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Working papers from 2006

No. Title and author(s)
25/2006 Long term spread option valuation and hedging (pdf, 515KB)
M.A.H. Dempster, Elena Medova and Ke Tang
24/2006 Modelling the long-term dynamics of yield curves (pdf, 409KB)
Elena Medova, Muriel Rietbergen, Michael Villaverde and Yee Sook Yong
23/2006 On the cross-section of expected stock returns: an examination of size related anomalies in the German stock market (pdf, 424KB)
Amir Amel-Zadeh
22/2006 Self, struggle and solidarity: from Foucauldian micro-politics to Arendtian struggle in organisations (pdf, 187KB)
André Spicer and Peter Fleming
21/2006 Management of novel projects under conditions of high uncertainty (pdf, 426KB)
Arnoud De Meyer, Christoph H. Loch and Michael T. Pich
20/2006 Technology strategy (pdf, 207KB)
Arnoud De Meyer
19/2006 A learning-based perspective of the multinational enterprise (pdf, 176KB)
Christos Pitelis
18/2006 A note on Cyert and March (1963) and Penrose (1959): a case for synergy (pdf, 216KB)
Christos Pitelis
17/2006 Scheduling patrol boats and crews for the Royal Australian Navy (pdf, 278KB)
Mark E.T. Horn, Houyuan Jiang and Philip Kilby
16/2006 Media visibility as a driver of corporate social performance (pdf, 259KB)
Stelios Zyglidopoulos and Andreas Georgiadis
15/2006 A study of inefficient going concerns in bankruptcy (pdf, 391KB)
Julian Franks and Gyöngyi Lóránth
14/2006 Congestion pricing and non-cooperative games in communication networks (pdf, 331KB)
Ayalvadi Ganesh, Koenraad Laevens and Richard Steinberg
13/2006 Exploring the moderators on the branding strategy-financial performance relationship (pdf, 181KB)
Stelios Zyglidopoulos, Sue W. Alessandri and Todd M. Alessandri
12/2006 The escalation of deception in organizations (pdf, 199KB)
Peter Fleming and Stelios Zyglidopoulos
11/2006 Airline network revenue management with buy-up (pdf, 472KB)
Houyuan Jiang and Giovanna Miglionico
10/2006 The labour of dis-identification: using the image of production to understand identity and resistance (pdf, 203KB)
Peter Fleming
09/2006 In search of balance: local knowledge within global organisations (pdf, 214KB)
Somya Joshi, Michael Barrett, Geoff Walsham and G.R. Sam Cappleman
08/2006 Historicising knowledge-intensive organizations: the case of Bletchley Park 1939-1945 (pdf, 228KB)
Christopher Grey and Andrew Sturdy
07/2006 Performance pricing and covenants in debt contracts in the UK (pdf, 319KB)
Robin Chatterjee
06/2006 Educating customers: its impact on consumer trust and implications for management consulting (pdf, 216KB)
Andreas Eisingerich and Simon Bell
05/2006 Socio-technical dynamics underlying radical innovation: the case of Polaroid's SX-70 camera (pdf, 1.5MB)
Raghu Garud and Kamal Munir
04/2006 How valuable is a piece of the spectrum? Determination of value in external resource acquisition (pdf, 568KB)
Shahzad Ansari and Kamal Munir
03/2006 Real options in partnerships (pdf, 516KB)
Nicos D. Savva and Stefan Scholtes
02/2006 The impact of SARS on China's human resources: implications for the labour market and level of unemployment in the service sector in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai (pdf, 229KB)
Grace O.M. Lee and Malcolm Warner
01/2006 Human resources, labour-markets and unemployment: the impact of the SARS epidemic on the hotel industry in Singapore (pdf, 235KB)
Grace O.M. Lee and Malcolm Warner

Other working papers by members of our Faculty

Published by the University of Cambridge Electricity Policy Working Group

Published by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Title and author(s)
The de-institutionalization of child-labor in Pakistan's soccer ball industry
Kamal Munir and Farzad R. Khan