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Startup Funding Programme

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As an entrepreneur, this programme provides clear guidance on achieving improved funding outcomes for your venture, as well as how to plan for a successful exit or evaluate future options for growth and expansion.


Six weeks.


Time commitment:
7-10 hours per week, self-paced online learning.



Going beyond what first-time entrepreneurs and experienced founders of high-growth firms have to understand when seeking to raise capital (even at the earliest stage), the programme takes you step-by-step through the stages of entrepreneurial projects that lead to improved funding outcomes.

You will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure that you:

  • structure your project to make it more investable
  • can communicate why it is worthy of investment
  • are more efficient in the fundraising process
  • can optimise the terms of any investments.

What the programme covers

The programme covers how to:

  • develop a fundraising roadmap
  • navigate the strategic pre-seed stage
  • pitch for seed-stage investors
  • manage subsequent funding stages
  • understand additional financing options for growth and expansion opportunities.

All of these stages help you to evaluate future options, including acquisitions or mergers with other companies.

Who should attend

The programme is aimed at, and designed for you if you’re an entrepreneur looking to:

  • acquire direct experience of developing a planned approach to making your project investable
  • clearly assess financing options
  • create a framework approach to your funding roadmap
  • identify the right investor at each development stage
  • create a pitch deck that is capable of securing funding.

Academic insight

As well as being overseen by senior academics from the Cambridge Judge Business School, the programme draws on the insight and expertise of more than 30 industry leaders from around the world as guest experts. This includes founders of successful startups, senior representatives from venture capitalists, private equity firms, business accelerators and other entrepreneurs.


If you would like to download a programme brochure, register or arrange a call with a programme advisor you can do this via our programme partner website.

Visit the ESME Learning 'Startup Funding' page