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Course dates

The Cambridge Executive MBA programme runs over 20 months and covers the full range of MBA core courses and a wide variety of electives. Our core courses ensure you understand the different business disciplines you need to run your organisation, and encompass the full range of subjects generally taught as part of an MBA programme.

Please note we are no longer accepting applications for the September 2018 class. Course dates for the 2019 programme will be announced in due course.

Download the 2018 course dates

Term one (2018)

Orientation Week is an intensive introduction to the programme. Courses taught during this week cover core business areas and are designed to help participants settle back into the academic mindset.

  • 9-14 September (Orientation week)
  • 12-13 October
  • 2-3 November
  • 7-8 December

Term two (2019)

International Business is one of the core courses on the programme, and this takes place in the form of the International Business Study Trip, with all lectures for the course delivered during the trip.

You will receive an introduction to coaching during this term. The coaching programme has been designed to offer you an opportunity to develop your performance and behaviour and to help you apply more wisdom in your work. The goal of executive coaching is to draw out your ideas, inspiration and unifying principles in a reflective manner.

  • 18-19 January
  • 15-16 February
  • 9-16 March
  • 12-13 April

Your knowledge will be consolidated over the next two terms as more in-depth courses are taught, allowing you to learn more about yourself and your organisation.

Term three

  • 10-11 May
  • 7-8 June
  • 5-6 July
  • 26-27 July

Term four

The team consulting project is a week-long group project where you work in small teams consulting for an organisation. 

  • 6-7 September
  • 7-11 October (Team consulting project)
  • 1-2 November
  • 6-7 December

In the final term you have the opportunity to customise the programme through your choice of electives.

Term five (2020)

Our electives provide you with the ideal opportunity to broaden your experience, focus on subjects of particular interest, and tailor your Executive MBA to your specific needs. Subjects for the electives vary from year to year.

  • 10-11 January
  • 5-8 February (Electives)
  • 6-7 March
  • 3-4 April 

Personal & Professional Development courses will take place every term.

Please note that the programme dates listed above are subject to change.

Weekend Schedule

As part of the assessment for the Executive MBA you are required to sit examinations. These generally take place on specific Friday mornings and are likely to require you to be here earlier on those days. The examination dates will be provided when you start the programme.

Friday Morning | Teaching sessions
Afternoon | Lunch & teaching sessions
Evening | Formal Hall dinner & speaker series (once a term)
Saturday Morning | Session
Afternoon | Lunch, teaching and wrap up sessions

Accommodation and meals

During your orientation week we arrange accommodation for all Executive MBA participants.

For weekend sessions, it is expected that you stay in commercial, non-collegiate accommodation in Cambridge. Some Colleges have guest rooms available to part-time students but availability of these are usually extremely limited and are often only available out of term. There are a number of hotels near to the School with whom the Executive MBA has organised reduced rates.

During your times in Cambridge you'll have the opportunity to experience 800 years of Cambridge history at College dinners.