Coast USA, China, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Australia, as well as from across Europe. We do teach part of the programme outside the UK and also encourage participants to undertake a Consulting Project in a third country - but essentially the world comes to Cambridge to deliver this global programme.

Lifelong learning

After graduation, the Cambridge EMBA continues to furnish its alumni with the knowledge and skills to become more effective managers.   EMBA graduates can return to Cambridge to take one elective a year (free of charge) alongside current EMBA participants.  This is a valuable opportunity for alumni to keep abreast of the latest research and thinking, and catch up with former colleagues. 

No other school demonstrated the intellectual credibility, professional maturity and attitude to learning that I saw at Cambridge. I knew immediately that Cambridge was the right place, and an environment where I could thrive.
Dr Rubin Minhas, Chairman Quality Standards Committee for FH at National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence, EMBA 2010