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Working papers from 2001

No. Title and author(s)
25/2001 Solution of PDEs by wavelet methods (pdf, 1.1MB)
M.A.H. Dempster and A. Eswaran
24/2001 The impact of electricity supply on economic growth in Sri Lanka (pdf, 82KB)
Chris Hope and Risako Morimoto
23/2001 Intraday FX trading: reinforcement vs. evolutionary learning (pdf, 338KB)
M.A.H. Dempster, Tom Payne and Y.S. Romahi
22/2001 Effects of family-friendly policies on business performance (pdf, 208KB)
Shirley Dex, Colin Smith and Sally Winter
21/2001 Considerations of quality in British television production: a Bayesian statistical analysis (pdf, 154KB)
Shirley Dex and Roger Sewell
20/2001 Employee commitment as an outcome of family-friendly policies? An analysis of the workplace employee relations survey (pdf, 164KB)
Shirley Dex and Colin Smith
19/2001 Convergence revisited: labour-markets in 'communist' China and 'capitalist' Hong Kong (pdf, 145KB)
Grace O.M. Lee and Malcolm Warner
18/2001 Differentiating debt target from non-target firms: an empirical study on corporate capital structure
Bart Lambrecht, Gishan Dissanaike and Antonio Saragga-Seabra
17/2001 Which British employers have family-friendly policies? An analysis of the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey (pdf, 214KB)
Shirley Dex and Colin Smith
16/2001 Employees' access to family-friendly policies and practices: an analysis of the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey (pdf, 175KB)
Shirley Dex and Colin Smith
15/2001 An extended CBA model of hydro projects in Sri Lanka (pdf, 177KB)
Risako Morimoto and Chris Hope
14/2001 Real (investment) option games with incomplete information and learning spillovers
S.H. Martzoukos and E. Zacharias
13/2001 The climate change benefits of reducing methane emissions (pdf, 63KB)
Chris Hope
12/2001 Globalization, labour-markets and human resources in Asia-Pacific economics: an overview (pdf, 102KB)
Malcolm Warner
11/2001 'Sino-foreign joint ventures' versus 'wholly foreign owned enterprises' in the People's Republic of China (pdf, 126KB)
Daniel Yan and Malcolm Warner
10/2001 Operational risk capital allocation and the integration of risks (pdf, 160KB)
Elena A. Medova
09/2001 Russian banks and the Soviet legacy (pdf, 95KB)
David Lane
08/2001 Globalization and ICTs: working across cultures (pdf, 117KB)
Geoff Walsham
07/2001 Competitive bidding for a long-term electricity distribution contract (pdf, 133KB)
Stephen C. Littlechild
06/2001 Mergers and acquisitions: the influence of methods of payment on bidder's share price (pdf, 788KB)
Robin Chatterjee and Adrian Kuenzi
05/2001 Extremes in operational risk (pdf, 412KB)
Elena A. Medova and Marios N. Kyriacou
04/2001 Against learning (pdf, 79KB)
Chris Grey
03/2001 The timing and terms of mergers, stock offers and cash offers
Bart Lambrecht
02/2001 A customer-driven model of job design: towards a general theory (pdf, 117KB)
Robert F. Conti and Malcolm Warner
01/2001 Altered states: the impact of the new economy on sustainable development in Southeast Asia (pdf, 98KB)
Beth Ahlering and Clive Smallman