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Working papers from 2000

No. Title and author(s)
36/2000 A real-time adaptive trading system using genetic programming
M.A.H. Dempster and Chris M. Jones35/2000
34/2000 The development of organizational trust in the Chinese business context (pdf, 129KB)
John Child and Guido Möllering
33/2000 A new form of Chinese human resource management? Personnel and labour-management relations in Chinese township and village enterprises: a case study approach (pdf, 116KB)
Daniel Z. Ding, Ge Lan and Malcolm Warner
32/2000 Price symmetry in a duopoly with congestion
O. Haimanko and Richard Steinberg
31/2000 Wavelet based PDE valuation of derivatives (pdf, 233KB)
M.A.H. Dempster, Akilesh Eswaran and Darren G. Richards
30/2000 Computational learning techniques for intraday FX trading using popular technical indicators (pdf, 280KB)
M.A.H. Dempster, Tom W. Payne, Y.S. Romahi and G.W.P. Thompson
29/2000 The future of China's human resource management in its Asia-Pacific context: a critical perspective (pdf, 91KB)
Malcolm Warner
28/2000 Developing consumer electronics products: practice and performance in Japan, North America and the UK (pdf, 111KB)
Nick Oliver, Emma Dewberry and Isabelle Dostaler
27/2000 Recipes for success: product development benchmarks in the UK and German food industries (pdf, 126KB)
Sven Haake, Cassie Moore and Nick Oliver
26/2000 Spread option valuation and the fast Fourier transform (pdf, 581KB)
M.A.H. Dempster and S.S.G. Hong
25/2000 Dynamic portfolio replication via stochastic programming (pdf, 360KB)
M.A.H. Dempster and G.W.P. Thompson
24/2000 Price protection strategies for an oil company (pdf, 434KB)
Elena A. Medova and Anna Sembos
23/2000 Production costs and advertising policy
S. Gopalakrishna and Richard Steinberg
22/2000 Trust and control in the UK system of corporate governance: the individualising and socialising effects of processes of accountability
John Roberts21/2000
20/2000 Estimating traffic demand between zones in a network
Wai Ki Ching and Stefan Scholtes
19/2000 E-commerce and linked exchange: price discrimination through transaction bundling
Chong Ju Choi, X. Dassiou and D. Maldoom
18/2000 Congestion pricing and user adaptation
A. Ganesh, K. Laevens and Richard Steinberg
17/2000 A general combinatorial auction procedure
Richard Steinberg
16/2000 Dynamics of congestion pricing
A. Ganesh, K. Laevans and Richard Steinberg
15/2000 A recursive formulation of traffic optima and equilibria
Richard Steinberg and P. Streufert
14/2000 Complexity and dualism in women's commitment to work
Fiona Scheibl
13/2000 Open systems and regional innovation: the resurgence of route 128 in Massachusetts
Michael H. Best
12/2000 An emerging model of employment relations in China: a divergent path from the Japanese? (pdf, 106KB)
Ying Zhu and Malcolm Warner
11/2000 Deriving the APT when the number of factors is unknown
Laun Middleton and Stephen Satchell
10/2000 How stringent is the linear independence assumption for mathematical programmes with stationarity constraints?
Stefan Scholtes and M. Stöhr
09/2000 Flexible and family-friendly working arrangements in SMEs: business classes
Shirley Dex and Fiona Scheibl
08/2000 On the use of the log CAR measure in event studies
Gishan Dissanaike and Alexandre Le Fur
07/2000 The performance of UK firms acquiring large cross-border and domestic takeover targets
Robin A. Chatterjee and Michael S.B. Aw
06/2000 Does the size effect subsume the UK 'winner-loser' effect?
Gishan Dissanaike
05/2000 The healthy workplace?
A. Robinson and Clive Smallman
04/2000 Making space, making time for the new high technology 'firm': enrolling accounting to secure the future
John Roberts and S. Morgan
03/2000 Corporate governance and the ethics of Narcissus
John Roberts
02/2000 Entrepreneurship and technology diffusion: a management perspective on the early diffusion of technological innovations in society
Damian Miller and Elizabeth Garnsey
01/2000 The employment experiences of the self employed: the case of television production workers
Shirley Dex and Colin Smith